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7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management includes every phase of the product life-cycle from purchasing raw materials to delivering the finished product. It includes logistics, customer returns and disposal in many firms as well. It truly impacts every facet of the organization and our lives. Here are seven reasons why you should pursue a career in supply chain management.

The Increasing Demand for Qualified Professionals

The growing complexity of supply chain management, driven as much by outsourcing and international suppliers as customer demands and regulatory requirements, is increasing demand in turn for qualified professionals.

Logistics by itself is likely to see a seven percent job growth over the next ten years. If you’re familiar with areas like international supplier agreement negotiations or regulatory compliance, you’ll be highly sought after. A side benefit of working in supply chain management is that you make everyone else’s job possible. You are essential to the smooth operation of the organization, ensuring that they won’t want to see you leave.

Tons of Internship Opportunities

Although supply chain management and logistics is a fast growing and promising field, many might still worry about landing their first job. Luckily, there are many stepping stone opportunities for people who are interested in an entry-level position. Many companies will offer internships, many of them paid, which will give interns a chance to succeed into a permanent position.

The High Pay

Supply chain managers are well compensated. Experts in supply chain and logistics had an average pay rate of $75,000 a year in 2017. The top 10% earned more than $120,000 a year.

We can expect compensation to remain strong, since the number of supply chain jobs is rising twice as fast as the overall number of jobs. Nor are there enough people entering the field to meet demand. One industry study found that demand exceeds supply by a six to one ratio. This suggests wages for supply chain managers will increase faster than the number of jobs for the foreseeable future.

The Relatively Low Barrier to Entry

There are some low-end jobs in supply chain management available to those with an associate’s degree. In general, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to work in supply chain management. With an online masters in supply chain management, you’re prepared for the better paying and more challenging roles in supply chain management. An advanced degree paves the way for rapid advancement, since you’ll have the education that eliminates the need for many years of experience.

A side benefit of working in logistics and supply chain is the number of transferable skills you gain. When you learn how to optimize workflows, forecast demand, manage payments and accounts receivable and oversee people, you can move on to management or a purely financial role later. Another option is working with the technology that enables real time data collection on everything from what you have in inventory to where a particular package is at this moment.

The highly structured and tiered nature of supply chain organizations provides many opportunities for advancement. You can start out as a buyer or procurement analyst and become a purchasing manager. Begin by scheduling shipments and deliveries, and you can move up to managing the logistics group. An operations research analyst or business analyst can become the supply chain manager or head of distribution.

Anyone in supply chain management could move up to project management, warehouse operations, or even become director of operations. If you’ve demonstrated your ability to optimize workflows and improve the quality of service, you could become a management consultant.

The Potential for International Travel

A job in supply chain management opens up the possibility of international travel paid for by your employer. Perhaps you need to tour the factories overseas where components would be made for your product. Or you’ll be traveling to meet with customers and suppliers abroad to negotiate purchase agreements. This job also opens up the possibility of moving abroad. It is a good way to break into international business, as well. For example, Asian countries are reporting a shortage of experienced supply chain personnel, and an American company would be willing to relocate someone to fill this critical role.

The Ability to Work Anywhere

Supply chain management is required by firms large and small around the world. This means you could find a job in supply chain management whether working for a factory in your home town, an eCommerce firm in Silicon Valley and almost anywhere else. For example, you could work in warehousing, wholesaling, and package delivery. In fact, you could work in the nonprofit sector shipping care packages and organizing the delivery of relief supplies.

You could work for any large business overseeing their procurement of parts, shipment of finished products, the outsourcing of work and services, and handling customer returns and the disposal of waste. And you can find employment with governmental agencies, as well. This is, after all, a 1.3 trillion-dollar industry employing around eleven million people.

Highly Rewarding

While good pay and steady employment might be attractive, one of the main reasons why you should consider a career in supply chain management is because of how fulfilling it can be. In one recent report conducted on a group of millennials, most respondents surveyed saw the supply chain management field as a rewarding one.

Furthermore, graduates who enter the field are much less likely to switch jobs and most of them see their chances for advancement as promising. 81 percent also said that they felt they could make a difference in the field and 87 percent said that supply chain management could contribute to their personal development and growth.

While supply chain management tends to operate behind the scenes, businesses know that smooth error-free performance is essential for them to remain in business. There are a number of unique benefits of working in supply chain management, but knowing that customers and bosses all value your work cannot be understated. Have you been inspired? Let us know in the comments.


Reasons You Can Benefit from CBD Oil


If you are the type to try different kinds of natural remedies and herbal supplements, you have likely already heard of cannabidiol oil. However, it is also understandable to be sceptical when so many products claim to do have positive effects only to fall short when you finally get the chance to give it a try. It can often discourage those who have been tricked into purchasing something that does not affect them.

Fortunately, there is a good reason why many people have decided to purchase CBD products UK suppliers provide. There are even individuals who have purchased CBD oil in the form of vape liquids, further spreading the influence of cannabidiol oil and all of its health benefits. That said, here are just a few reasons you can benefit from CBD oil.

It can treat depression, as well as anxiety

Perhaps one of the most troubling health conditions, anxiety and depression are challenging to treat because they tend to affect everyone differently. Sometimes what works for one person might not work for another – but there have been promising results with regards to the use of CBD oil to help minimise the symptoms.

While it might not necessarily be enough to completely treat the root cause of the disorder, it does not change the fact that CBD oil is capable of positively affecting sufferers. Based on a large number of positive testimonials and reviews online, CBD oil is continuing to build a positive reputation with regards to the treatment of anxiety and depression.

It has many other different health benefits

While CBD oil does not entirely cure many of the conditions that it treats, it does not mean that it is not worth trying. There is a laundry list of disorders that it is known to treat – from acne to sclerosis. It is also known to treat those suffering from high blood pressure, lowering it to normal levels and helping people avoid the numerous health issues linked to high blood pressure. It has so many different health benefits that it is worth trying even if you are not suffering from anything in particular.

The possible side-effects of using CBD oil

Fortunately, compared to traditional medicine, the known side-effects of using CBD oil are rare and not very severe. In fact, the worst reaction one could have from the use of CBD oil would be diarrhoea, which is nothing compared to many other types of side-effects caused by other supplements and medicines. It is also rare enough that you will likely not suffer from it.

CBD oil has many different health benefits, with very little risk of suffering from side-effects. It will also not get you high, even if some might claim that it does because it is a compound found in marijuana. It is entirely safe to ingest, and some sources even have CBD oil for vaping. Even if you might not be suffering from anything, in particular, CBD oil is worth the purchase.

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Perfect Ways to Spend a Relaxing Family Weekend

Taking a break from a busy schedule is essential for your wellbeing, and spending time at the weekend relaxing with your family is the perfect way to destress – if you choose the right activity! If the kids want to go to a busy theme park that might involve a lot of preparation, traveling, and considerable stress when you get there amongst the crowds and the queues. That’s not to say you won’t have a brilliant time, but it might not be the most relaxing way to spend a weekend.

A day at the park

Even if you live in the middle of a big city, there should be a park close by where there’s plenty of open space for the kids to run around. You can take a frisbee or a ball and play games together, then relax with your partner while the kids entertain themselves on the play equipment or explore the other facilities.

Many parks have family-friendly entertainments such as guided trails or activities like zorbing and trampolining to add to the interest of your day, but just enjoying some fresh air and sunshine is a wonderful way to restore your energy.

Family friendly places to eat

A quick stop at a fast food joint is handy when you have a busy itinerary, but eating out can be a real treat for everyone. There are an increasing number of places where you can have a special meal together and then watch the kids play while you enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

Many places that provide children’s entertainment also have excellent catering facilities, so you could go to a soft play area, a wildlife sanctuary, or a play farm for example, where there’s plenty for the kids to do but everything’s laid-back and you can have a proper meal.

Alternatively, plenty of restaurants and other eateries are providing more and better facilities for families. You could go for a meal to a pub like for example as a treat, and the kids can take advantage of the play areas, gardens, and other sorts of amusements while you enjoy a beer in the garden.

Taking up a new sport or hobby together

Learning something new, or teaching someone about the pastimes you enjoy is excellent for breaking the cycle of stress that many people find they experience through the week. If you know how to fish or ride a horse, then you can introduce your children to these and other hobbies and pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Or you could all take up something new together that none of you have tried before, like mountain boarding or archery. Have a look for well-run training establishments if you’re thinking of trying something new, and make sure it’s an activity all the family can enjoy. Or you could all go for a one-off adventure like a ride in a hot air balloon, or a flight in a helicopter.

There are all sorts of ways to spend an enjoyable time with your family without adding to your stress load, so have a look at what’s on near you, and go have some fun.

The UK’s Real Estate Market: Where are We Now


London has had troubling issues in the previous years concerning the announcement of Brexit. With the March deadline coming closer and closer by the day, various industries such as the automotive, e-commerce, and real estate market are facing the consequences of political uncertainty.

Brexit and the Non-Brexit option

What are the potential consequences of the United Kingdom’s move in leaving the European Union? The possible repeat of the stock market crash of the UK could come into effect again, and the same could be said regarding its property market. Both analysts and investors find the move to be troubling, with the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, estimating a whopping 35% drop in the current state of house prices. No matter how hypothetical his estimation is, he believes that the market’s downfall might be due to the political unrest that is currently plaguing the market.

It’s not all bad news for the UK, as areas such as Wales and Northern Ireland are sustaining their yearly 5% increase in prices sales even amidst the political turmoil. On the other hand, the same can’t be said of London properties which have taken the most massive hit in terms of their slow down in price increase.

There is, however, a third option in which an agreement for a softer middle ground between leaving and staying in the European Union might be found. Though it might be able to appease both parties, later on, it would lead to more negotiations, further prolonging the political uncertainty of the UK.

A buyer’s market

Homeowners are looking to find the best furnishings and searching for articles that reveal the five tips to buying the perfect sofa for their homes or finding the right real estate agent to help them in selling their properties. It’s not the best time to sell, but it is the most convenient time to buy, as there are more properties on the market.

With the situation being as unpredictable as it is now, current homeowners are afraid to sell their properties. As much as possible, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors suggests that they should not be too rash about making decisions with the property they currently own. But it is a safe bet that most people are either bumping up their property’s value or looking to secure more properties while prices are still consistently low.

What will the future hold?

There’s no telling how much the political waters will change in the next few days. With the announcement of leaving the European Union being put into question, industries are still waiting impatiently to see whether or not they’ll finally be able to adapt to the new market that leaving the EU brings. Thankfully enough, a two-year transition period will still take effect which will allow enterprises the appropriate time to revise and renew their business models for their respective industries. Though it may bring a whole lot of paperwork to attend to, it’s better to get the break-up over with so that both parties can finally move on from the issue.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Headshots with a Professional Photographer


You’ll need the best photographer if you are using the headshot for something important. It could be a job application or an official photo that thousands of people could see, so even though you could take a headshot in your room now with your phone, would it be something you are proud to show? With experts like Mike Sansone taking the headshot, you are almost guaranteed that the results will be of top quality.

Make sure though that you do not commit these mistakes when you partner with a professional photographer during a photo shoot.

Not communicating what you want

Before you start the photo shoot, you need to inform the photographer where you are going to use the photo. If there are specific requirements, you also need to notify the photographer to set the place up correctly and tell them now, before the photo shoot begins to avoid delays.

Not bringing samples

Bring samples of your previous photo shoots. Experts in headshots will immediately point out what went wrong, and what you could do to improve so if one of these headshots look great, your photographer will tell you to follow that style or pose.

Using the wrong makeup

For headshots, the photographer will take your photo up close. Every pore on your face and every inch of the makeup you used will be on display. You do not want to look like someone slapped you in the face, so you‘ll need minimal makeup if possible to appear fresh and natural. You can do your own makeup if you know how or you could also hire someone. If you are bringing someone on the set however, you need to inform your photographer about it.

Not asking questions

You need to communicate well with your photographer and ask questions if you are still uncertain. Your photographer worked with many other people in the past and you can get advice on how to look great just by asking, so don’t feel shy about doing it as you want only the best results.

Saying yes on the first shot

The key to a successful photo shoot is to take as many images as possible until you feel satisfied. Besides, when the session is over you can head to the computer and choose the final photo. Talk to your photographer if you think something is wrong or if you are unhappy with that shot.

Being Rude

You might even work with a photographer who worked with models and celebrities before but you can’t have a diva attitude since this is rude and disrespectful. Even if you are paying for the services, you need to stay polite since you are only borrowing the equipment and set to have a great shot. You can also ask for further photos if you do not feel satisfied, but try to be considerate too as there might be other people waiting for their turn.

Avoid these things and you will end up with a high quality set of headshots.

8 New Hobbies to Consider in 2019

A hobby is something that is typically done during an individual’s free time. However, this free time can be few and far between, especially if working life is the reason for your late nights and early mornings. Nevertheless, hobbies are what keep you going and give you something that you can indulge in solely based on your personal interests. If you already have a hobby, you should continue doing it and developing your craft in the process. Those who haven’t yet been able to discover what that is should continue reading this article to get the right inspiration.

1. Joining a Reading Club

There is a saying that goes if you don’t enjoy reading, then you haven’t yet found the right book. On those premises, take the time out to find a genre that you enjoy if you find yourself getting bored into the first few pages of reading. There are books on a range of different topics whether it be the biology of your favorite pet or how to cure a deadly disease. When you read, especially fiction books, it has been said to help increase your empathy and emotional intelligence. Ultimately, reading anything that introduces you to new phrases, words or facts carries mental benefits.

Reading can become even more interesting when you have people to share your thoughts on a book with as it becomes more of a social activity. For this reason, explore the idea of joining a local or digital reading club. If you cannot find one, why not create your own?

2. Playing Golf

The game of golf is another excellent hobby to consider, especially if you want something that involves a decent amount of physical activity. If you haven’t played before, the ultimate goal of golf is to get the ball from the tee to the hole in the fewest amount of strokes. In light of this, you have to be able to hit the ball consistently, which means you’re going to need a quality set of golf clubs. Other items to invest in include world-class golf bags, a putter, wedges, and a driver.

You should know that walking around the golf course a few times a week should help you meet your fitness requirements too!

3. Arts and Crafts

Creativity is an integral part of life that shouldn’t be buried under work and adulthood. Take the time out to engage in a creative activity every day to keep your juices flowing. You could decide to take it back to your childhood days and build something out of the scraps you have at home. Alternatively, go back to simple things like drawing and painting an image to coloring.

The reality is that creativity isn’t just about coming up with paintings or arts and crafts projects. It also has a lot to do with thinking outside of the box and discovering new ways of doing things which can be applied in your career. It has even been said that creativity is the most important quality that you have, so spend time developing it.

4. Knitting

Another hobby that you should consider, especially if you live in a colder country, is knitting. This isn’t a hobby that is restricted to those entering retirement and can be somewhat therapeutic. In case you didn’t know, there are quite a number of health benefits of knitting. For one, it can help relieve stress and stop you from overthinking about the things happening around. It’s also been said to provide a level of creative fulfillment.

Seeing as this is the DIY age, you could learn to knit by using a simple YouTube video and practicing until you get the hang of it. Some essential knitting tools for beginners include yarn, needles, scissors, a sewing needs as well as a crochet hook.

5. Web Design

If you’re interested in picking up a hobby that is both interesting and lucrative, perhaps learn the basics of web design. Although there are platforms such as WordPress or Wix that have made setting up a basic landing page easy, you can still learn how to do more complex things such as code or create plugins.

With that being said, some things you’ll need to know is how to layout a web page, the elements of good design, fonts and typography as well as color schemes. By spending time studying well-designed websites, you should get better at what you do.

6. Writing

Not everyone has to be the next J.K Rowling to be a good writer or at least enjoy the benefits of getting your thoughts and ideas on paper. In light of this, think about picking up journaling or creative writing during your spare time. You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to, so don’t feel pressured in that respect.

If you do decide to go down the creative writing route, a quick tip is to generate innovative ideas by looking for inspiration in the images and concepts around you. Learn to write about the things you see, feel and smell in as much detail as possible. Also, appreciate the editing phase as that’s typically where all of the magic happens.

7. Cooking

Making cooking fun seeing as it’s something that you have to do unless you live on takeaway is another idea. Think about what some of your favorite foods are, write them down, and learn to make them one by one. You could even share your cooking journey with others through blog posts, a vlog, or a podcast. This would be the perfect opportunity to learn from those around you or give them the encouragement they need to explore their cooking skills too.

8. Start a Podcast

As briefly mentioned above, starting a podcast could be another enjoyable hobby, especially if you like talking. You can choose to discuss any topic of interest and grow your readership over time. To start a podcast, all you need is a way to record your audio files and a platform to upload them to. Listen to free podcasts to get an idea of what a good one sounds like and what approach you want to take.

Top Five Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

Competition is fierce in nearly every industry. Companies compete for attention and for sales alike, and they not only compete against their direct competitor they compete against all-in-one giants like Amazon. Service companies similarly have difficulty, in that their businesses are often based entirely online or, alternatively, locally. In one instance you are competing against companies around the world, and in the other, you are forced to contend with your community. If people don’t often need shoe repair services, for example, then you might have a hard time running a successful company.

Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks companies can use to give themselves an edge over their competition:

Offer Professional Services to Your Global Audience

If you cater to an international market, then you need to care about said international market. You cannot have an English-only site or offer contracts or documents only in English if you want to bring in the best clients. Instead, you need to hire professional document translation services. These services offer expert translation for companies, law firms, and organisations around the world.

To follow up, you should also aim to hire either a team or create a head office in each market you are located in. Never assume that you know what is best in a different country. Hire local talent from the markets you cater to so that you can provide your customers and clients with substance, rather than trying the same approach everywhere.

Make Your Company Painless

Consider your industry and what aspects of it cause customers unease. Whatever this pain is, try to rectify it head-on. Perhaps customers don’t like subscriptions because they feel it takes their ability to cancel away. By making it very easy to see where you can cancel your subscription you can help them trust you better.

Align Your Company With a News-Worthy Cause

It is cool to care, so align your company with a cause and help the world become a better place. That way, when customers choose you, they choose to help support that cause as well. Perhaps you plant a tree for every sale, or perhaps a percentage of the sale goes towards supporting community groups to help kids struggling with mental health issues. Whatever your cause, make sure it actually helps the world.

Go the Extra Mile for Customer Service

Though this is obvious, it will always be true. If a customer loves your customer service, they will stay. Try to take your customer service beyond normal expectations to really wow them. For example, if a customer who has made regular payments for years suddenly stops send them a personal email (not a generated one) asking why. If they need help with payments, or if something happened in their family, see what you can do for them. Send a condolences card if they have lost a family member. Offer them a discount or a new payment plan method if they just got laid off their job.

Provide Social Elements

Give your customers and clients reasons to return to you. This can be done through a video series, a blog, or even by hosting parties for your clients to attend. The more instances your customers meet you, see you and get to know you, the better.

There is no one-size fits all approach, and that’s okay. Adapt your strategy until you get the results you are looking for.

How to Market Your Business to Potential Employees

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Without them, you’re going to have a lot of work to do! When it comes to hiring, of course, you want the best people to work for you, but how do you convince them? Much like selling your products or services to potential customers, you also have to market your business to potential employees. As well as the HR department, the marketing department should also be involved in the recruitment process. With that in mind, below are four ideas to give your recruitment process a boost.

Examine Your Website

Your website is going to be the first port of call for any potential employees. If you haven’t already got a career page, get one! It’s not just a page where you can list the latest vacancies; instead, think of it as a way of informing potential candidates what it’s like to work for your company. Include achievements of current team members, fun activities that have been organized, seminars or conferences the team has attended and other relevant employee news.

Post Videos

When you’re posting the latest vacancies, include a fun video so that potential employees can get a feel for the company culture and a taste of your personality. Videos can also be used for conveying your company mission, core values, and vision. Ask your current employees whether they’d like to get involved and video them talking about what they love about your company.

Emphasize the Benefits Your Company Offers

It’s possible to make your business more attractive by offering certain benefits. These could include being able to work from home and flexible hours. There are many more unusual benefits you could offer: childcare or babysitting services, power naps during the day, or bring your own gadgets to work. It might be advantageous to find out what made your current employees accept their positions.

An employee survey is a great way to do this, and you’ll also be able to find out whether they have any suggestions to make things better. Inpulse is a company that can help with such an exercise. Giving your employees a voice and listening to what they’ve got to say also improves employee engagement.

Provide Ample Opportunities for Advancement and Professional Development

Nowadays, people tend not to be looking for a job that’s going to keep them busy for the next thirty years. Employees want a position that offers opportunities for advancement. They also want to be able to develop and acquire new skills. An incentive program is something else that’s worth considering as it gives prospective candidates something to look forward to when they join your business.

There are plenty of qualified people who could fill the role you’re advertising. It’s just a case of attracting them to your company. Spread the word about the vacancy far and wide, rather than just advertising in your local paper. There are plenty of online portals for advertising jobs, and people aren’t too concerned about relocating if the job is attractive enough.

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5 Safe Ways to Make Money from the Legal Cannabis Business

Legal cannabis is a billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing sectors in the US economy. It’s also making new millionaires every day. However, since the legal status of cannabis is still unclear at the federal level, many would be entrepreneurs might still be unsure about making the jump. However, there are plenty of safe ways that you can profit from this industry directly or indirectly. Here are a few of them.

List Your Property on Bud and Breakfast

Marijuana related tourism is booming at the moment, and many companies are trying to capitalize on this trend. One of them is Bud and Breakfast. Bud and Breakfast works pretty much like Airbnb, with the sole exception being that your property has to be marijuana friendly. This could a fast and easy way to cash in on this growing niche if you don’t mind accommodating marijuana consumers.

Start a Weed Friendly Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now and are a great business model, making them a great way to bank on the cannabis dollar. You could start a subscription box service that provides various forms of paraphernalia like rolling papers, vaporizers, or pipes for instance. Or you could go for a service that provides unique snacks from around the world, or various pieces of marijuana related clothing and accessories.

Become a CBD Oil Distributor

Another thing you could do is start your own CBD oil distribution company. CBD oil is perfectly legal as long as it is sourced from industrial hemp and the THC concentration is less than 0.3%. If you choose to do this, though, it’s absolutely essential that you choose the right supplier, and know exactly what’s in the product. You could buy CBD distillate in bulk and repackage it, buy crude oil and extract it yourself, or start from whole hemp. Or you could use it to make CBD derived products as well.

Invest in Business Sectors that Benefit from Legal Marijuana

Another thing you could do is invest in stocks and companies that could benefit indirectly from legal marijuana. If you don’t want to invest directly in marijuana, or think marijuana stocks are overvalued, then you could invest in one of the many other industries that cater to either cannabis suppliers or users. One example is organic fertilizer manufacturers, or the companies involved in hydroponic growing equipment. Trading platforms like Motif will allow you to zero in on specific sectors and find various stocks that could benefit from legalization.

Offer Services to Suppliers and Dispensaries

Just like any sort of business, marijuana related businesses need help with everything from marketing, to SEO, and POS software solutions. If you have good knowledge of the business, you could provide anything from interior design services to marijuana market research, or special tax services catered to dispensaries.


There are tons of different ways anyone can make money from the legal cannabis industry without selling cannabis directly. All these options could help you make money safely and legally without having to deal with excessive regulation.

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What Is Inductive Sensor Technology and How Does It Work


Inductive sensors used to be expensive and required complicated circuitry, making them a less than favourable solution for widespread applications. In recent years, however, a surge in technological advancements has allowed for the production of inductive sensors with high levels of integration; thus, making it possible to adapt mainstream position sensor technology for various uses.

The historical application of inductive sensors was in industrial machines such as in counting the teeth of a gear or for contactless distance measurement. Because of the more complex assembly, inductive sensors such as those manufactured by were not common outside industrial-type applications.

Working principle

The primary working principle of inductance sensing begins with a tank circuit containing an inductor-capacitor assembly. The tank circuit receives power from an oscillator, and the inductor part of the device is fabricated using a sensing coil. When a metal object with conducting capacity is close to the coil, the object produces an eddy current which corresponds to the distance, size, and material of the object.


Modern inductive sensors have many applications. Perhaps the main advantage of using inductive sensors over other sensing technologies is the inherent ruggedness of the assembly. An inductive sensor is contactless, hence does not degrade when subject to vibration, dust, and corrosive materials. Specific examples of applications for this sensor technology are the following:

  • Stop switches for various equipment
  • Proximity detector for machines
  • Detect intrusion within equipment chassis and rack
  • Rotary measurement for flow turbines and anti-lock vehicle brakes
  • Coil inductance measurement

These are only a few of the typical applications of inductive sensors in industrial settings.

Advantages of inductive sensing technology

Since inductive sensors are inherently robust, they are suitable for any application where the assembly is subject to harsh working conditions. Extreme temperature changes, underwater pressure, and high friction are some conditions that can easily compromise the performance of a sensor, but an inductive sensor can work optimally even when subject to these factors.

Non-contact inductive sensors tend to have a longer lifespan, which makes it an economical solution because it minimises the need for replacement. When it comes to performance parameters, an inductive sensor produces highly reliable, and accurate readings.

Possible drawbacks of using inductive sensors

Despite the superiority of inductive sensors, there are still challenges faced by engineers such as the limited sensing range. Apart from this, an inductive sensor is only suitable when the assembly is connected to a metallic object being measured.

In conclusion, inductive position sensing is one of the preferred methods of sensor technology used in the industrial sector. When it comes to machine automation, subsea applications, heavy equipment, process-control machines, and automotive sensing, inductive sensors provide a reliable solution as a robust device which can withstand extreme working conditions. Manufacturers continue to experiment in using new materials and designs to make inductive sensors a mainstream choice for other industries. In the meantime, it is safe to conclude that for industrial applications, inductive sensors are by far, one of the best position sensing technology options available today.