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A Guide to Traveling with a Criminal Record

While a person might be eager to see the world to move on from a criminal conviction, there are some restrictions a convicted felon might face.

Before you set your heart on traveling the world, it is important to review the different obstacles you could face when visiting both international and domestic destinations.

To learn more about the restrictions you can face, read this informative guide to traveling with a criminal record.

The Withdrawal of Your Passport

Certain criminal offenses committed in the United States can lead to a person’s passport being revoked during the duration of both your imprisonment and parole. For example, you will lose your right to a passport if you have been convicted of a state or federal drug offense, even if it is a misdemeanor.

As a result, you will be unable to leave the United States when on you are parole, and you will also be subject to supervision once you leave prison. If, you are worried about a potential felony conviction, don’t delay in contacting the best criminal lawyers Anchorage.

Foreign Travel Limitations

Different countries will have different laws regarding a US criminal conviction. For example, Canada’s border service agents can gain access to the US National Crime Information Center database via a passport. As a result, they will have the ability to conduct a criminal background check when a US citizen attempts to cross the border. However, you might be refused entry, as Canada can prohibit people from crossing the border for specific offenses, such as a DUI.

Unfortunately, you also might be refused entry if felony charges were filed, but you were never taken to trial. That is because Canada will exclude you if they believe you may have committed an act that is viewed as a crime in their country. What’s more, you might be banned from the country if you entered a guilty plea, even if the charges were dismissed.

Visa Application Problems

As other countries are not granted access to the US crime database, it is unlikely you will encounter various problems during travel. However, you may be refused entry into the country if you are required to submit a visa application. This is because most visas will ask questions about a traveler’s criminal history to-date, and some nations can be stricter than others regarding criminal offenses.

Your ability to enter a country and obtain a visa will more than likely be determined by the offense committed. Every country will have different stipulations for visas, which is why you should get in touch with your chosen country’s embassy to learn more about the visa entry requirements.


While a criminal conviction can lead to some travel restrictions, it might still be possible to fly to other corners of the globe. Once your US passport has been returned to you, and you are free to leave the US, learn more about a country’s entry requirements before booking a flight or a hotel.

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Reasons Why You Do Not Have Monthly Savings Even with Limited Expenses


Despite having a stable job and a steady flow of income, you wonder why you still do not have enough savings. If you have good pay but do not have enough savings, you need to change your lifestyle. There is something incorrect in the way you handle your finances that has led you to this predicament. These tips will help you start saving money now.

You keep splurging

You need to have a plan for how you are going to spend your money each month. Avoid using your money on things you do not need. Stop upgrading your lifestyle if your pay remains the same. Do not be an impulsive buyer since you will only end up with unwanted expenses. When you keep upgrading your lifestyle, you will most likely end up living from paycheck to paycheck and without savings.

You keep procrastinating

When people decide how much to spend each month, they usually start by determining their expenses and leaving the rest to savings. You need to start by setting aside an amount for savings to ensure that a portion will go there.

You cannot say no

Another reason for not having savings is that you cannot say no to people. When they tell you to treat them to lunch, you do it without hesitation. When someone invites you on a trip, you say yes even if you did not allot money for that trip. You need to be firm in your decision if you know that you cannot afford what others are asking.

You have vices

When you have vices, you will spend money on them, even if you are spending beyond what you can afford. Whether it is gambling or smoking, vices are not a good thing. You need to stop your vices or at least reduce the amount you spend on them.

You do not have enough support

You keep getting happiness and fulfillment by spending money on shopping or gambling. If you have friends who will provide you with pleasant conversation each time you need it, you do not have to choose unnecessary spending to make you happy. Therefore, you need to find people who will be there for you and guide you.

You keep comparing yourself to others

You will not get any benefit if you keep comparing yourself with what others have. You need to learn how to be content with what you have. Stop looking at what your friends buy and deciding to buy the same thing if you know you cannot afford it. Be grateful for what you can afford to buy and save up if you want to buy something else in the future.

You do not know your priority

List everything that you need to spend money on each month and avoid using your money on things you do not need. At home, if you need to pay for junk pick up services monthly, you can include it on your list. However, if you have a magazine subscription that you do not need anymore, you can end it. Since you need junk pick up, you have to list it as apriority, otherwise, your house will be too messy.

With these tips, you will soon learn how to save a substantial amount.

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Five Things to Know About Monq Aroma Therapy (Promo Code Inside)

The popularity of essential oils seems to be at a peak these days. This is because their power to heal and soothe us on a physical, emotional and mental level has been quite comprehensively established. The current popular way to use them and extract maximum benefits from it to inhale them using diffusers as it does not compromise the quality of the essential oil. You should definitey learn more about Monqs and their coupon codes to get some discounts.

Let’s throw light on some of the top five things that you should know about Monq aromatherapy.

  • A portable unit

Most aromatherapy diffusers available in the market today are mostly clunky machines that you need to plug into a socket. Else, you need to sit in a bathtub, burn candles or use a facial steamer. But Monq diffusers give you an out of box experience with its portability. It is crafted using the technology behind ‘vaping.’ You just inhale the gas from its attractive and slim cigarette like structure that would strongly remind you of the disposable e-cigs. No other aromatherapy avenue can give this portable and personalized experience.

  • It’s not smoking

Many confuse that Monq is a vaping product. But, be prepared to be surprised when you inhale its first vape. It just uses vaping technology. It is not at all harsh and you never cough or feels any burning sensation as you do not smoke it. Instead, it diffuses along the same lines as water vapor and you revel in its light and airy feel. The device heats up and turns it blend into vapor. You inhale this through your nose and get the full smell and benefit of this aromatherapy.

  • Natural and organic ingredients

Today, the awareness about the products we use is the maximum. Thus, getting concerned about Monq is no big deal. However, all concerns can be easily put to rest as it has some unique blends of all natural and organic ingredients with no tobacco or carcinogens. There are eleven different blends of essential oils and plant extract combos for you to choose from.

  • The science behind Monq aromatherapy

You can easily find a detailed page on it on Monq’s website titled ‘Science of Paleo Air.’ Science has already established that plants have the power to evoke memories and feelings in humans. Monq also functions in the same manner. Its unique scents evoke emotions and feelings and keep you feeling zen. Its impact is similar to what you feel after listening to music.

  • The safety aspect of Monq aromatherapy

Because of the lack of any tobacco and nicotine content; Monq is completely safe to use by all. It has therapeutic air. Still, nursing and pregnant women should not use this aromatherapy. Likewise, people suffering from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory diseases should not use it as inhalation through the nose might trigger their allergy.

Thus, we can easily surmise that Monq aromatherapy with its delicious smell and effortless ease of use must be tried by all fans of aromatherapy.

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Best Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Wife Happy


There’s no need for a special occasion or event to get a present for your wife. You can do this anytime to show your love and appreciation to her. The big question is what gift you should get her? Finding the perfect present will depend on her interests. You should know about her likes and dislikes by now. In case you are still unsure, get help from friends and family members who are close to your wife. There are many gift ideas out there, but you need to find one that will fit her personality. Here are some of them.

Chic dress

Whether she’s a stay at home mom or she works a 9 to 5 job, your lady will want to dress up now and then. She will also need something to look her best for a date night with you or when attending special events. If you’re not confident about picking the perfect piece, ask for recommendations from people close to her like her sister or best friend.


If your wife is crazy over makeup, add something to her collection whether it’s an eye shadow palette, lipstick, or blush on. Not sure what brand to buy? Check her makeup and see which brands she has most of. That is more likely the one to go for. Since you know the makeup that she currently has, find other products that she doesn’t own yet.


Pieces of jewellery are ideal if your woman loves accessorising. There are various types and designs to choose from, so you have several options. If you want it to be something unique, consider a children’s drawing made into jewellery. Ask your little one to draw something that can be handcrafted into a ring, necklace, bracelet, or another piece of jewellery. It will put a smile on her face as a mom as she will be wearing something that has the artwork of her baby.


Purchase a stylish bag that will go well with her outfits. Another option is to get her a bigger one that is still fashionable and practical at the same time. The latter will be perfect if you have little ones. Moms need to bring a lot of things when going out with their kids so a big bag will be convenient.


Women have a specific pair of shoes for every occasion or place. They have rubber shoes for workouts and playtime with kids, high heeled shoes for formals and night outs, and flats for running errands. Determine which of these pairs your wife loves and needs most.


Moms want things organised. If your wife is the type who wants everything at home to be in place, she will appreciate the organisers that you will give her.

Salon gift certificate

Supermoms need pampering and relaxation too. Get your wife a massage or beauty salon certificate, or better yet both! Watch over the kids while she takes her much-needed break.

Make your wife feel special and appreciated with these gift ideas. Be sure to take her out on a date once in a while too.

Questions to Ask Experts in Photography to Improve Yourself


Some people become experts in photography through constant practice. Others ask their friends who have lots of experiences in the field. If you are serious about photography and you even want to pursue a career as a photographer, it helps if you take London based photography courses. You will receive mentorship from experts in the field. You will be with other students who are also eager to learn.

Sometimes, you will receive classes via lecture. Most of the times though, you will be out there taking photos based on the tasks given to you. Your mentor might also spend time with you to discuss your output and help you improve.

Not everyone receives that precious opportunity to learn via private consultation. Therefore, you need to make the most of it and ask the right questions.

What kind of gear do you use?

These experts take amazing photos not only because of their skills but the equipment they use. If they are willing to share with you which specific model they are using, you can also consider the same thing. It includes the camera body, lens, tripod, flash, and filters. They reviewed the choices thoroughly, so you know that they are giving the best advice.

When travelling, what do you take with you?

When taking photos in your area, it is easy to bring all the items you need for taking pictures. It is a different thing when you are travelling. You need to travel light, and it would be difficult if you have lots of heavy photography equipment on the road or when flying. These experts in photography also understand that. When you ask this question, they will give you an idea of which equipment is a must, and which is optional.

What are your settings?

You can also ask questions on the more technical side of photography. It includes the aperture, shutter speed, White Balance, ISO, and focus. You can try to mix and match the appropriate settings depending on the subject. These experts already tried experimenting before. They will give you the best advice based on what they tried before.

What tools do you use for post-processing?

As a photographer, your duty is not only about capturing the best photos. It also includes your ability to process the images you took. Each photographer has a way of dealing with image processing. You can ask advice on the tools used and the steps involved. You need it to guide you as you try doing yours.

Who influenced you?

You can also ask personal questions that could also motivate you as an aspiring photographer. Asking the experts on the most influential photographer in their career is an excellent idea. You will understand their style in taking photos. You will also know why they take pictures in a certain way.

You will be lucky to receive the chance to speak with these photography experts when you enrol in the class. You cannot let the opportunity pass without asking questions to help you improve.

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Best Musical Instruments for Children to Learn First


It is recommended for kids to take music lessons because of several benefits. Aside from enhancing their music skills, their social and physical skills are also improved. They also develop their discipline and patience, and their self-esteem. If you have been thinking of enrolling your little ones in a music lesson, it’s highly recommended that you give it a go. Not sure what musical instrument would be best for them to learn first? We prepared a list for you.


Many kids are visual learners, and this is what makes the piano one of the best musical instruments for them to learn first. Its keys look like a musical staff, so it would be easier for the kids to follow the chords. While it is not one that is easy to master, with continuous practice and kids starting at a young age, their skills in playing the instrument will become better in time. This is also a good introduction before switching to the use of a more versatile electric keyboard.


The guitar is one of the first things that come to mind when talking about musical instruments. There are two types of guitars to choose from, which are acoustic and electric. What’s good about guitars is that they are available in varying sizes. Kids can use smaller ones that are perfect for their age. There are also affordable brands that are ideal for beginners. The challenge with learning how to play one is that the fingers will hurt at first. However, if the kids can overcome this, they will be playing music with their strings in no time.


Clarinet instruments are highly recommended for kids because they are the simplest to learn when it comes to woodwind instruments. Transitioning to other instruments under this category will be easier if they start with a clarinet. Like guitars, clarinets are also available in varying sizes and weight, so you can find one that would be ideal for your child. The earliest recommended age for children to take clarinet lessons is 7.


The violin is another recommended instrument for kids to learn because of its size. Some violins are designed to be used by kids of varying ages so it will not be difficult to get one for your child. Aside from its size, another reason why it is a recommended instrument in general because it is effective in helping kids to learn how to be in tune. Once they develop this skill, it will be easier for them to keep in tune when playing other instruments.


This instrument is one of the quickest to learn as it only requires playing one note at a time. There are also smaller flutes that will fit the smaller fingers of children. Playing the flute will help them enhance their overall music skills including their rhythm, beat, and tone.

These are some of the musical instruments that are recommended for kids to learn first. However, it is best to ask your children about the instruments they are interested in to make sure that they have fun.

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How You Can Find the Best Psychologist for Your Needs

In life, there are times when we may feel overwhelmed with a situation and with the weight of our problems or whatever issues wåe are facing. The National Institute of Mental Health in America states that there are over 30 million people in the country who may need professional help when it comes to dealing with emotional problems and issues. These problems can range from problems or issues with a relationship or marriage, problems with a particular family situation, problems with a job or career, problems with losing someone we love, depression, problems with stress and anxiety, and so on. And when the issue becomes too big to handle, we can’t do it alone, as much as we’d like to handle it on our own. Sometimes, help from a professional psychologist and therapist can be just the solution we need. But the question is, how do you choose the best therapist or psychologist for your needs? Let’s find out.

What they are

A psychologist specializes in the practice of psychotherapy as well as other psychological treatments and processes. These are trained professionals, which means that they are experts in regard to human feelings and behaviors, and they can assess a person’s mental wellness and health and deal with the person’s diagnosis as well as treatment. A psychologist will work with a patient so they can help them assess and change their behaviors and feelings when necessary and benefit from healthier and more effective mindsets and behaviors.

A psychologist will apply procedures and processes which are already validated so they can help you transform your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. But psychotherapy doesn’t just rely on the expertise of the psychologist – it is a collaborative process where you will play a vastly significant and important role as well. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to voice how you feel and ask questions when you think that it is necessary. A good psychologist will always consider your feelings and comfort, and they will maintain your confidentiality at all times.

Finding the right psychologist

The foremost consideration you should think about when trying to find the right psychologist is your level of comfort with them. You will, after all, work together with them to find a solution to your issue or dilemma. Of course, the psychologist’s credentials and experience can be essential factors as well, but your level of comfort with that professional is also of utmost importance.

Top questions you can ask

There are also a set of questions you can ask so you can set your mind at ease when choosing a psychologist, as suggested by the experts in therapy in Woodstock from the Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health. Some of the most important questions include:

  • Are you licensed? (If the answer is yes), how long have you been a psychologist?
  • I am feeling (stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, angry, etc.) and am having issues with (a job, marriage, sleeping, etc.). What is your experience when it comes to helping individuals with these kinds of issues?
  • What is your psychological expertise? (working with families, couples, children, etc.)?
  • What forms of treatment do you use?
  • What are your professional fees?
  • What kind of insurance coverage will you accept? Will you accept payment or billing directly from my insurance provider?

Once you have received the proper answers to your questions, then you can set your mind at ease and benefit from a professional’s expertise.

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A List of the Various Ways You Can Use and Benefit from Mala Beads

Mala beads have been used for a very long time in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other spiritual traditions, and they have long been part of the culture of certain countries such as India and Nepal. But while you may already have heard of them and have a vague idea of their significance, what do you really know about Mala beads and how important they can be for you? You may have your own goals when it comes to achieving inner peace and living a fuller life, and meditation can undoubtedly help you with your goals and intentions. But if you want more profound and more significant meditation, Mala beads can help you tremendously as well. And you can also use Mala beads in different ways. Here’s a list of the different ways you can use and benefit from Mala beads.

The most common way to use – and benefit from – Mala beads

Malas come in different variations and combinations, and you should choose a variation or combination which is the ideal fit for your goal and intention or preference. Mala bead users and enthusiasts say that you should know if the Mala is ‘calling out to you’ with just a simple glance. Mala beads are made with gemstones, usually one central gemstone like Opalite, Amethyst, Amazonite, Jade, Black Onyx, or Quartz, and they are also made with sacred materials which include sandalwood and rosewood as well as Rudraksha seeds. You can opt for Mala beads made with other materials, such as pearls or crystals, but the sacred materials are often preferred by those who are devoted to meditation and Yoga.

Enhance your meditation with Mala beads

If you are into meditation and would like to enhance your meditation experience and the level of satisfaction you receive while meditating, you can definitely benefit from Mala beads. Mala beads allow you to keep track of your mantra; you can simply touch each bead as you recite your mantra, and this lets you have better focus and concentration. Pretty soon, you will breathe more easily and become more relaxed as well. This results in a more enriching meditation and prayer time for many, as touching each bead keeps you focused and grounded.

Here’s how you can meditate properly using Mala beads: find a seat (it would be best if it’s a comfortable one) and select a mantra which you can relate to (examples include om, om shanti shanti shanti, or so hum, but you can also use personal mantras such as ‘I love myself’, ‘I am good enough’, and so on). Then hold your Mala beads in one hand. Once you start meditating, you can touch the central gemstone (the guru bead) with your other hand and move your fingers holding the Mala beads from one bead to the next as you repeat the mantra. You can continue doing this until you touch the central guru bead once again.

Other uses of Mala beads

Of course, Malas can also be used as decorative accessories or jewelry. You can, for instance, give them as a gift to a friend who has it all or to celebrate an achievement, such as a graduation or new career, and you can even choose Mala beads depending on their significance and effect, such as ‘dream of love’, ‘adventure’, ‘abundance’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘harmony’, ‘inner glow’ and more. You can also wear it yourself as a symbol of your desire or intention or as a mark of a special achievement – you can think of it as a way of honoring and rewarding yourself as well.

7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management includes every phase of the product life-cycle from purchasing raw materials to delivering the finished product. It includes logistics, customer returns and disposal in many firms as well. It truly impacts every facet of the organization and our lives. Here are seven reasons why you should pursue a career in supply chain management.

The Increasing Demand for Qualified Professionals

The growing complexity of supply chain management, driven as much by outsourcing and international suppliers as customer demands and regulatory requirements, is increasing demand in turn for qualified professionals.

Logistics by itself is likely to see a seven percent job growth over the next ten years. If you’re familiar with areas like international supplier agreement negotiations or regulatory compliance, you’ll be highly sought after. A side benefit of working in supply chain management is that you make everyone else’s job possible. You are essential to the smooth operation of the organization, ensuring that they won’t want to see you leave.

Tons of Internship Opportunities

Although supply chain management and logistics is a fast growing and promising field, many might still worry about landing their first job. Luckily, there are many stepping stone opportunities for people who are interested in an entry-level position. Many companies will offer internships, many of them paid, which will give interns a chance to succeed into a permanent position.

The High Pay

Supply chain managers are well compensated. Experts in supply chain and logistics had an average pay rate of $75,000 a year in 2017. The top 10% earned more than $120,000 a year.

We can expect compensation to remain strong, since the number of supply chain jobs is rising twice as fast as the overall number of jobs. Nor are there enough people entering the field to meet demand. One industry study found that demand exceeds supply by a six to one ratio. This suggests wages for supply chain managers will increase faster than the number of jobs for the foreseeable future.

The Relatively Low Barrier to Entry

There are some low-end jobs in supply chain management available to those with an associate’s degree. In general, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to work in supply chain management. With an online masters in supply chain management, you’re prepared for the better paying and more challenging roles in supply chain management. An advanced degree paves the way for rapid advancement, since you’ll have the education that eliminates the need for many years of experience.

A side benefit of working in logistics and supply chain is the number of transferable skills you gain. When you learn how to optimize workflows, forecast demand, manage payments and accounts receivable and oversee people, you can move on to management or a purely financial role later. Another option is working with the technology that enables real time data collection on everything from what you have in inventory to where a particular package is at this moment.

The highly structured and tiered nature of supply chain organizations provides many opportunities for advancement. You can start out as a buyer or procurement analyst and become a purchasing manager. Begin by scheduling shipments and deliveries, and you can move up to managing the logistics group. An operations research analyst or business analyst can become the supply chain manager or head of distribution.

Anyone in supply chain management could move up to project management, warehouse operations, or even become director of operations. If you’ve demonstrated your ability to optimize workflows and improve the quality of service, you could become a management consultant.

The Potential for International Travel

A job in supply chain management opens up the possibility of international travel paid for by your employer. Perhaps you need to tour the factories overseas where components would be made for your product. Or you’ll be traveling to meet with customers and suppliers abroad to negotiate purchase agreements. This job also opens up the possibility of moving abroad. It is a good way to break into international business, as well. For example, Asian countries are reporting a shortage of experienced supply chain personnel, and an American company would be willing to relocate someone to fill this critical role.

The Ability to Work Anywhere

Supply chain management is required by firms large and small around the world. This means you could find a job in supply chain management whether working for a factory in your home town, an eCommerce firm in Silicon Valley and almost anywhere else. For example, you could work in warehousing, wholesaling, and package delivery. In fact, you could work in the nonprofit sector shipping care packages and organizing the delivery of relief supplies.

You could work for any large business overseeing their procurement of parts, shipment of finished products, the outsourcing of work and services, and handling customer returns and the disposal of waste. And you can find employment with governmental agencies, as well. This is, after all, a 1.3 trillion-dollar industry employing around eleven million people.

Highly Rewarding

While good pay and steady employment might be attractive, one of the main reasons why you should consider a career in supply chain management is because of how fulfilling it can be. In one recent report conducted on a group of millennials, most respondents surveyed saw the supply chain management field as a rewarding one.

Furthermore, graduates who enter the field are much less likely to switch jobs and most of them see their chances for advancement as promising. 81 percent also said that they felt they could make a difference in the field and 87 percent said that supply chain management could contribute to their personal development and growth.

While supply chain management tends to operate behind the scenes, businesses know that smooth error-free performance is essential for them to remain in business. There are a number of unique benefits of working in supply chain management, but knowing that customers and bosses all value your work cannot be understated. Have you been inspired? Let us know in the comments.


Reasons You Can Benefit from CBD Oil


If you are the type to try different kinds of natural remedies and herbal supplements, you have likely already heard of cannabidiol oil. However, it is also understandable to be sceptical when so many products claim to do have positive effects only to fall short when you finally get the chance to give it a try. It can often discourage those who have been tricked into purchasing something that does not affect them.

Fortunately, there is a good reason why many people have decided to purchase CBD products UK suppliers provide. There are even individuals who have purchased CBD oil in the form of vape liquids, further spreading the influence of cannabidiol oil and all of its health benefits. That said, here are just a few reasons you can benefit from CBD oil.

It can treat depression, as well as anxiety

Perhaps one of the most troubling health conditions, anxiety and depression are challenging to treat because they tend to affect everyone differently. Sometimes what works for one person might not work for another – but there have been promising results with regards to the use of CBD oil to help minimise the symptoms.

While it might not necessarily be enough to completely treat the root cause of the disorder, it does not change the fact that CBD oil is capable of positively affecting sufferers. Based on a large number of positive testimonials and reviews online, CBD oil is continuing to build a positive reputation with regards to the treatment of anxiety and depression.

It has many other different health benefits

While CBD oil does not entirely cure many of the conditions that it treats, it does not mean that it is not worth trying. There is a laundry list of disorders that it is known to treat – from acne to sclerosis. It is also known to treat those suffering from high blood pressure, lowering it to normal levels and helping people avoid the numerous health issues linked to high blood pressure. It has so many different health benefits that it is worth trying even if you are not suffering from anything in particular.

The possible side-effects of using CBD oil

Fortunately, compared to traditional medicine, the known side-effects of using CBD oil are rare and not very severe. In fact, the worst reaction one could have from the use of CBD oil would be diarrhoea, which is nothing compared to many other types of side-effects caused by other supplements and medicines. It is also rare enough that you will likely not suffer from it.

CBD oil has many different health benefits, with very little risk of suffering from side-effects. It will also not get you high, even if some might claim that it does because it is a compound found in marijuana. It is entirely safe to ingest, and some sources even have CBD oil for vaping. Even if you might not be suffering from anything, in particular, CBD oil is worth the purchase.

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