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The Dolan Law Firm Covers Various Burn Cases

Burn injuries can be very significant, but the worst part of these injuries is that they can often be prevented. Many burn cases that the Dolan Law Firm represents are cases that involve serious injuries that came from issues like an open flare that a building operator did not warn a person about or did not maintain or control accordingly. Sometimes chemical-related issues might be a concern.

But the point about all of these burn injuries is that they can be dangerous and potentially life-altering for anyone who suffers from a significant concern. You can trust the Dolan Law Firm if you need assistance with taking care of a court case relating to a burn injury.

Burns In the Workplace

Many burns can occur in your work environment. Whether it entails an improperly functioning stove at a dining space or a machine breaking apart due to a lack of care, burns can come about in many forms in your life of work. You can potentially get representation for cases that entail your body suffering serious damage due to the intensity surrounding such burns.

Workplace burns are often caused by negligence on the business’ end. You would have to prove this in a court and that you were using a machine in some appropriate manner or that you were hurt by something in an area. Having the appropriate proof on hand is essential for helping you to manage the case that you enter into.

Car-Related Fires

A car accident can cause a fire to develop, what with so many flammable features being found in a vehicle. The fires caused in a wreck can be dangerous to your body. The worst part is that it might be difficult for you to get away from those flames when you consider how intense the impact from a car wreck might be.

Sometimes car-related fires might come from fuel line issues. This might occur in cases where you are filling your car with fuel and a defective item causes a fire to develop. You can get proper legal compensation in cases where a fire started due to such a problem.

Industrial Situations

Many of the most difficult fires come from industrial spaces. These include fires caused by powerful machines and chemicals. Sometimes chemical burns might occur from inhalation. The worst part is that many of these industrial-related burns are felt by workers who are in environments that are supposed to be appropriately treated. It is very easy for the people who operate industrial sites to be negligent and forget about maintaining safe and secure spots for work. You can talk with a lawyer for cases where you have been harmed by an industrial situation.

Burn injuries are very significant no matter how difficult or complicated they might be. Contact us at the Dolan Law Firm if you need help with proper representation following a burn injury. We will help you to keep any legal concerns surrounding your injury from being more of a concern than needed.


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