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How Technology is Changing the Medical Field

Technology has greatly improved our personal lives and is also creating exceptional strides in industries, including healthcare and medical fields. Medical-technologies not only help surgeons and doctors performing medical procedures but also spotting early signs and aiding in preventive medicine, to help inhibit growth/spread of diseases and medical conditions, which were major issues just a few years ago. Medical technologies not only help advance the development of medicine but also help in preventive care. Life Medical Technologies believes these are a few of the ways in which technologies are improving medical care, treatment, surgical care, and other areas of medicine.

Telemedicine –

Telemedicine allows doctors to prescribe medications via a Skype call, speak to patients at 2 AM from their home and allows patients to discuss their medical history/care from the comfort of their home. There are many telemedicine laws in place, throughout different states, but it helps free up hospital rooms/beds, opens up appointment times, and allows doctors to provide thorough care, diagnosis, and possible treatment options, without having to see a patient during an office visit.

Software in disease control –

The software is being used in the most advanced ways today. Massive databases contain thousands upon thousands of codes, allowing a doctor/surgeon to simply input your symptoms, and provide you with a diagnosis and potential conditions you are suffering from. Tracking, retrieving and utilizing invaluable data, not only help in the fight and prevention of disease but can also serve as a log so doctors know how to treat/care for patients, who mimic certain symptoms which are common with diseases/ailments.

3D printing/robotics

Imagine having a 3D heart printed, which could be used during an open heart transplant procedure? With the advances in medicine, this is something that is far more achievable today (or close to being), than ever was the case in the future. The use of robotics during surgical procedures, also allows doctors to perform surgery faster, meaning patients aren’t open as long, limiting the possibility of infection during surgical procedures. And, with a doctor controlling the robotics during procedures, this minimizes the chances of errors, as common procedures/techniques are going to be controlled by the surgeon/doctor who is controlling the robotics during a medical procedure or surgery.

Augmented reality –

The reliance on augmented, or VR (virtual reality) is also being used in medicine today. It allows doctors/surgeons to view distinctive features in a 3D world, it allows “patients” (virtual) to describe their symptoms, construction of artificial tumors (for use in research/operation), are all possibilities with the VR technologies available today. It can be used as a “test-run” for doctors and surgeons, and it allows specialists to better discover different ways to treat patients, in order to improve care into the future.

Technology is never stopping, and its uses are ever-expanding, and this is the case in the medical field today as well. With new studies, development, software, and opportunities to engage with 3D (life-like) images, doctors, surgeons, and specialists not only improve upon their level of care and expertise but can also diagnose and treat patients, without being in the same room as them today. These are only a few of the ways in which technology improves healthcare, and allows doctors to truly delve into new forms/methods, and techniques, in learning how to improve medical care moving forward.

Bob Mims Memphis Looks At The Best Ways To Stay Fit For Golf

It might not be widely regarded as a sport that is associated with athletes in the peak of fitness, but in truth golf has transformed with this over the last few years. Once upon a time it may have been home to overweight individuals on the golf course, but now you only have to take a look at the professional scene to see that the players there are some of the fittest in the whole of sport overall.

Fortunately, the focus on staying fit for the sport hasn’t just been limited to the pros. You only have to take a look through the Louisville community, specifically around the University, to see that golfers are now following seemingly every healthy living guideline in the book in a bid to report to the course in peak condition.

This is something that has been recognized by Bob Mims Memphis. With a long career in sport behind him, he knows the importance of staying in shape. He has cited this as one of the primary reasons he has enjoyed such a good career and we have tapped into some of his best tips for improving fitness for golf specifically.

Cardio training

Considering some of the length of the courses in Memphis, it probably won’t come as a surprise to see that cardio training is high on the agenda. This of course isn’t just related to the sheer length of a golf course, but also the conditions that you are going to play it in. In other words, particularly in August, the conditions can be challenging to say the least and this just adds the strain to your body.

As such, you need to ensure that you can complete a round of golf without any problems. The last thing you want is for your shoulders to start slumping halfway round – it’s only going to impact your score. Put together a solid cardio routine, which mimics your physical excursion, to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Strength training

It would be fair to say that most professional golfers clearly have a strong frame nowadays. Bearing this in mind, this is the advice that is also offered to everyone else.

In a bid to achieve this, you should engage in as much strength training as possible. This means using weights to train all of the major muscle groups.

By doing this, you will immediately notice a difference in relation to the distance you hit the ball. Additional strength means that you can generate more power and ultimately, hit longer shots.

Flexibility training

Something else which can aid your plight substantially is becoming more flexible. This is something that is regularly overlooked, but the difference it can make to your swing can be significant. It means that you will be able to complete a full turn on your backswing, and ultimately get into the correct positions. This full turn will also mean that you create a bigger coil, with the upshot being that more power is generated through the golf shot.

How to improve your American football skills

If you are part of an American football team and are interested in trying out a few handy tips and tricks, which can help you drastically increase your football skills, Ryan Grigson simply thinks to discover how you can become a stronger American football player.

How to get good at American football: Helpful tips and tricks

1. Increase your general level of fitness

As American football requires a lot of running and sprinting, it’s well worth increasing your fitness level by making sure to workout for an hour at least 4 times per week. Make sure to incorporate cardiovascular exercises such as running and skipping into your workout routine as well as strength based exercises. The latter of which will help you tackle your opponents, in order to stop them from scoring a touchdown.

2. Watch as many professional NFL games as you can

If you want to get better at playing American football, get into the habit of regularly watching NFL games as there’s no better way to improve your game, than to watch the best football players in the world play a full game of football.

As you’ll be able to pick up a wide variety of techniques, which you’ll be able to experiment with on the football field. You may even want to consider, teaching some of the plays, which you pick up to your team mates.

Who knows, a technique which you first see in an NFL game, may be able to help you score a winning touchdown for your football team!

3. Practice your basic ball skills over and over until they feel natural

It’s well worth practicing your basic ball skills such as throwing and receiving a football, whilst standing and whilst you’re moving, over and over. Until the motion of throwing a football feels natural. As there’s no point trying out fancy, complicated moves if you make rookie errors, which may give your opposition possession of the ball.

4. Become an effective communicator

In order to become a better football player, it’s well worth working on your communication skills. As on a football field, you’ll need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with all of your team mates.

As an example, if you give your team mates fair warning that you’re going to try and pass a ball, their way, they will be twice as likely to get themselves into the right position to catch your pass.

5. Try to play in as many different positions as you can

In order to gain a comprehensive grasp of the game, it’s well worth having a go at playing as many different positions as you can. As that way, you’ll have a better understanding of the role each player, plays in your team as well as how you can best help each player in your team out.

So if you enjoy playing American football but would love to become an even stronger American football player, it’s definitely well worth following the 5 tips listed above in order to increase your current skill level.

Jack Elway: How Nutritional Tips Can Boost Your College Football Chances

As we all know, Jack Elway is something of a household name when it comes to NFL.

As we also all know, one of the primary reasons why players like Elway make it all the way to the top is because of their conduct off-the-field. In other words, their attitude to nutrition and fitness; both of which are hugely important in the game.

As the title of this article might have indicated, today’s topic is going to be the former. We have spoken to Elway and found out some of the best nutritional tips he has for those young players who wish to carve out a successful career in the game. Let’s now take a look at some of the advice in-detail.

Get your carbs and protein equation right

Nowadays, a lot of the primary nutritional advice seems so surround protein. We’re all told how important it is to build muscles, and such advice certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

However, in terms of providing energy, it actually doesn’t do much. It’s at this point which you need to rely on a steady supply of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates should be focused around your competition, or intense training days, to provide you with the right fuel ahead of the action. Ideally, you should be looking to load your body with carbs several days before the event itself.

Stay hydrated – but also remember about electrolytes

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Average Joe or an elite athlete; the importance of staying hydrated is documented for all to see.

Of course, when you are exercising, you need slightly more fluids to replace the ones that you have lost.

Something which isn’t documented quite as much revolves around the electrolytes you lose though. When you sweat, these are lost, and this can wreak havoc with your nervous system. Electrolytes are able to transmit nerve signals, so it stands to reason that they are quite essential. Fortunately, there’s quite a simple solution out there. This revolves around isotonic drinks, which as well as tasting much better than water, are also able to replace these electrolytes and allow everything to return to normality.

The salt warnings aren’t AS important for athletes

This is probably one of the more interesting pieces of advice, as it tends to go against a lot of what has been said in the public over recent years.

There has been an avalanche of information suggesting that the nation as a whole is consuming too much salt, and this is impacting the general health significantly. Let’s confirm one thing; this is completely true.

The difference is that athletes tend to lose a lot of salt. Whenever you sweat, you will lose salt. This all relates to the last point that we made, about what you lose from your body when you place a lot of excursion on your body.

As such, you don’t need to stick to the “typical” guidelines when it comes to salt. Sure, don’t go overboard, but don’t be overly strict with yourself either.

Importance Of Cakes In Ceremonies

Have you ever wondered why at the heart of every important celebration is a meticulously prepared delectable cake? The sharing of this tasty treat is the icing on the cake, and it is not in vain. Cakes play an important role in every occasion they’re served. From symbolizing sharing and generosity, to indicating the climax of an occasion, cakes have found a special place in the heart of every celebration including weddings, birthdays, big events and so on. Listed here are some of the importance of cakes and why you should have one at your next occasion.

  1. Symbol of love

In ceremonies such as weddings, cakes play an important role in symbolizing the love of partners towards each other. The cutting of the cake shows the willingness of the partners to share and take care of each other in their marriage while feeding each other symbolizes their willingness to provide and be there for each other in times of need. In birthdays, cakes symbolize the love of the birthday person towards their family or friends. The bigger the cake, the bigger the love!

  1. Sharing and Generosity

Cutting the cake and distributing to the attendees is a show of generosity in certain ceremonies, and occasions that involve acts of charity usually have this important centerpiece to symbolize their generosity.

  1. A Present or Gift

Cakes are a cuisine usually associated with affluence and prestige. Giving out a cake as a present is a sign of appreciation and shows the commitment you have towards the recipient of the gift. Cakes are sweet, meticulously prepared, and thoughtful. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank, and you can easily research all cake prices online. To that end, they act as a valuable gift to a loved one especially in occasions such as valentine’s day, graduation, or even career promotion celebrations.

  1. Life milestone

Cakes are used to mark milestones made in someone’s life. For instance, birthday cakes are used to indicate the beginning of a new year in someone’s life. Wedding cakes indicate the beginning of a marriage, graduation cakes denote a new milestone in the education space, while baby shower cakes show the beginning of a new life as a parent.

  1. Symbolizes climax of the ceremony

Most celebratory ceremonies wouldn’t feel complete without the cutting of a cake, or the sharing of one. The sharing of the cake symbolizes that the ceremony has reached the climax. In most cases, it is the sweetest of the foods in the ceremony, the best looking of them all, and the scarcest. To that end, all events in the ceremony lead up to the cutting of the cake. The birthday is not complete until the cake is cut and shared, same with a wedding, a baby shower and a plethora of other ceremonies.

Cakes are significant in any occasion they’re served. They show the generosity of the providers, their love, the cyclical nature of life, act as present or gift, and are the main show of climax of any event. It would almost be a taboo not to have this precious gateau in your celebrations!

What To Consider When Lighting Your Home’s Outdoor Area

Lighting lets you enjoy your outdoor spaces at night. It also helps protect you and your property and improve your home’s kerb appeal. There is such a broad choice of lighting, so be sure to have lights that perfectly suit your needs. With a wide variety of options, consider the following important factors to score the right outdoor lights for your home.


Before shopping for the most stylish lighting fixtures, define the purpose of illuminating your outdoor area. Do you want to highlight a particular space or corner? Then you need the right accent lighting. If your main priority is your family’s safety, you need a bright light that can keep thieves away, such as those designed with sensors. Do you want to maintain a nice atmosphere even in your outdoor area? Then ambient lighting is ideal. The bottom line is, let your purpose guide you in choosing the most suitable lighting fixture that meets your needs and pleases your eyes.


After defining your purpose, think ahead where you want to place your light fixture. This helps you determine the right size of lamp that will illuminate and fit the space perfectly. For lights that will be placed on the ground, make sure they do not cause people to trip or block the view of an object that you want others to see.


With so many lighting fixtures to choose from, it’s easy to be confused. One thing to think of is if it suits the style of your home or the area where you want to place it. Make sure the light fits with the colour of your home’s exterior or if its modern style is consistent with the style of your home. Be careful not to draw attention to the light itself if its objective is to highlight something, such as your landscape.


Size is an important consideration not only to be sure it fits the space but also to be proportional to, say, the size of the door if you will be installing it alongside a door. Take measurements if necessary.


Brightness might coincide with the purpose of your lighting. You might want a light that is bright enough to light up an entire space or a couple of lights to do the same. Feel free to find just the right brightness level. You can play with bulb temperatures or consider low-wattage bulbs that give off fewer lumens.


There are mainly two options for electric powered outdoor lighting, namely low voltage, and line voltage lighting. The former uses less energy and is easier to install while the latter uses more power and may require additional features for safety.

Lighting makes it possible to enjoy night time outside. It provides easy access to exterior space any time of the day. Make sure to choose the right light fixture through proper planning. Buy high quality products from trusted brands. Select durable, energy efficient lamps that are sure to last a long time. You can check out for some of the best options.

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Offer Key Wealth Management Tips

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch concern themselves with wealth management, something quite poorly understood by many people. In essence, it means that they deal with every element of finance. They use financial planning systems such as banking and managing investment portfolios, helping their clients to increase their wealth. Most people who use wealth managers are high net worth individuals, small business owners, and wealth families. However, anyone who feels they can make their money work for them better can benefit from the services of a wealth manager.

Usually, the main element of focus for a wealth manager is to ensure money is invested in the proper places, that those investments are secure, and that their clients’ financial future looks good. This is a hugely valuable service, particularly for those who have been able to gain considerable wealth and want to maintain that. Those with a lot of wealth often also pay a lot more taxes, some of which may not need to be paid. Meanwhile, one poor investment decision could threaten a significant proportion of wealth and these risks must be properly mitigated. Those are all things a wealth manager focuses on.

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch on Building Wealth Through Proper Money Management

Top tips include:

To be creative and smart. True financial news does not come from standard newspapers. It comes from those who believe in wealth and abundance, even if the times are difficult.

To work hard, but to do things you love. When people think wealth, they think money. However, true wealth is far deeper. It is about enjoying life, with the necessary finances to achieve that enjoyment. And that requires hard work as well.

To not live above your means. Too many people continue to spend more than they earn, or to spend too much to save money. This must be avoided.

To have a sound financial plan. A wealth manager can help create a workable financial plan that helps people to build their wealth.

To use time the right way. Money is not someone’s biggest asset, time is. Time can be used to make more money, or it can be used to enjoy life. Proper time management is vital for both.

To understand that wealth is in the little things. Doing something that is meaningful, maintaining loving and strong relationships, and living in excellent health are the true ingredients for richness and wealth.

To dream big. Only those who postulate what they want to achieve, who believe that anything is possible, tend to reach the greatest heights. Wealth managers all state that it is vital for people to dream big at all times.

It has been said that some people are so poor, all they have is money. Wealth managers are there to show people what to do to make their money work for them, but they are equally there to increase people’s overall enjoyment and quality of life. There are some things that money can’t buy.

How To Change Over To A Diabetic Friendly Lifestyle

Being diagnosed with diabetes is utterly life-changing. You may not be able to add extra sugar to your coffee anymore, but you will also have a new opportunity to change your eating habits around for the better. The fact of the matter is that the average American consumes entirely too much sugar and does not get nearly enough exercise. Find other ways to stay energized rather than drinking sugar-laden caffeinated beverages and you will look better, feel stronger, and possibly live longer. The easy diabetic recipes listed below are proof that eating foods that maintain safe blood sugar levels is completely doable. Change when, what, and how you eat to keep diabetes from running your life.

Identifying All Sources of Sugar

Forget about dumping out your sugar bowl – there’s sugar to be found in almost every part of your kitchen. Rich pasta with heavy tomato sauces can be as unhealthy to eat as a big slice of German chocolate cake. There’s sugar in bread and even potatoes after your body breaks down the carbohydrates. As such, you’re going to need to look at all of the foods you eat normally to figure out how you can get your sugar intake down to a reasonable level. While you are definitely going to need to reduce the number of baked goods you consume, there’s also juice and even some fruits to be wary of.

Finding Sugar Substitutes That Taste Good

By now, you should have mastered the art of preparing low-carb pasta with pesto or even olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes instead of standard spaghetti sauce. There are also ways to enjoy baked goods, particularly when they are homemade and created with diabetic-friendly sugar substitutes. If you are concerned with your new diet not tasting as good as you want it to, trial and error are going to be necessary. You might find that you love Splenda but Sweet ‘n’ Low could taste horrible to you. There’s also the running debate between diabetics about which diet sugar tastes the best.

Tweaking the Foods and Meals You Can’t Live Without

If it takes a steaming hot mug of espresso to get you out of bed, don’t think that being diagnosed with diabetes means you have to say goodbye to coffee altogether. Gourmet coffee blends taste better than commercial coffee products, both with sugar and without. Then there’s flavor, low sugar creamers that can make your favorite drink taste better than ever. Pretty much all of the foods that you love to eat the most can be altered just a bit by substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners that are low sugar or completely sugar-free. So don’t worry, you can still enjoy a great movie night with some tasty snacks.

Drinking more water than anything else is a great first step for people recently diagnosed with diabetes. With fewer foods high in sugar to choose from, you should be able to easily find room for more vegetables and whole grains. Every week, find a low sugar food that you enjoy and find something that is high in sugar to substitute it for.

When To Let Go Of An Internet Catchphrase!

Internet catchphrases have become a big part of popular culture in the past ten years or so, especially since the rise of social media. However, just like any other kind of slang or in-joke, using them after they have had their day in the sun can very easily make you look like an out of touch parent or teacher trying to be ‘down with the kids’!

While that can be a bit embarrassing in normal life, it can be far worse when you have used a passé phrase in the marketing for your business or on your blog, so you really need to be able to tell when something is ‘over’ if you want to be able to incorporate trending jokes into how your brand engages with people.

Higher Turnover of Memes and Catchphrases Than Ever Before

The rate at which online jokes, catchphrases, and references get old has increased dramatically over the past few years. While perhaps in 2014 you might have a good few months to a year of mileage out of a phrase before it started to sound outdated and lame, now, some things lose their cool status after just weeks or even days. This means that if you want to use trending jokes and references in your marketing, it is best to do so only in things that expire themselves, and definitely not in things that will take weeks or months to produce. Use current catchphrases or memes in tweets or topical blog posts, for sure, but do not plan to use them in longer running strategies.

Catchphrases That Ascend The Usual Trend Lifecycle

Sometimes, however, online jokes you would expect to get old actually don’t, and instead become an accepted part of online culture. If you take a look at this analysis of internet catchphrases from 2014-2015 on Lol Hit, for example, you will see that some of the phrases that were popular back then now sound dated, whereas others such as ‘trolling’ and ‘meh’ are things that are now pretty much just accepted ways of expressing certain sentiments. The same goes for memes. Some of them have a brief period of being relevant, whereas others are still being used in new ways years after they first appeared. If you find yourself consider using something that has already stood the test of time for at least a year, it may well be safe to use it in longer-term content than just new tweets and posts.

Who Is Using It?

You may find that something you want to use is still very much in use, but is still actually ‘over’. To establish this, you need to look at who is using it. The more mainstream and non ‘pop culture’ someone is, the more power they have to actively make a meme or phrase less fashionable – a good case in point is when a politician uses internet slang to try and appeal to millennials. This is always cringe-worthy and will kill any trending meme stone dead. Older celebrities can also have this effect.

As you can see, you have to be careful when trying to use fads and trends from internet culture, and if you don’t actually have your finger on the pulse of what is cool, it can often be best to just not!

A Few Exciting Easter Gift Ideas

If you were planning on giving gifts for Easter but you’re all out of ideas, then don’t worry. There are plenty of cute, interesting, and even practical ideas to choose from. You can combine the gifts with smaller decorations, or add your own flavour, and in with some gifts even personalise it to your own needs.

Easter cards are always an excellent addition to most gifts, and even sometimes make great gifts on their own. Make sure to check out the Easter section of online stores; there are quite a few ideas for gifts for Easter.

Easter egg bouquet

You can easily make this by using an Easter basket, or any other similar type of basket. Decorate the basket with ribbons or stylise it in any colour you think works best. The bouquet part is the most interesting and important part, of course, and you can arrange it by glueing Easter eggs, as well as sweets, to wooden dowels. Adding some extra decorations is not necessary, but certainly welcome.

A storage box with toys

The perfect gift for any child, one they’ll certainly never forget. Quite an easy gift to assemble, as it requires a storage box, preferably one with stickers for kids, and all the toys you think you can fit in the box. Trucks, action figures, glitter, dolls, building blocks, anything can work. A gift like this will be remembered forever, even long after the kids have all grown up. Or at least until the next Easter, when you’ve brought them even better toys.

Easter Cards

Many people agree that the best gifts are those made uniquely for the recipient. Easter cards 2018 can be such a gift with just a little creativity, as you can customise and personalise an Easter card to practically any extent you see fit. Choose your own lettering, art and design, and your own message, and you can even combine the card with any other gift that you can think of — either elaborate, or simply a box of chocolates. Easter cards are a great gift when you need a little more freedom of expression, and are easily available at The Works.

Friendship bracelet

As it’s implied in the name, these friendship bracelets are both excellent gifts and amazing gestures. They speak volumes about what you want to say, practically without uttering a single word. There’s a wide variety to choose from, and they always look gorgeous and stylish. They’re very affordable for the message they represent, so they allow for a nice way to show your appreciation for your loved ones.

Homemade Sweets

Possible the most modest gift you can give, but also the most personal; there are thousands of recipes that you can look up, but you can also combine them with tiny sweets bought from the store. People love sweets, and you can almost never go wrong with giving sweets as Easter gifts, only make sure that the recipient of the gift likes to eat sweets.

Figuring out an idea for Easter might be challenging for some, but all it takes is a little creativity. Simply look in your inner child, and you’ll come up with an interesting idea in no time.