Mental Fatigue And Your Guide To Healing

Fatigue is often understood in physical terms only. It is the point where you have exhausted your energy levels, and thus have to struggle to carry on with the routine. However, much like the physical health, mental health is also subject to fatigue.

There are many reasons why your mental energy levels remain perpetually low. Stress, diet, poor sleep, lifestyle choices, depression are some of the reasons holding your energy down. It results in a state of blues, a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and being emotionally drained.

Mental exhaustion might manifest in different ways. It might cause you to feel detached from the situation and demotivated. Lowered productivity levels, anxiety, hopelessness, apprehension are other emotions felt in this state.

It is important to realize if your fatigue has origins in your mental health or physical, for which you can contact the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore. Physical fatigue may require more complex analysis, but for mental fatigue, you can do the following for some reprieve:

Focus on your physical to heal the mental

Your body and soul enjoy an important connection. If one suffers, the other is likely to follow suits. Therefore, to avoid mental fatigue, also pay attention to your physical body.

Firstly, make sure that you are eating well. Rather than indulging in the guilt pleasures like candies and fried foods, opt for healthy alternatives. Phenomenon like sugar crash and rush are precisely due to these poor dietary choices. Therefore, stick to natural and healthy diet.

Then, make sure that you are drinking enough water. Dehydration also leads to lethargy and disorientation. It also causes mood issues alongside fatigue. Even moderate dehydration that goes unnoticed otherwise but has a noticeable impact on your mental and physical health.

Women should drink 2.7 liters of water daily, whereas men should make sure to drink 3.7 liters of water.

End the toxic relations

You do take on the energy of the people around you. If you are surrounded by toxic people, or even those who remain perpetually disgruntled and prone to complaining, you will soak on their negative energy and suffer from mental fatigue.

Break free of all such relationships that are draining you emotionally and instead surround yourself with uplifting and happy people.

End the superhuman lifestyle

It good to keep busy, but to be bogged down with activities is not good for your health.

Women especially, take on a lot; from work to looking after the family to keeping an active social life.

In the moment, you might be able to even pull it off. But soon, you will burn out and your mind will get exhausted. And this does not even include the physical exertion and the subsequent toll that it takes on the mental health.

Ergo, make sure that the tasks that you take on are not too much for your body.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help in the moderation of stress in the body, that might just be the cause of your mental fatigue. You can do deep breathing if you want something simple and quick.

Qigong breath is also effective. It involves standing straight and breathing as you raise your arms up. Exhale and lower your arms. As you do this, imagine yourself gathering energy from the earth and letting it flow through you to invigorate you. A couple of minutes of this will surely help you get better.

Set anew your priorities

Many a times burnout and mental fatigue is a consequence of you not prioritizing yourself. When you yourself will not account for your mental peace, you cannot expect people or circumstances to comply.

Therefore, be stern about prioritizing your mental health. Only take up as much work as you are able to do, and delegate the rest. It is completely okay to turn say ‘no’ to requests from people that will not give you time for yourself or zap your mental energies.

Seek help from others

We often consider seeking help a sign of weakness, which is a very problematic perspective. It not only does it take a mentally exhaust you in that very moment, but things add up to weigh you down exponentially.

Therefore, when fatigued, ask others for help. Tell your husband you are not feeling well enough to look after your kids. Ask your colleague for help when the blues get bad. But it is very important not to abuse this privilege either; seeking help and being lazy about your duties is not the same thing.

Talk To Friends And Family

When accosted with mental exhaustion and battling with all sorts of doubts and anxieties, sharing with others can be of great help. This catharsis is important for not just blowing off the steam, but those around you can offer valuable insights as to how to deal with the problem.

If you would rather not divulge it to your friends and family, at least enlist the help of the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi. Experts can offer you counselling for dealing with situation, identify if you have a mental health problem and also prescribe medication to help matters along.


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