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A Complete Guide to Buy and Use Glass Chillums

When looking to invest and enhance your smoking experience, getting a chillum is the perfect solution for you. Whether you want to enjoy it with your friends or alone, you can find that nothing quite compares to the smoothness and taste that a glass chillum can provide.

Modern glass chillums are excellent to use alone as they can be lit up without anyone else’s help, unlike a traditional clay chillum. Traditionally used by holy men for meditation and spiritual purposes, its popularity has increased over the past few years, and here’s how you can find the ideal one for your needs.


Glass chillums can be fragile objects to handle if you haven’t researched beforehand and ended up buying whatever seems more convenient to you. Not all types of glass chillums are manufactured the same way.

Double and triple-blown glass chillums are more durable than ones that use no glass-blowing techniques. You can find online stores with in-house artisans who use their years of expertise to create a solid and durable chillum.

Design and Price of Glass Chillum

You can find a variety of shapes and designs in good-quality glass chillums. Many stores hire experienced artisans to create unique, one-of-a-kind chillums that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Don’t look for the cheapest chillum since it can compromise the quality and make of the glass. Find a reasonably priced option that has good reviews and a detailed description of its manufacturing process. Check the product specifications carefully before buying.

Your Usage

When looking to buy a chillum, you should consider how regularly you will use it and where. If you’re planning on using it mainly with your friends, you want to find one that has thick glass and an interesting design.

However, if you plan to use it alone, you can find one that has good portability and is smaller sized as well. It will enable you to travel with the pipe without being too conspicuous. You can carry it discreetly wherever you go.

How to Use Glass Chillums

Glass chillums are comparatively easy to use, but the methods to use them can differ when you’re using them alone vs. when someone else is lighting them for you. Fill up your smoking substance in the conical bowl end and make sure to pack it in tightly.

You can get someone else to light the smoking substance inside the bowl for you or do it yourself. Avoid the heated end of the chillum, and suck the smoke from the smoking chamber on the other end.

Find the Ideal Chillum for You to Elevate Your Smoking Experience

Using a glass chillum elevates your smoking experience to be better and more satisfying each time. There isn’t much preparation needed compared to other smoking methods like rolling papers, and you can light the chillum within five minutes.

Whether you’re looking for a smoking accessory to help you unwind during the weekends or looking for an aesthetic piece that you can add to your smoking collection, a high-quality chillum can do both for you at a reasonable price.


The Best Beauty Tools to Invest for Your At-Home Routine

There are so many great beauty tools out there that bring a professional treatment into your own home. This way you can enjoy treatment on a regular basis without breaking the budget. When you consider the cost-per-use of each of these products over their lifetime, each product costs cents to use every day, making them an excellent investment for your routine:

A Microdermabrasion Tool

These tools use a vacuum-suctioning tip to remove dead skin cells from even the most difficult-to-reach areas on the body, and can often be used on your face and the rest of your body to promote skin turnover and blood flow. Both of these benefits work to clear the skin and keep your skin healthy and radiant.

A Microcurrent Tool

A microcurrent tool like the NuFACE facial toning device is the perfect way to enjoy a face-lift right at home. The microcurrents work to tone and tighten the skin by essentially giving your face a bit of a workout. 85% of users have experienced an improvement to the contour of their face, and 80% noticed a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, all for just five-minute sessions a day.

Cryo-Freeze Tools

These tools have made their way around social media the past year. Essentially, you pop them into the freezer and in the morning use them to reduce inflammation and boost circulation.

At-Home Micro-Needling

Though you won’t be able to get the same results with at-home micro-needling as you will at a clinic, the at-home kits have greatly improved and can help improve your skin’s circulation and turnover. The purpose of micro-needling is to cause superficial trauma to the top layers of your skin, so that your skin will produce extra collagen in response. Micro-needling also works to help your skin better absorb serums.

Gua Sha Tool

This is another tool that has seen a recent resurgence thanks to social media. The stone is specially shaped to fit around your face and stimulate the skin. Make sure that yours has a textured side which works to address fine lines and wrinkles.

Light Therapy Spot Treatment Tool

LED light therapy can work to reduce acne breakouts and can even help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as redness. There are a variety of types of tools available, from spot treatment to full-face tools.

What to Remember

These tools can help keep your skin at its best, but if your health is holding your skin back, they can only do so much. Always combine skincare purchases with a healthy lifestyle in order to do the best for your skin.

Choosing the right products also plays a big role in how these tools work for your skin. Some, like the NuFACE, have a skincare lineup that is designed to help you get the most out of the tool. Others, like micro-needling, work best when you put serum on your face first.


A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Size of Bong

Bongs are the best ways to smoke marijuana and other herbal smoking products. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and the type you choose depends on your personal choice. For instance, if you want to get high quickly, a massive hit from an enormous apparatus is ideal for you. On the contrary, a mini 5 inch bong is perfect for carrying to a friend’s house for a party. You may also choose a size in between as per your preference.

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe for smoking, and the term is derived from the Thai word – Baung – a bamboo or wooden cylindrical smoking tube. During the Vietnam War period, American soldiers came across the ‘baung’ and took the water pipe concept back to their country. As the native dialect became challenging to pronounce ( bah-owng), a simplified version (bong) was coined with which everyone rolled.

Check out the various sizes of the device available on the market.


Want to get a nice hit and plenty of smoke? Get a big apparatus with long stems. They range in size from fourteen to twenty-one inches. A single hit from one of these devices is good enough to give you a massive high. While portability may be an issue with such devices, they are perfect for home marijuana parties.

These devices come with unique features like ice catchers and percolators to impart satisfying and smooth hits.


Want something smaller but not very big? A mid-sized apparatus is what you need. If you have some experience and can handle slightly large hits, this size will be good for you. Unlike big devices that touch the twenty-inch range and smaller ones within eight inches in height, these devices vary in size from ten to fourteen inches. This size is excellent for getting satisfying hits and not getting overboard. You can hold them while smoking, but you may not be able to carry them while traveling. They are found in varied styles and shapes. Choose from a fancy colorful option or a scientific one with additional features.


For a phenomenal smoking experience, a mini device is an excellent option every time you take a drag, especially if you are starting to smoke marijuana or herbal products. Though they are small, they can pack powerful hits. These devices act as great options for traveling.

The devices vary in size from four to ten inches. The most available size in the market is a 5-inch bong.

If you want something on the go or are a beginner, opt for the smallest version. They conveniently find space in rooms and are portable. If you are experienced in smoking marijuana and are comfortable taking big hits, do not hesitate to get a big apparatus. You can also check out medium-sized devices that are suitable for almost all types of smokers.

Assess your smoking habit and decide which size to go with. The ultimate aim is to get a splendid high and stay in its ecstasy. Whether you sit under a tree, in a moving car, or at your home, take something that you find convenient to maintain and handle.


What We Must Do to Prepare for Retirement

Have you ever asked yourself why you go to work? When first hearing this question, you may think it’s to buy things or to be able to do things you can’t do without money. Those are both true, yet what people really don’t realize until it’s too late is that the main purpose of working is to make sure that you are taken care of when you are no longer able to work. A lot of people will believe that they can handle this problem by having children, believing they will take care of them when they get old, but oftentimes the kids either aren’t interested or do not have the resources to do it.

Our employers have devised a series of different mechanisms to ensure we have money when we retire, like Social Security, IRAs, 401k, or any other tax free investment program. However, it may not be enough, especially if no alternative measures or budgets have been made. That money can be burned through relatively quickly. It’s kind of a realization that gets a lot of people thinking about, “how will I take care of myself in the future when I get older?”

Think of your future life

In order to effectively plan for your future, you have to have a good idea of what you want to do when you get to that point. Do you want to live in a condo or do you want to live in an RV traveling the country? Where will your funds come from? Will you have enough to cover your expenses, and, if not, what will you have to do to get enough to do that? A surprising amount of people do not actually do this first step and that’s why they encounter problems as they get older.

Speak to professionals

Perhaps you want to plan for your eventual future but you don’t know where to start. There is no shame in getting consultations from accountants, financial planners, and people who work in nursing facilities or with retirees. These people not only have the experience and are trained to understand what you are dealing with, but they have also seen things that will allow them to give you suggestions based on what they’ve seen that worked. You can use their information to create for yourself a comprehensive plan for your retirement.

Do some math

This is how you will be planning for your future. You take your current salary in investments, and you calculate how much you will need to save and what return on your investment you will need to pay for your expenses as you get older. If you had spoken to a professional like in the earlier example, they may also be able to point you to some alternative investments and freebies that are given to senior citizens. Do research on different discounts that different companies give to senior citizens and that may be your saving grace in the future.

Take account of how old you are and how old you want to be when you stop working and check on your investments. How well are they doing right now? What else will you need to do to get you and your funds on the right track? Do you have enough to invest in another business or another security? You have the opportunity now in your relative youth to be creative in figuring out what you will do in this inevitable future.

Understand life is unpredictable

There may be those worried about unforeseen circumstances and health problems. You will also need to think about that while you are planning. Medicare will only be able to do so much. Make a list of all of the charities and all the organizations designed for older people and put that in a list next to the list for your discounts. Review this list from time to time to make sure the companies are still in business and still providing the service that they had promised earlier.

When making your plans, you must keep this one principle in mind; the end goal is to save up enough and have invested enough to where your investments along with Social Security and various help from other sources will allow you to live a relatively comfortable life in your old age. That is the purpose for working which many people seem to forget, but it is the main one that matters. The sooner you figure this out the sooner you will be able to retire with your health intact.


4 Tips for Healthy (and Happy) Employees

If you want your staff to be productive and happy, it starts with keeping them healthy – both mentally and physically. The question is, do you have a strategy that prioritizes your workers’ health?

The Connection Between Employee Health and Happiness

Unhealthy and disengaged employees drag down productivity and profitability. On the other hand, healthy and engaged employees increase productivity and boost the bottom line.

Fortunately, you can usually address both foundational items with a single program. That’s because health typically has a direct and positive effect on happiness (and vice versa).

As CEO Naz Beheshti explains, “Healthy employees are happier and show higher rates of job satisfaction. Engaged employees show up to work with a bounce in their step and are less vulnerable to stress, a significant driver of poor health.”

If healthy employees are happier employees, this raises the question: What impact does employee happiness have on one’s business? According to one study, happy employees are anywhere from 12 percent to 20 percent more productive than dissatisfied ones.

Four Tips for Keeping Employees Healthy

Keeping employees happy doesn’t require a rocket scientist – but it does require some intentional planning. Here are four useful suggestions.

  1. Implement a Wellness Program

If you don’t already have a formal employee wellness program, you ought to get started on one right away. Research shows that 61 percent of employees make healthier lifestyle choices when they’re encouraged by a company wellness program.

Such initiatives improve decision-making, both at the workplace and in many employees’ personal lives.

Launching an employee wellness program might sound more intimidating than it is. In many cases, it’s as simple as coming up with a few critical health objectives, training your staff on their importance, and empowering everyone to meet the goals through support, guidance, and opportunities.

  1. Offer Telehealth Services

Depending on the type of business you have and the risks involved with working in your operation, you’ll have to address the safety of your employees. Although there are hundreds of ways to prioritize employee safety, one excellent approach is to protect your people with telehealth services.

Telehealth essentially makes non-emergency healthcare services accessible to individuals regardless of where they happen to be. In the case of employees, you can give them access to healthcare while they’re at work.

This increases the likelihood that they’ll actually seek treatment or medical advice at the first sign of trouble, rather than letting an issue develop unaddressed, and potentially creating more serious problems.

Workplace telehealth services are commonly applied in factories, warehouses, and construction job sites. They can serve as on-site injury triage in situations where employees get hurt on the job.

This kind of setup is mutually beneficial for the employee and the firm. The worker gets immediate medical attention, while the employer gets expert guidance on how to proceed without having to file unnecessary OSHA reports.

  1. Invest in the Right Office Furniture

If your employees spend most of their time working in offices or cubicles, you want to make sure they’re comfortable and properly supported. Investing in the right office furniture – including ergonomically friendly desks and chairs – goes a long way in keeping employees focused and productive.

For employees who spend more than five hours a day in the office, standing desks are highly recommended. These allow employees to transition readily from sitting to standing without wasting much time.

  1. Gamify Healthy Activities

If your employees are like most, they’ll need a positive nudge to encourage them to engage in healthy behaviors. The best way to do this is by gamifying healthy activities. For example:

  • Encourage physical activity by giving employees a 30-minute break in the middle of the day if they’re willing to go on a walk or engage in some form of physical activity.
  • Incentivize good nutrition by offering free healthy snacks (and even the occasional free lunch).
  • Create mini health competitions in which you reward workers for pursuing healthy and responsible tasks during work hours.

Simple little steps like these can go a long way toward motivating employees to be healthy, which typically amplifies their happiness and engagement. Don’t hold back!

Adding it All Up

When you empower employees to become a healthier version of themselves, you free them up to be happier and more productive. Take some time to invest in this facet of your business and positive results will follow.


Seven Important Lessons Nimrod Santo Learned From Being A Self-made Entrepreneur

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Nimrod Santo is renowned for his influence as an online entrepreneur, business developer and a direct-response marketer. He continues to share his stories and experiences on entrepreneurship.

Here are seven important lessons Nimrod Santo learned from being a self-made Entrepreneur.

#1. If it is good enough, you will not get it so easily

From growing as a direct response marketer to owning over seven-figure online businesses, the greatest lesson for Nimrod, is that “Nothing Good Comes Easy.”

#2. Be Honest and Practice Integrity

Nimrod is very emphatic on the importance of honesty and integrity in business. He considers honesty and integrity beyond big bucks that requires compromise. To be trusted with more millions of dollars or whatever forms of value, proven honesty and integrity is required.

Again, honesty and integrity slides both ways. To your clients and to your team members. Trust, recommendations and opportunities would come if clients can always trust your ability to deliver the best.

#3. Build a System and learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Even though Nimrod Santo is popularly described as a jack-of-all-trade entrepreneur, He is very smart at delegating responsibilities, divulging knowledge and building efficient systems.

This allows him to focus on the most important things like sustaining the vision of the business and finding time to do other things that makes him happy. You would be burnt out too quick trying to do everything all by yourself!

#4. Customers mean everything!

Nimrod considers customer attraction, satisfaction and relationship, as very important, irrespective of the nature of operation. One simple rule applies; a lack of customers means a lack of business.

You must understand who exactly you are selling to, who else is selling to them (competitor) and how best to be the most preferred seller. Finally, stay simply accessible and open to feedbacks from your customers.

#5. Financial Discipline determines how long you would stay in business

Financial discipline for entrepreneurs starts with treating the business and the business owner as different entities. This helps in tracking cash flows, including profit and loss.

A very good advice is to place yourself as the business owner on a fixed salary just like your employee.

#6. Healthy Work-Life Balance

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard. Not finding that sweet balance between work and all the other things that matters in life, makes it more tortuous.

With discipline, Nimrod is able to find good time for his interest in surfing and travels despite how busy his life could be. Succeeding at your personal life and doing things that makes you happy, is part of a whole that helps you also succeed as an entrepreneur.

#7. It is not all about having the capital, you have to like and be good at what you do

Having enough money to start the business is a thing, but succeeding at the business would require more than that. You need to be very interested in the business.

This would help in developing other critical aspects of the business, like setting realistic goals based on realistic expectations, defining the business model and marketing approach.

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Is Wine a Good Investment? Underground Cellar Explains

Wine is a very common investment and people have been using it as a store of value for years. It is easily appraisable, fairly liquid, and can stand the test of time. Not only that, but it can also appreciate. This on paper should make wine a great asset.

Wine Rack, Shelf, Wine, Beverages, Bottles

Of course, wine can also be delicious and make for a great conversation piece. It could even be used to entertain. A recent article we read spoke on blind tasting parties and how to host them. One piece of advice was to mix exclusive wines with cheap wines to try to trick people’s palates. How are you going to have this kind of selection unless you have a nice collection?

With that being said, let’s take a look at what the team at Underground Cellar have to say on wines as an investment.

Wine is Only a Good Investment if You Know the Product

Unless you have a knowledge of wine and you have a genuine interest in it, we wouldn’t suggest you invest money in wine. Some people will go as far as learning the entire science of winemaking before they start investing. This will be essential if you want to know which wines to buy. Those who have a good knowledge of different vineyards, grapes, and years will always have an advantage over those who get their advice from someone else. Even things like soil conditions can make a difference. Knowing the history of wines is another essential part of becoming a collector. All of this knowledge will allow you to spot winners, but also avoid getting swindled.

Wines are Relatively Stable

One of the benefits of wines as an investment is that they are much more stable than other assets. Yes, there is still volatility, but nothing like you would see with other assets like gold, for instance. The goal here is to find great vintages that are in high demand. There will always be a cap on the number of bottles of a certain vintage that will be available on the market, and as more people buy and consume it, it will become increasingly rare. This means that your investment will keep growing over time.

Good Returns

It’s estimated that wines offer returns of up to 10% on average. This is rather impressive when compared to other investments like bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, for instance. Few people invest all of their assets in wine too, and you could use wine to balance your portfolio’s volatility while maximizing returns.

Another great thing about wine investment is the tax benefits. With other financial instruments, you’ll usually have to pay various fees or capital gains tax. There’s none of this with wines. While you may have to pay to have the bottles stored by a professional, the only fees you’ll have to worry about are duties and tariffs on international trade as well as shipping costs.

If you were thinking of buying wine as an investment, know that it could be a great option. Just make sure that you’re up for the challenge and ready to learn.

Apria Healthcare Reviews – How Mobility Aids Can Change Your Life

If you have issues with your mobility then you should always look at ways in which you can improve your life. Mobility problems can occur for a wide variety of reasons from illness to injury, and there are many aids which have been designed to help you live an easier life. There are thousands of people across the country who have been helped by these aids and you only need to look at the Apria Healthcare reviews to get a tase of that. It is difficult to accept that you need help by way of an aid, but when you do there are so many ways in which this is going to benefit your life.

Here is how these aids can really help to improve your life.

Simple Tasks

One of the biggest challenges with those people who have issues with their mobility is that they are left unable to carry out even the most basic of tasks. For example simple daily tasks like tasing yourself and going to the bathroom can pose a challenge depending on what your mobility is like. These aids are specifically designed to help you carry out these daily tasks without any problems at all, thus making your life so much easier.

Helping to Avoid Injury

Something which people don’t consider when it comes to mobility issues is that because things are more challenging, further injuries can happen with ease. If you are struggling with mobility then a trip or a fall can happen very easily indeed. The last thing which anyone who has mobility problems needs is a further injury to another area of the body. Imagine for example that you are walking up and down the stairs and you were to fall, the potential damage which you could cause is huge and that is not worth taking the risk. For this reason adding a gadget or an aid to the home which will help you get around, is going to be a smart idea which helps you to stay safe and injury free.

Being More Independent

As much as we may need support, the reality is that nobody likes having to get help to carry out very simple daily routines. There are always people who are happy to help of course, but that doesn’t mean that we are happy at having to ask. This again is where mobility aids can play a crucial role in your life. These products are going to help you to regain some of that independence which you have lost and ensure that you can do things on your own once again. This is not to say that you will never need help or support, but at least in the main you will be able to manage more things on your own because of the help which these products will give you.

There is absolutely no shame in using gadgets and aids to help you in and around the home.


Top 5 Gifts For The Chocolate Lover In Your Life

If you want to buy a gift for someone in your life who loves chocolate, then on the surface, you’ve got a pretty easy job! However, if you want to get them a gift that’s truly special, you might need to think a little bigger than a bar of chocolate from the grocery store.

If you want to show the chocolate lover in your life that you really think a lot of them, here are some gift ideas for you.

Mozartkugeln chocolate

Austria is well known for its extra special sweet treats, and Mozartkugeln chocolate is no exception! Traditional Mozart Kugel chocolate is made by taking a ball of pistachio marzipan and then covering that in a layer of nougat – but not just any nougat! The decadent nougat inside Mozartkugeln is made from pistachios, hazelnuts, and almonds, making it rich and absolutely delicious. Finally, the nougat-covered marzipan is dipped into high-quality dark chocolate on the end of a wooden stick, which is then removed as the Mozartkugeln is allowed to harden.

Mozartkugeln, sometimes called ‘Mozart Balls,’ was created by Paul Furst in 1890 in Salzburg. It was named after Mozart, who was born there. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Delicious!


If the chocolate lover in your life also loves a kitchen gadget, then a velvetizer is a pretty safe bet!

It’s a gadget that is used to create barista-style hot chocolate, the kind you would usually only get in a high-end coffee shop but in the comfort of your home. It works by heating and whisking milk and chocolate flakes together until you have a rich and foamy cup of hot chocolate ready to go.

Chocolate fondue set

Fondue is just awesome, isn’t it? What could be better than melting a pot of chocolate (or cheese if you fancy something savory) and then dipping whatever you like in it! A chocolate fondue set will usually contain a pot and some kind of heat source, plus skewers for dipping. The idea is that you melt the chocolate at the table, and then the pot stays warm so you can dip as you chat with your guests.

It’s possible to make fondue without a set, but it does make the job much easier and ensure that everything is at the right temperature.

Trip to a chocolate factory

If you want to combine a chocolate-themed gift together with some quality time, then you can’t go far wrong with a trip to one of the world’s best chocolate factories. Whether you go all out and fly to Europe to enjoy some of the traditional factories there or take a day trip to a factory closer to your home, your loved one is sure to really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into planning a chocolate-themed trip.

Chocolate making class

Another gift idea that combines chocolate with quality time, a chocolate-making class is the gift that keeps on giving! You’ll get to enjoy a fun day or evening together and then forever have the skills to make chocolate of your own.


Having an Affordable But Healthy Lifestyle – What You Need to Know

Leading a healthy lifestyle does not have to cost you a small fortune. There are, in fact, lots of small things you can do daily that will impact how much you spend and save. Good food, good drink, and general enjoyment of life does not have to be unattainable or unaffordable. Knowing how much you can spend on your lifestyle is important as it can be easy to spend more than you can afford to. So, before you make any drastic changes, work out how much you have coming in each month and how much you have going out. When you have the figures to hand, you will be able to clearly see how much disposable income you have left at the end of each month. Now you know what you have, how are you going to use it, and how will you spend it?

Create and Stick to a Limit

When it comes to spending your disposable income, it is important to create and stick to a spending limit. Now you know how much disposable income you can play with, you can see what you can do with this money and how far you can stretch it.

Shop Around

Loyalty does not always pay. Sometimes it is better to shop around for the things that you need to buy, from groceries to clothes and home décor. When you shop around online, you ensure that you do not spend more than you can afford to, and you make sure that you get the best deals going. Healthy food and drink do not need to cost a lot, and you can save money if you look for seasonal fruit and vegetables. Clothing does not need to be expensive if you shop in the sales or if you shop for preloved or second-hand clothing.

Remember to Enjoy Treats

Even though you may be limited as to what you can spend, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy beauty treats such as having dermal fillers in Chicago or spa trips in LA. Your health and beauty are just as important as anything else. You need to be able to treat yourself and look after yourself in the process. If you struggle to have a treatment every month, then do not worry as you can always save up to have a treatment you want and deserve by saving a little bit of money here and there each month.

Plan Your Meals

Good food and drink are one of the ways that you can improve your lifestyle drastically. You are what you eat, and to ensure that you get a good variety of healthy and nutritious food and drink, you need to create meal plans. You need to plan out what you will be eating for the next week at least. When you know how much you can spend on your food or grocery shopping each week, you can then plan out your meals accordingly.