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The Perfect Careers for Thrill Seekers

Not everyone is cut out for the nine to five routine. Office jobs and regular routines are fine for some, but people with a desire for adventure and change are unlikely to feel satisfied by this kind of repetitive work. It can be extremely demoralizing for adrenaline junkies to feel forced into jobs that don’t suit their life goals of filling every moment with excitement. Here is a quick list of career options that are perfect for people who want to lead a more thrilling life.

Travel Writer

In the olden days, people could set sail for months on end to explore the uncharted corners of the globe and be labelled a pioneer. Now, thanks to digital technology and the spread of information all across the world, it might seem as if exploring has had its day. This is entirely untrue.

A travel writer gets to visit all kinds of fantastic new locations and earn a living from their journeys. Certain companies will sponsor you to take your trips and report on your experiences. For someone who can’t stay in one place too long, what could be better?

Emergency Services

The emergency services might not be as relaxing as the occasional trip to Peru or the outback, but these types of jobs are far from dull. Choosing to become a police officer, paramedic, or firefighter sets you on a path that leads to no two days ever being the same again. You’ll be interacting with the public in their times of need and will be the first port of call when situations become dangerous. Earn a Bachelor of policing and start your journey towards this exciting career path.

Adventure and Extreme Sports

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of experiencing nature in its rawest forms. Abseiling, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving are just a few of the many ways you can make money doing what you love. You can either blaze trails for future adventurers or assist people in learning your skills. With dedication and hard work, you can transform your passion into a career.

Wildlife Photographer

In nature documentaries, the camera operator is the first person to witness the fascinating events occurring on the other side of the lens. If you love the outdoors and animals, becoming a professional wildlife photographer or videographer might be for you. You’ll need to be trained in order to properly understand the importance of staying safe in the presence of potentially dangerous creatures while taking your photos or shooting your film. You’ll quickly have a collection of unforgettable moments from your first-hand experience with all sorts of unbelievable animals.

Mountain Guide

If you have a courageous heart and an adventurous spirit, guiding others through the mountains could be an excellent job for you. Not everyone has the problem-solving capability and instinctive awareness to make a good mountain guide, so if you think you’ve got what it take, then start cultivating your training journey, and taking others on the journey of a lifetime.


How to repair teeth damage that has resulted from addiction

Healthy teeth and gums rely on good oral hygiene, a low-sugar diet and regular dental visits. However, some drugs can cause teeth to become damage, particularly as a result from addiction.

Substance abuse takes its toll and can lead to teeth cavities, cracks and in extreme cases, a loss of teeth. Getting over an addiction is difficult, and if it has caused your teeth to become damaged this can only add to the struggle. However, it is possible to repair teeth damage. It’s important to inform your dentist of any drugs you are taking or have taken in the past so they can properly advise the best course of treatment. But here are some of the options that might be available.

Repairing stain damage to teeth

Tobacco addiction can cause a range of tooth problems, however, staining is common damage suffered by those with an addiction. Smoking can cause teeth to become discoloured and look yellow, which can cause you to feel insecure about your teeth.

Although you can buy teeth whitening kits on the high street, it is highly recommended you receive tooth whitening treatments by a dental care professional. Without dental advice, you can be at risk of increased tooth sensitivity if you were to try out teeth whitening at home, further adding damage.

Repairing tooth decay

Research has found that having a cannabis or cocaine addiction can lead to tooth decay and even missing teeth. It was reported that those addicted to such drugs had on average 3.5 fewer teeth than those who did not use them.

Cocaine, when mixed with saliva in the mouth, creates an extremely acidic solution, that causes the enamel to erode and exposes the teeth to bacteria that can cause decaying. However, tooth decay can be repaired. If your tooth decay is in earlier stages, before a cavity has formed, then fluoride can be used to treat your teeth.

As addiction can lead to serious damage, however, treatments are a bit more complex. For any holes in teeth, a filling or a crown can be used to cover the tooth. If tooth decay has spread, then your dentist might advise on root canal treatment to remove the tooth decay. For any damage that cannot be restored, your dentist might advice removing all or part of the tooth.

Repairing lost or removed teeth

Drugs can cause severe damage to teeth, particularly methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, which can lead to tooth decay in a short amount of time. In fact, the term “meth mouth” is used to describe extensive damage caused by this addiction.

This severe damage can often lead to tooth loss or teeth having to be removed and your dentist might recommend one of the following procedures. Dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth, giving a natural look and feel to the mouth.

Composite bonding is another treatment that can be used to repair damaged teeth. This process involves using composite resin to repair any chips, cracks or broken teeth to improve your smile and the proportions of your teeth. The resin is made to match with the colour of your teeth too, therefore the treatment blends in naturally.

If you live in the London area and have suffered with tooth loss as a result of addiction, Ten Dental is a dentist in Balham, focus on patient care so you can be assured you’ll receive quality and confidential care.



Corporate Kindness – 5 Amazing Benefits To Creating A Culture Of Generosity In The Workplace

If you were asked to list the most valuable attributes for corporate success, generosity probably wouldn’t be the first to come to mind. While being generous with those in need is certainly virtuous, there’s a sort of unspoken rule that business is all about the profit margin, making generosity seem out of place. However, there are many benefits – even financial ones – to be gained from cultivating a culture of generosity in your workplace.

1. Employees feel valued

If you tailor your acts of generosity to suit the personal needs of your employees, you’ll see an incredible shift in office dynamics. Instead of giving standard corporate gifts, get to know your staff, their interests, loves, and needs. A beautiful travel coffee mug would be a careless gift to an employee who’s just given up coffee. However, it would show the office caffeine fiend that you care. Meanwhile, your employee who’s struggling through coffee withdrawals might appreciate a half-day off or a massage voucher!

2. Generosity and honesty go hand-in-hand

When you set a standard for generosity in the workplace, it flows into the attitudes of everyone who works with you. Generous people are more likely to share credit, give up their time to help colleagues, and lend their expertise when needed, even if it doesn’t serve them personally. This translates to a strong collective work ethic, free-flowing communication, and willingness to collaborate. In turn, this leads to greater productivity and innovative idea generation. Meanwhile, such selflessness can help cut down on the stress and the negative edge that self-interested competition can create in the workplace.

3. You’ll become a valued part of the greater community

Getting involved in philanthropic pursuits allows you and your employees to forge valuable relationships in the greater community. The poet John Donne once wrote that “no man is an island.” The same is true of businesses. Just as generosity and honesty go hand-in-hand, so do generosity and trust. In addition to the direct benefits of securing loyal customers through your contributions to the community, having an inspiring, philanthropic company vision allows you and your staff to feel that you’re part of something positive. The feeling of fulfillment and work satisfaction that arises from this is priceless.

4. Workplace conflicts will be drastically reduced

Full-time employees spend as much or more time with their colleagues as they do with their families. Given how easy it is for conflict to arise at home, it’s next to impossible to avoid it in the workplace. When a culture of generosity is fostered, the energy that was once funneled into conflict can be redirected. Ensuring new employees are given plenty of mentoring time, celebrating achievements and ensuring credit is given to those who deserve it will shift the focus of your workplace to a more team-driven dynamic.

5. Your employees will be healthier

Research shows that generous people reap massive physical and mental health benefits. While being generous with others has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, there are even more benefits to be gained when people extend this generous attitude to themselves. If your employees are encouraged to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing, they will bring more energy and emotional stability to work.

Create a workplace in which employees are encouraged to be generous with themselves, their co-workers, and the greater community. Your office will flourish into a place full of people who are genuinely happy to be there. A shared philanthropic purpose and ethos of valuing your needs and those of your co-workers is all it takes to boost morale and positively transform your workplace.


Platinum Rapid Funding CEO, Ali Mayar Talks About the TED Talks That Changed His Life


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TED Talks are as popular as ever these days, and people love learning as much as possible from them. A lot of them end up being very interesting, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to consume them anywhere a person is located.

Ali Mayar, the CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding, is someone who is a firm believer in the importance of TED Talks. In fact, when talking to him recently for an interview, he started talking about three in particular that changed his life. Here’s a little bit more information on how he responded to certain options.

Which Ted Talk has made the biggest impact on your life from a job perspective?

The investment logic of sustainability by Chris McKnett is one that I found extremely interesting. He takes a look at power investing, explaining how there is more than just simple numbers. He was able to pack in a ton of information in a short amount of time, and I have since looked into a lot of other stuff that he offers.

He really has a way of simplifying everything, which I can appreciate as someone trying to learn as much as possible. Even if a person has no prior experience, they can take away quite a bit from him. It is extremely hard to argue with all the results he has been able to have.

Is there a TED Talk that you would recommend for small business owners that might use your site?

For anyone who is considering Platinum Rapid Funding Group, there are a lot of TED Talks out there specifically for small business owners. I personally took a lot away from Richard St. John’s 8 secrets of success that is still very relevant to this day. Even though it was released in 2005, he talks about the eight secrets of success in just under four minutes. It’s a lot of information to process in a short amount of time, but it really motivates.

It’s a great starting point for anyone who might be a little stuck with how their business is going in general. Maybe they need that extra bit of push to get to where they want to be.

What about those people who are just starting out? Where should they turn to get some additional information?

Bill Gross has a very interesting Ted Talk where he discusses why startups succeed. Titled as “The single biggest reason why start up succeed,” he gets into what matters. If a person is willing to put in the time and effort to get to where they want to be as a business owner, they have a chance to have some extreme success.

I think he is really great for all those people who find themselves on the fence about going all in on a start-up company. It is a very difficult decision to make, but people are able to have quite a bit of success in the end if they are going into everything with the right mindset.


Fix It Ticket: How To Handle a Fix-It Ticket in Los Angeles

A fix-it ticket is a citation issued by a police officer that requires you to remedy something mechanically inoperable on your car. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine. By simply handling the issue in a timely manner, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money. There is no need to fret when you receive a California fix it ticket because it is generally easy to correct.

Examples of Fix-It Tickets

Some common reasons why a police officer may issue such a ticket include a broken taillight, cracked windshield or having window tint that is too dark. You may also receive such a ticket for failure to show insurance or registration. In these cases, there is no mechanical issue to fix. You simply have to appear in court to show the judge you have said insurance or registration and pay a small dismissal fee.

Steps for Handling Your Fix-It Ticket

First, you should correct the problem. Then, you must take your vehicle as well as a copy of the written citation to a local law enforcement agency. They will sign off on the ticket, which indicates that you have remedied the situation. In the event you receive a ticket for no registration, you will need to acquire paperwork from the DMV in order to show you are up-to-date.

After handling this, you will need to find the Los Angeles courthouse nearest you. You should find a list of nearby courthouses on your citation, but your traffic ticket attorney can also inform you. There is no way to handle these tickets by phone or online. You should make an appointment to appear in court so that you are not wasting time standing in line. Once you have your chance to appear in front of a traffic clerk, you must show you corrected the issue and that the police signed off on it. Most of the time, the clerk will dismiss it right then and there although you may have to schedule another court date for you to see a judge.

When You Fail To Appear in Court 

In the event you fail to appear in court for your fix-it ticket, several things will happen. Your fine will increase substantially, and a hold will go on your license. This hold will turn into a suspension if you fail to appear in court in a timely fashion. The police may catch you driving on a suspended license, which is a misdemeanor. Things can quickly spiral out of control, which is why you want to handle these tickets quickly. It is not enough to have the police sign off on the fix. You must appear in court to show you have taken care of everything.

Stay Safe

Fix-it tickets may be annoying to have to deal with, but you should follow each step precisely so that you can put it behind you. In the event you require legal assistance at any turn, do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney to help you out. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by letting someone else do the heavy lifting.


Don’t Settle for a Low Offer Even if You’re Desperate to Sell Your House


You have reasons for selling your house. You also discussed it with your family. The problem is that you couldn’t find the right buyer. It’s been a while since you placed the property for sale, but no one took the offer. Since you’re already desperate, you decide to accept whatever the next offer is. Before you get there, you need to realize that there are other choices.

Repair your house first

The value of your property could drastically increase if you fix any damage first. Ask for a valuation expert to come over and check your home. You will then know its current value and what else you can do to improve its market price. If you’re okay to take the risk, you can do those changes and hope that someone will buy it at a higher price.

Partner with an agent

Although you can list your property online, you can’t expect to find serious buyers. It’s possible that people will not take your offer seriously. As such, it’s best if you partner with a real estate agent. Look for top agents in your area who will guarantee that your property gets sold in no time. You might have to pay the agents for this service, but it’s okay. You would rather have them take a portion of the profit than not having any profit at all. Given the extensive connections these agents have, there’s a huge chance that you will sell your property soon.

Compare your price with the other properties in the area

You need to check how much your neighbors are selling their houses for. Perhaps, you’re asking for too much. Therefore, you feel like you’re settling for a low price even if you’re not. When you realize that the offers are reasonable enough, you might want to take the deal and walk away.

You can choose wholesale buyers

If you want a quick transaction and to receive a cash payment, you can select wholesale buyers. They will offer a reasonable price for your property. It won’t be the most significant offer out there, but it’s good enough. Besides, you won’t need to spend a lot to close the transaction. There’s no need to repair the damage in your house. You also don’t need to pay the closing fees. It’s a straightforward transaction, and you can walk away with the amount offered. Check out Sell My House Fast for more information about this opportunity.

Given these choices, you have to think twice before settling for a low offer. You might regret selling your property if there’s still a way that you can sell it at a higher price.

You also need to research the market and see if it’s an excellent time to sell your house. Perhaps, the low offer you’re receiving isn’t terrible. The economy isn’t doing well, so you don’t get a lot. You can suspend your plans to sell now or accept the low offer.

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How to Identify When to End a Relationship

While you might have initially fallen head over heels in love with your other half, the magic and butterflies might have since faded and you might be questioning whether he or she is the right person for you.

Despite not wanting to lose the friendship you have made with your spouse, you owe it to both yourself and them to walk away if you are no longer happy.

If you are unsure whether the time has come to move on, read the following advice to identify if it is time to end a relationship.

There is No Equality

If you, and you only are the one constantly showing affection, organizing social plans and striking up conversations, it makes sense that you might be disheartened with your partner. If you believe there is no equality in your relationship and you are making all the effort, you must discuss the issue with your other half. If, however, nothing changes and you remain unhappy, it might be beneficial to walk away and find a more balanced relationship.

You Don’t Feel in Love

While you might care deeply about your partner, you shouldn’t stay with them out of fear, guilt or embarrassment. As difficult as it might be to go your separate ways, it is the fair decision for both of you if you are no longer in love.

It is, therefore, imperative to have an open and honest conversation with your spouse about your feelings and the next steps you need to take, such as selling your home, talking to your children about a separation, or consulting a reputable divorce lawyer at

The Negative Outweighs the Positive

If you cry more than you laugh and fight more than you snuggle, it might be time to move on from the tempestuous relationship. It is important to accept that not every relationship is made to last and it might be the best option to remove yourself from the toxic environment. While closing this chapter on your life might be difficult, you will be glad you did in the long-term – and so will your other half.

You Love but Don’t Like Your Partner

While you might love your partner, you must ask yourself if you actually like them. For example, do you respect them? Do you admire their achievements to date? Are they nice to strangers?

If you cannot find many aspects of your partner’s personality that you like, you should take it as a warning sign. For a relationship to stand the test of time, you need to both love and like your other half.

Your Spouse is Holding You Back

Give and take is a natural aspect of many healthy relationships, but your partner should never hold you back from reaching your goals. If your relationship is getting in the way of your aspirations and your spouse is the opposite of supportive, it might be time to end the relationship to ensure you don’t look back on your life with many regrets.

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How Minimalism Reduces Stress

or as long as it’s been around, minimalism has been widely misinterpreted as sacrificing the good things in life simply for the sake of it. But this is far from true. Minimalism is better described as valuing yourself over material objects, allowing you to enjoy what you have and not worry about what you don’t.

One of the great things about minimalism is that you can decide just how much you want to incorporate it into your life. Sure, you can go live in the woods and wear the same shirt every day, but it’s far from necessary. Simply being mindful of the fundamentals of minimalism can go a long way in reducing stress – something we all need in this day and age.

Less Clutter

One of the first things that anyone does when getting into minimalism is decluttering. In other words, getting rid of what doesn’t add value to your life. Having a living space filled with unnecessary stuff leads to a great deal of stress and anxiety. Start with a simple clean-up job and take some time to think about what you really need and what’s just lying around collecting dust.

Less Wardrobe Decisions

With the fast-fashion industry giving us more clothing than we can ever wear, our wardrobes are quickly becoming filled with unnecessary amounts of stuff. This has lead to the rise of decision fatigue; the theory that having more decisions to make in the morning impacts our ability to make wise decisions throughout the rest of the day.

By taking a minimalist approach to what you wear, choosing your outfit for the day is no longer a time and effort-draining decision. A good way to start would be to invest in clothing that is versatile, functional and made to last.

For example, a $500 jacket that lasts forever and matches more outfits has way more value than an obscure $100 jacket that wears out in a year. This also applies to your accessories.

Why have a pair of glasses that you’re embarrassed to wear in public or don’t provide UV ray protection, when you can invest in a pair such as these Calvin Klein eyeglasses that serve all the necessary functions in one package?

In the end, a simple and effective wardrobe that doesn’t need to be replaced all the time can go a long way in reducing stress in your life.

More Money and Time

Fast food, yearly smartphone upgrades, designer jewelry, alcohol, lottery tickets… we buy a lot of stuff that we don’t need to and more often, shouldn’t buy. Once you develop the habit of not relying on these luxuries for their short-term benefits, you’ll stop taking an interest in them altogether. This leaves you with more money, which directly correlates to less stress.


It’s not only money, time and effort that you’ll be saving. In fact, minimalism does a lot more for you than most people think. Once you no longer have a layer of material objects distracting you, finding yourself becomes easier, allowing you to focus on what really matters in life. And there’s no telling just how great this can be for you, so give it a shot.

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Your Wedding Deserves Only the Best


You have worked hard to make your dream wedding a reality. If you wish to see the details you envisioned, you need to pursue your plans no matter what happens. It is your wedding, and you have waited for a long time for it to come to fruition. Therefore, even if you have crazy ideas, you need to do them.

There is nothing wrong with heeding the advice of the people around you. They will recommend some of the best places where you could get married or a catering service that suits you. Thank these people for their advice, but your ideas should still prevail in the end. Besides, you are going to finance this wedding, so you can’t let others tell you how it should look. You could end up getting disappointed if you don’t do what you want.

Write everything you want

Start the process by writing everything you want to see at your wedding. Find a way to look for quality suppliers who will give you your dream wedding cake or someone who will decorate the venue with the theme you have in mind. You already know what the wedding should look like since you have been planning it in your mind for a long time. Now is the chance for you to make it happen.

Talk to your future spouse

The wedding is a big day for you, but also your partner. Therefore, you need to discuss the elements of the wedding. Some people don’t care much about the details as long as the wedding is successful. However, it is still essential that you talk about it since you might have some crazy ideas your partner will not approve.

Hire a wedding organiser

You can’t make your plans happen if you are alone. It is crucial that you hire a wedding organiser who will help you get through the details of the wedding. Some organisers have enough experience that even if you have some of the craziest requests, they will still make it happen. They have dealt with many clients in the past who might have had even crazier ideas than yours. They know what to do, and they can make you feel confident that things will fall into place.

Plan ahead

It is also essential that you take your time to plan the details of the wedding if you want them to happen. Some of your out-of-this-world ideas might take time to create. If things don’t go as planned, you still have enough time to deal with the backup plan.

For instance, if you want the wedding to be in a perfect place, you need to plan; otherwise, someone else will take the chosen date. You can check out the best options now by looking at Once you have found the right location, you can sign the deal.

Your wedding will be a huge success even if you have a few upsets along the way. You can’t give up now since you have already done a lot.

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Investing in Quality Online Education is an Excellent Idea

What are your priorities with the money you earn each month? Apart from paying your regular bills, what else do you do with your income? If you’re not getting any younger, you need to consider saving for your future. It helps if you have life insurance and a quality retirement plan. You don’t want to regret it later that you didn’t plan for your life once you’re out of a job.

Apart from financial investments, you might also want to use your money to study. Yes, you already earned your degree, but it’s not too late to learn something new. Besides, you can use what you learned from an academic program to do better with your job.

Use your academic achievements for a job promotion

You might also want to use the degree or certificate you completed to apply for a job promotion. Your company will consider not only your work experience but also your academic credentials if you’re trying to apply for a higher post. Therefore, it helps you to consider studying if you don’t want to get stuck with the same job for years.

You want to improve your performance

Even without considering a possible promotion, you still want to invest in education because you want to be better at doing your job. You don’t feel satisfied with a mediocre output, so you work hard to improve. If the quality of your work gets noticed by the upper management, it’s a good thing. Even if it’s not, you will still feel proud of what you did.

You’re using your income for a good purpose

If you don’t invest in education, you could end up spending your money on things you don’t need. Rather than using your salary on things that will provide temporary happiness, why don’t you invest in long-term projects? While you’re still earning enough money and you’re capable of absorbing new information, you need to use your resources to pursue an academic program.

Consider studying online

If you want to study, but you’re too busy with your job and raising your kids, you can consider studying online. In doing so, you can finish a program without disrupting your job.

For example, check out online nursing education if you are currently in this field, or you desire to pursue work in it. Either way, you will benefit from an online nursing course. Apart from degree courses, you can also take certification programs that won’t last long. Crash courses on some nursing-related topics are also available.

Once you finish your program, you will feel accomplished. You can even pursue other options when you have enough time to do so. You can’t let yourself get stuck; education is a lifelong process. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you have the passion to learn, there are lots of options available for you. Maximise these opportunities by enrolling now.

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