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How To Preserve And Increase Your IQ

A large majority of the population wishes that they were richer, smarter, or better looking because it’s only human to want more than you have. Fortunately, if you find yourself often wishing that you were smarter, there are ways to achieve that and you won’t even have to pay a very expensive visit to a plastic surgeon or invest in a new business idea for that either! Having said that, while we cannot all be the most talented person in the world, dedication and intelligent pursuit of our goals can help us achieve incredible feats, even though it may seem impossible at first.

Here are four proven ways that can increase your IQ, and we are talking about actual measurable intelligence quotient here, not knowledge or wisdom.

Exercise Your Mind Every Day

Just like your body gets stronger with physical training, so does the brain. Employ a number of mental exercises in your list of daily activities to see a change in your intelligence after a while. Note that this isn’t the same as keeping your mind sharp through occasional sudoku, but actually exercising those brain cells ritualistically every day to see a marked improvement in your IQ over time. Check out some of the activities and games to try below.

  • Play Dual N-Back, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to play a new musical instrument
  • Try to recollect recent activities with precision
  • Take up mathematics as a hobby

Watch What You Drink, Snort, or Smoke

Admittedly, this is a way to keep you from losing the intelligence you already have rather than increasing it, but none of the methods will be of any use if you keep abusing alcohol and/or other addictive substances. For example, continuous heavy drinking can significantly impair our cognitive functions, and over time, the brain damage can even become severe and permanent. It also botches up our sleep routine, which is the single most important activity for making and preserving new memories.

Exercise Your Body

Although it might feel like it, this is not a secret ploy to get you to start exercising because physical exercise can and does improve our cognitive functions. Consider the fact that sprinting actually boosts your memory, which is a very important part of human intelligence. You don’t really have to spend too much time in the gym really, just 20 – 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise should be enough to oxygenate your brain by increasing blood flow.


This is a controversial topic because smart drugs are not always legal, depending on which ones we are talking about and where you live. Nevertheless, some of them do work, but they can and probably will have side-effects. For example, piracetam and just about any other racetam can improve your actual intelligence over time, but it may have a significant impact on your mood. On the other hand, modafinil is extremely potent for keeping people alert, but in higher doses, the drug can cause severe anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness and a number of other physical and mental complications.

Keep in mind that while the methods you just read have been proven to be effective, there is a limit to what they can do for you. Sad as it may be, we are ultimately limited by our genetics.

Choosing The Right Commercial Windsock

Windsocks are pretty easy to use. They show the strength and direction of the wind, like at airfields. They are socks of materials that were sown into a tube-like shape. This material is cut in order to form a taper as it is stitched together. With the help of this taper, the windsock can float in the air with the help of the pressure inside. Due to the tunneling effect, there’s lift and it makes the windsocks look like they are sticking out. This only happens though when there is enough wind blowing the sock. Choosing the right windsock is also pretty easy. Here are some steps you need to follow.

Attachment of the windsock

A swivel frame system is required to have a windsock with single eyelet bands. The swivel arm would require you to use a 4-way harness style for the windsock.

Choosing the colour

Generally most windsocks are orange but there maybe specific regulations in place in your local area which may require a different colour/pattern. Most windsocks are orange because orange stands out and contrasts with most backgrounds. The only exception would be in dessert areas where an orange windsock would blend in with the background so this instance to make it stand out, the windsock would be striped. It provides an excellent contrast with the background. The only exception is when you use it in a desert where the environment seems to have an orange colour. The windsock should then have stripes, for clarity.

Understand the rules

There are various rules regarding the use of windsocks in different places. Aside from the colour, there are also rules on the size and fixing mechanism. Companies using windsocks can seek advice on how best to use their windsock according to thier requirements.

Determine the location

The place where the windsock will be used could also affect the type of windsock to buy. The important thing is to focus on the quality of the material. There are places in which the wind could blow really hard. Having a durable material will stand the test of extreme weather conditions.

Find the right company

Ultimately, you just need to find the right company where you can buy a commercial windsock. If it is your first time to do so, it might be confusing given the options available. You are not familiar with which specific windsock to choose since you only have a basic idea of how it looks and how it works.

There are companies that can provide you with professional advice not just in terms of which windsock to buy but on how to set it up. They also provide services for various industries including the military, health, safety, and aviation. There are different requirements regarding the use of windsocks and the help of experts could go a long way.

Regarding the price, it is best to do a consultation first, so you can check the cost of each option and make a decision not only based on the cost but the quality of the product.

Tips For Stress-Free Legal Proceedings

The accepted state of affairs when you’re involved in a legal dispute is that the whole event will range for months, drain you of money and energy, and cause untold stress to your overall wellbeing. Whether you stand accused or you are bringing a suit against someone, the overall impact is one of pressure. Sometimes, this stress can put people off from every launching into a legal dispute, but this need not be the case. Here are some tips that’ll help you watch pleasantly from the sidelines with the confidence that comes from understanding the rules of the game.

Remain Calm

Whatever your position is in a lawsuit, losing your cool is something you should avoid at all costs, especially if this happens in front of a judge, a jury, or the opposition’s legal team. Getting agitated is often read as a sign of weakness or culpability and will be used as such, so finding some ways to keep yourself relaxed, displaying confidence and self-assuredness, will be of aid to your lawyers and a boon to your opposite numbers. 

Budget More Than You Expect

There can be nothing more dispiriting than running out of capital when it comes to fighting a legal dispute. While lawyers are trustworthy and will keep you in the loop with regards to costs, there are unforeseeable eventualities that take place in court that can throw a curveball into proceedings, requiring a little extra money to take you over the line. Plan your challenge or defense with a flexible kitty of cash in mind so that you can adapt to these changes stress-free.

Be Aware of Services

As well as your own legal team, there are plenty of free options to turn to for preliminary legal advice. These websites will save you time and money by framing your particular problem for you. Above these channels of advice, you’ll want to talk to your lawyers, but there are other services that’ll lend a much-needed helping hand if legal action follows, such as an e-discovery service that extracts all relevant data from your computers, allowing for maximal evidence to be utilised by your lawyers.

Separate Your Ego 

Lawyers commonly joke and begrudge behind the scenes about their clients’ blind devotion to a legal dispute despite all recommendations to the contrary. This is usually because either emotions or the ego have become involved and what was once a rational and logical debate over payouts or guilt has become driven by irrationality. Always listen carefully to the advice of lawyers and check your ego’s influence; some lawsuits, of course, feel deeply personal (divorce disputes among them) but you’ll do yourself a favor in the long-run if you act on advice to drop your battle, taking a humble hit on your pride in the process.

Awash with tricky terminology, chess-like tactics and often impenetrable jargon, legal disputes can feel like spiraling balls of incomprehensible stress. Remaining on top of things by bearing in mind the above tips will help ensure that you’re not caught up in that whirlwind, leaving you in a position to sit back and let the professionals do their job.

The 5 Best Foods For Your Teeth

If you want to look after your teeth, you need to brush twice daily and floss. You may be doing this already but have you thought about what else you are putting in your mouth that could damage or promote healthy teeth? Here are a few of the best foods to eat if you want to have strong, healthy teeth.


Yoghurt is full of both calcium and protein, both of which are essential for strong, healthy teeth and bones. Yoghurts are also full of good bacteria, which are not only good for your guts, but for your gums too! The good bacteria help to fill the space in which bad bacteria would live. Of course, yoghurt can be full of sugar, which would negate these great benefits, therefore, choose a sugar-free or no added sugar yoghurt.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the dentist too! The action of chewing and swallowing an apple producing a lot more saliva than usual in your mouth, almost like brushing your teeth. This helps rinse away any food bits or bacteria that are currently in your mouth. The texture of apples also stimulates your gums. It is great to eat at the end of a meal if you want to have a nice, clean mouth afterwards when you cannot brush your teeth, perhaps for lunch at work.


All you cheese lovers out there, never cut cheese out of your diet! Cheese also contains calcium and protein and is one of the best foods for your teeth and bones, another reason to enjoy that cheese board even more! Cheese can raise the pH level inside your mouth, which in turn will help kill bad bacteria. It also leads to less chance of suffering from tooth decay. Get chewing on that cheese to increase the strength of your tooth enamel!


If you are wanting a healthy snack, look no further than these nuts. Not only are they low in sugar and great for snacking on if you are trying to lose weight, they also contain calcium and protein! This is a food people would not usually associate with great teeth, but it is a fabulous source for both protein and calcium, so get snacking! For more information on looking after those teeth, check out Health Row.


Although those little stringy bits on celery may get in-between your teeth, celery is a great way to get rid of food particles and bacteria, much like an apple. It is also a great source of vitamin C and A, two vitamins vital for healthy gums. Celery is also another great one for weight loss, just another reason to get chomping.

There are other foods that are great for your teeth, therefore, getting them in your diet will ensure you have healthy, strong teeth and a big happy smile. We should have everything in moderation, so if you want to treat yourself to that chocolate bar, go ahead, just make sure you brush your teeth shortly afterwards!

Patrick Lanning – Proven Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

The better company’s work environment, the more successful that company who usually become. This can be also said for any other type of organization including government offices, schools, and nonprofits as well.

The reason for this is that each of these institutions involve people, and people are the same no matter where they work. So if you’re the company CEO or manager and can improve the work environment, there’s a great benefit go organization.

What ways of operate in your business are there, that are both effective and Universal? Are the things that any organization can do? And doesn’t matter the size or location of the organization?

The following tips and ideas can be effective no matter the style of your organization, how many people work for your organization, or whether your organization is located in Oregon or Miami.

Offer rewards

Everyone likes to receive an indication that they have done a great job, in the best way to do this is to provide some type of reward. There’s no specific way to implement this that is more successful than any other, what is important is that employees get recognized by you, when they do something valuable for the company. When you offer rewards they should be even handed and equal to the services is performed. You should also consider changing up the types of rewards that you offer so the employees are both excited to get the award, and excited by what the reward is.

The reward itself doesn’t always have to be financial. In some cases recognition of a job well done is worth as much as money. And if you choose to offer something Financial, consider purchasing a gift card instead of actual cash. If you pick a gift card from a business that the employee frequents, it will be an even more personal acknowledgement of the employee’s good job.

Never scold employees in public when possible

Some employees or very challenging. Some have personalities that are not warm and inviting. Some have mannerisms and ways of doing things that go against the grain. While others seem to cause problems on a regular basis. Because of this, you will need to discipline some employees.  When these needs arise, you should always do it out of sight of other employees. Make it a habit to go back to your office, close the door, and have a frank discussion with the employee about his or her infraction.

This avoids embarrassment for the employee and gives you the opportunity to make sure that the focus of the discussion is only on the infraction and not the employee’s embarrassment.

Make sure employees understand exactly what you want them to do

Many managers find that they can never seem to get their employees to perform in the way that they would like. They might go through several employees doing the same job, but with the same poor results. When this happens, you should consider that perhaps the problem isn’t the employees, instead it is your instructions.

Consider having someone else you trust that the company listen to the way that you give directions and provide oversight. Let them be honest with you about what they think of your style and the quality of the information that you were delivering. If they say to you that they are unclear about exactly what you want, you need to make adjustments. You should always assume that employees want to deliver to you what you need, but it is your job to make sure that they understand exactly what that is.

Great managers like Patrick Lanning always look to find ways to create the optimal working environment for employees because it means better result for his school

4 Steps For Clearing Your Property Of Clutter

Your home should be a space that you take pride in. It should be somewhere that you go to whenever you want to escape the demands of daily life and take control of your stress levels. That is why it is so important that your property is free from clutter. Failing to achieve this will make it impossible for you to unlock the full potential of your home. Instead, you will constantly find yourself tripping up over rogue possessions, struggling to close your cupboard doors, and panicking at the very thought of unexpected visitors. If you are not yet happy with the state of your home, now is the time to take control! Below are four steps that will guide you through this process.

Write shopping lists

Before you make any purchases, it is important that you get into the habit of writing lists. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to evaluate whether or not you really need to buy something. Instead of throwing everything into your shopping cart, a clear list will force you to hold yourself accountable. Planning ahead could even help you to save money on essential purchases such as your weekly shop. You can simply go online and explore frugal fabulous finds.

Clean your home on a regular basis

The next step is to clean your home on a regular basis. As you carry out this task, you will need to look out for areas that are especially hard to tidy. Perhaps you have a chest of drawers that is filled to bursting. Maybe you have a surface top that is completely covered with random bits and pieces. Whatever the case, it is vital that you resolve the situation and streamline your possessions. Once you have done this, you will find that it is much easier for you to maintain your property.

Plan a yard sale

If you are struggling with the idea of throwing your old possessions into the trash, you can get round this by holding a yard sale. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to provide your items with a new owner and a new home. It could even help you to bring in some extra cash. Or, you could enjoy a feel good moment and donate your earnings to a worthy cause. Just remember to do your research before you hold your sale. You need to make sure that you understand the true value of everything you are passing on. This will save you from losing money on underpriced items or driving people away with unrealistic expectations.

Get your life in order

Finally, you need to get your life in order. If you want to improve your happiness, getting your life in order is the best chance of ensuring your property never returns to a space of clutter and chaos. Why not invest in organization tools that will provide all of your possessions with a set place? You could also splash out on a handy label maker and plenty of storage boxes. Taking these steps will make it easier for you to find things when you are in a rush. It will also make it obvious the moment that your household starts to get out of control.

Norco Ranch Eggs Talk About the Power of Eggs for Building Muscle

In the era of protein shakes and all sorts of other types of supplements, it hardly comes as a surprise to read that so many people are searching for the next big food that is going to transform their body. Well, it’s coming in the form of one of the simplest foods around; eggs.

That’s right; there’s been a surge of interest in this food recently, according to Norco Ranch eggs. In fact, some stores are even designing their packaging in a bid to directly appeal to athletes – which should suggest just how the infatuation is developing.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why so many athletes are turning to eggs in a bid to supercharge their diet.

They simply ooze protein

As you have stumbled across this article based on fitness, we’re going to assume that you know everything about protein. Put simply, it’s the perfect ingredient for anyone who is looking to build muscle or lose weight. It’s the building block of muscle, while it can suppress your appetite as well. Something else that you should know is that eggs contain huge amounts of it.

Sure, you’re not going to get the same amount of protein per egg as you do in a supplement. The fact that they contain around 5g per egg is huge, and means that you can comfortably receive a huge supply of protein by just turning to them for breakfast.

It contains cholesterol which is completely healthy

This is where the egg has perhaps made a turnaround, and also perhaps one of the reasons why more athletes are turning to them.

Once upon a time there was a lot of bad press about eggs due to the yolk. The yolk traditionally contains the bulk of the fat of the egg, and this led to obvious concerns about cholesterol levels.

Well, there is now evidence to show that dietary cholesterol doesn’t impact blood cholesterol. In relation to the egg, this means that even if you are consuming several eggs a week, it’s not going to have any negative impact on your blood cholesterol levels.

In other words, don’t worry about incurring a stroke or heart disease because you have eggs in your diet.

The super fat-factor

We’ve just touched on fats, but in the case of eggs they contain plenty of Omerga-3 fatty acids. This is really significant from a general health perspective, as these fatty acids have been found to reduce inflammation levels immensely.

Not only that, but studies have shown that they can benefit your heart and brain as well. This is something that is often understated when it comes to eggs and while you should obviously take in the bodybuilding benefits and reap them, you also shouldn’t forget that eggs can help your overall health and perhaps touch those “invisible” areas that are often neglected in the era of looking fit and healthy.

How To Make The Most Of Your First Trip To New York

The Big Apple. We’ve all seen countless films and television shows set in the famous city, but for travellers in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, it’s not easy to make the way over. It’s truly worth it though – The City That Never Sleeps is always an exciting and eye-opening one to visit. So for your next trip, make sure you head over and see what all the fuss is about. It’s worth preparing though – there are plenty of pitfalls adventurers can fall into when it comes to New York, so be a savvy traveller (even if it’s your first time) by making sure you follow this guide.

‘New York’ – Pedro Szekely via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)


It’s important to do a bit of thinking about when and how you’re planning to head to New York. The summer might seem appealing, but remember the streets are rammed with holidaymakers in July and August. If you like cold weather head over in the winter – the city looks beautiful decked in snow and no-one does Christmas like America. But the best time may well be in the Spring – Central Park will be blissful in bloom and the weather is warm but not boiling.

Book flights a couple of months beforehand, and make sure to do some comparing before you do. Flying into JFK is handy, and beware that getting into the city from Newark, the nearby airport in New Jersey, can be costly overnight. If you’re in the area for a week or more, staying outside of Manhattan may well be a good move.

Where to stay

There’s no shortage of hotels across New York’s five boroughs, so you’ll want to have a think about where’s best. Midtown Manhattan is where it all happens, and there’s plenty of budget hotels catering to tourists around there. But they aren’t exactly plush – so if you want comfort for a reasonable place, you may want to hop across the bay and stay in Brooklyn. The trendy, cool borough is only a few subway stops from Manhattan, and it’s a peaceful place to head home to after a day of sightseeing. It’s a pretty awesome place in itself, too – Williamsburg is an insanely cool spot with coffee shops and bars aplenty, so you might even forget about Times Square while you’re there.

‘New York City’ – Jörg Schubert via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How to get around

The subway is the cheapest and quickest way to travel big distances, and stretches throughout Manhattan and into the surrounding boroughs. If you’re taking short trips, yellow taxis aren’t too expensive (and they’re pretty iconic, too). The good news is that the city is easy to navigate thanks to its grid system, and walking distances aren’t usually too difficult, so the cheapest way to get around is by foot. And if you want to do a bit of exercise and slip in some sightseeing during your journeys, use the city’s public bikes to cycle around.

What to do

So, you’ve arrived in NYC and the city is your oyster. What to do? There’s plenty to choose from – you could start by ticking off the necessary tourist traps, like Times Square. It may seem a little commercial, but it’s certainly worth a visit, if only to marvel at how many people flood into the city from all over the world every day. If you like your shopping, stroll down Fifth Avenue and treat yourself to a few new garments. You’re on holiday, after all.

But there’s plenty of less touristy areas which are definitely worth checking out. You might recognise Greenwich Village, towards the southern end of Manhattan, from television shows like Friends. But in real life, it’s a laid-back and pretty part of the island which doesn’t feel all too much like it’s part of one of the world’s biggest cities.

‘New York Cabs’ – Sakeeb Sabakka via Flickr

The good news is that there’s plenty of free activities in the city, so enjoying your trip doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, taking a walk through Central Park is a must – the huge square of gorgeous green land and stunning lakes sit right in the middle of Manhattan, and there are worse ways to spend a warm afternoon than finding a quiet patch of grass in the park. And plenty of museums are walking distance away, which you have a peek in for free or for a low admission fee – check out MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, for some of the most jaw-dropping contemporary art pieces in the world, or visit the legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art if you’re after a more traditional collection.

Come evening, you’ll need a new activity – and what could beat heading to Broadway and taking in a show? The best theatre in the world is located right there on that glittering street, and walking down the sidewalk is another of an experience. But it’s worth taking the time to enjoy a show, with plenty of dramas, comedies and musicals to choose from. Favorites like Aladdin, Chicago and Phantom of the Opera are currently showing – or, of course, you could try your luck at getting a ticket to Hamilton, the hottest show of the decade.

‘New York City’ – Yoann Jezequel via Flickr

For sport lovers, New York is also a super-sporty town – so there’s plenty of opportunities to take in some action. If you’re over during the NFL season, hop across the Hudson River into New Jersey and enjoy a game. The area has two teams – the New York Giants and the New York Jets. They share a stadium, so see who’s playing while you’re there and pick up a ticket. The Giants are one of the league’s most famous and storied teams, with four Super Bowl wins and a hard-nosed history.

They’re about as legendary as the New York Yankees, the baseball team which plays up in the Bronx, who are also well worth a visit. And if basketball is your game, head over to a Knicks game. The great news is that the city is crazy for any kind of sport – so head to a sports bar and watch whatever’s going on at the time. If you’re over in the spring, put down a bet on the Grand National, the famous annual horse race, which will be shown across the city. Take a look at Oddschecker first to make sure you’ll be onto a winner.

New York, New York – so good they named it twice. Follow in Frank Sinatra’s footsteps and find out what all the fuss is about as soon as possible, because the city is truly one of the best in the world. And the great news is that there’s something for everyone – shopping, theatre, sports, bars and plenty of food; New York City has it all. Remember to stay safe while you travel and most importantly have a great time!

Reasons Why More People Are Choosing Luxury Apartments Instead Of A Hotel

Generally, luxury apartments are more spacious than hotel rooms. They also have kitchens and even laundry rooms. Living rooms are also available for social gatherings. This is the reason why a lot of people are now seeing the benefits of renting luxury apartments for their short vacation instead of 5-start hotels.

People travelling in groups

When you are heading to a destination in a group, it is more practical if you opt for a luxury apartment. If you compare the price of a luxury apartment that has 2 or 3 bedrooms in it and a hotel with the same number of rooms, the price is very different. You even have the option of cooking food for everyone. You don’t have to go elsewhere just to eat all the time. Like hotels, room service may also be available.

Couples on a honeymoon

If you are travelling for your honeymoon and you wish to be there for an extended period of time, it helps if you rent a luxury apartment. You can even negotiate the price if you decide to stay longer. There is no need for you to stay in a cramped budget hotel room if there is an option which is bigger and cheaper.


Luxury apartments are definitely children-friendly. They are a great place to stay when traveling with family as the place is well-secured. There are security cameras, roving guards and key cards for exclusive entry. If you are cooking for the family or your kids have diet preferences, the kitchen in the apartment would make it easier for you. Staying longer would also require you to wash your kids’ clothes. The availability of a washing machine or a laundry area in the apartment is perfect.

Cheaper, but not of lower quality

There are still some people thinking that just because luxury apartments are cheaper, they are worse in terms of quality. This is totally untrue. Luxury apartments still have the same amenities and facilities found in a hotel. The apartments have Wi-Fi, and fitness centres, swimming pools and room service. You can also find a serviced apartment so if you want someone to clean up the room on a daily basis while you are away, it is possible.

If you have not yet tried renting a luxury apartment, it is time to consider it now. There are great locations for these luxury apartments that will make it easier for you move around the area. Key areas are also easy to access.

It would be a great idea to start with apartments in Edinburgh if you are heading there the next time you take a vacation. There are great options available that would make your stay even more memorable. 

Tips For Buying A New Boiler To Ensure Quality And Durability

Boilers are useful whether at home or in commercial areas. The problem is that they come with a hefty price. However, since you need it, the best that you can do is search for a boiler that is worth the price.

Choosing a new boiler

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of system you have in place. Check if there are tanks in the loft plus a cylinder. If so, you have a conventional system. Otherwise, you have a combination boiler. You will also know if it is a combi boiler since the moment you turn the hot water on, the boiler starts to fire up.

After determining what type of boiler to buy, you should check the existing boiler and what model it is. This is usually printed on the inside casing, on the data plate. Once you have located the data plate, you can decide which specific boiler to buy. There are different models to choose from. You can also find one based on the number of people using the system at any given time.

Don’t be easily carried away with the idea that bigger boilers are always the best. This is not true. Find one that is most suitable for your property and which upgrades that are good for your home. You can find systems using copper cylinders or stainless steel. They can store more water and allow hot water to be used right away.

Get a quotation

In regard to the new boiler cost, the best thing to do is ask for a quotation. Usually, a heating expert will come over to assess the place and determine which type of boiler should be used. If this is not possible, you can ask for a quotation online as a basis for making a decision.

It helps if you compare the models based on the brand, capacity, and reviews made by other people. You can easily tell if there is a specific boiler model that is worth your trust.


Once you have decided which specific model to buy and how much to spend, the next step is to think about the installation. Usually, the cost of the new boiler model comes with free installation services. Otherwise, you have to look for someone to install it for you. The company selling the boiler might also provide installation services at a different rate. Compare it with the rate of other companies locally and determine if getting the installation package would be the right thing to do.

Eventually, the boiler will be installed. Make sure it is regularly serviced so you can check if there is a problem or parts that have to be repaired.