Home Organising 101: Cost-effective Solutions That Cater to Your Needs

Frustration can set in when your home starts to become unorganised with clutter around every corner. Instead of getting frustrated about what the cost may be to purchase organisation items, try out the cost-effective ways first. Some beneficial ways to organise your home at a very low price or for free you can rent furniture, build shelves, use mason jars or crates, clean out your pantry, and make use of your closet space.

Renting Furniture

Instead of purchasing furniture outright such as entertainment centres or dressers, try using valuable services such as Renta Centre to help with the cost. Although you will pay around the same amount once your payments are complete, you will be given the luxury of only having low weekly payments to add to your budget rather than coming up with a large amount to buy it.


The best thing you can do for yourself when searching for cost-effective ways to organise your home is to build shelves. There are hundreds of DIY projects online that offer you unique and cute ways to add a little style to your home along with the organisation. By creating more shelf space in your home, you will be able to move items from your floor and countertops while redecorating at the same time.

Mason Jar Storage

Using mason jars to store your smaller items that are laying around or crowding up your drawer space is very simple, cost-effective, and a great way to add a unique touch to your home. To make this task into a small DIY project, you can even create cute labels online to place on the jars for organisation purposes.


Crates can be used for many things when it comes to the organisation, whether they are used to store items under your bed or installed on your walls for shelving. By placing them outwards on your wall, you are basically given a little cubby space with a whole lot of personality to go along with it. The great thing about using these, is they are also very easy to stack in the closet or garage to keep the organisation the top priority.

Make Use of Closets

Instead of just cramming your belongings into your closet, try making use of the space and purchasing more coat hangers and wall hooks for you to hang your belts or even your necklaces. For floor storage, you can easily use crates or purchase a cheap shoe rack in order to free up some space from your shoes crowding up the floor.

Pantry Ideas

Pantries tend to become overcrowded after just a few months of moving into a new place. To maintain organisation while saving yourself some money you can use magnetic spice racks, mason jars, shelves for your canned goods, and plastic containers to store all your dry goods like flour, sugar, or cereal. To keep everything to perfect at all times, be sure to label all of your storage items.

No homeowner wants to walk into their home and see nothing but a large mess and clutter. So why not take the time to use effective costive strategies to start organising all aspects of your house? Some great ways to start your road to success and declutter your home is by renting furniture, using mason jars and crates, organising your pantry, making use of your closet space, and building shelves. Just by doing these few things, you will start to notice a huge difference in the way your house looks and the way you feel when you walk through the front door.


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