Easy steps to know your jewellery style

If you were to describe your style statement in one way, you would have your answers ready. Some of you might stick to the same old classics, some of you might bring your artsy side up and call for a bohemian look, but some would find comfort with athleisure that has recently found fame as a perfect style for both athletic and leisure pursuits.

We choose our clothing and jewelry to complement our style and stature in society. If we already know what we want and like, why would we want to try something new? Nevertheless, it isn’t always rocket science to change your jewelry’s appearance and obtain a completely new design. It should be enjoyable and surprising instead. We have some wonderful advice for you to easily find your jewelry style if you believe you can move outside your comfort bubble but are unsure where to start.

Let’s check out these tips to easily recognize your jewelry style. Read further-

1. Tweedy/Classic- You likely possess at least one pearl necklace if you adore polo shirts, grange knitwear, jackets, and button-downs. Possibly the most traditional piece of jewelry you can purchase is a pearl. What you can do to switch up your appearance is by adding additional pearls to look appear more disheveled, or take a whole other route by experimenting with black or yellow natural pearls. A lengthy necklace with a striking or strangely formed ornate pearl is another option.

2. Athleisure- Now, if you are into athleisure, you would already know what entices you when it comes to jewelry. You wouldn’t don any jewelry other than silicone rings or basic stud earrings if you happen to be a fan of athletics and leisure. With solid silver plated rings or band rings that have been pounded, chic bar earrings, or a colorful assortment of informal bangles, you may dress up your appearance while maintaining a casual vibe. The main idea is to maintain it straightforward and appear unplanned.

3. Bohemian/Artsy- Your creative mind would keep on struggling with what to choose when it comes to being a little bit artsy or bohemian. You undoubtedly may adore handcrafted or one-of-a-kind jewelry. You can do it yourself by searching for 18 or 22-carat gold coins that are created using artisanal processes like manual etching and pounding. You can create your designs and patterns as unique gemstones or gold items guarantees that no one else will be wearing anything similar to what you are donning.

4. Minimalists- Delicate, tiny accessories like stud earrings, pendants or necklaces, and narrow bracelets are popular embellishments used by artists. By layering your rings and putting your necklaces or pendant on top of one another, you can consider extending this aesthetic. Layering wouldn’t be intimidating if the jewelry is light and fragile. Now, adding these layers can be enjoyable to play with various metal colors, and even think about mixing up some that suit your statement.

5. Sassy- While patterns are constantly evolving; standout accessories rarely go out of vogue. As a terrific method to stand out, Nickle suggests wearing thick rings with an uncommon jewel in your hue or the current trending shade. Additionally, we think that a striking wrist bangle or a lengthy stone fringed pendant will draw a lot of attention.

6. Vintage or Feminine or Romantic- Maintain your floral lenses by complementing your appearance with accessories like face-framing dangly earrings and lengthy pendants or necklaces in pretty pink morganite and shining crystal shards. Women who adopt a feminine or passionate aesthetic frequently prefer pink or rosy gold. Nearly every single complexion appears gorgeous and delicate in rose gold, so you can match your style preference with your choice of trendsetting jewelry options easily.

7. Rocker/Jumpy- If you’re one of those who prefer black over other hues, then you don’t need to worry as not only black is in fashion, but it also looks exquisite. It compliments your style in a way that makes you look one-of-a-kind and for sure, it could be your signature style as well. Crude diamonds and jewelry made of corroded solid silver can preserve it. Choose a unique cuff wristband with striking uncut diamond blocks for a powerful style, or bring in some additional surprising tenderness with naturally hued diamonds that resemble fall leaves.




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