3 Reminders Why You Should Book a Trip to New York City

A lot of tourist destinations cater to one or two attractions. But what place has the benefit of taking you for a spin in the arts, in history, and in flavor? There are more than a thousand and one reasons why you should visit New York City. But then again, is it that difficult to convince you to spend time traveling to NYC? If it is, then let me give three reasons to remind you why you have to book that trip to Manhattan right now.

  1. For the arts

New York doesn’t shy away from having a lot of museums to its credit. You could spend a day inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art and still find yourself only taking a peek at the extensive collection of art history that it contains. Housing 17 curatorial collections from different eras and cultures, you can bet your spare time that you’ll be finding too much to do in trying to go through every exhibit. Besides the permanent collections, special exhibits cycle in and out of partner institutions across the country and from around the world, which makes it an exciting trip every time you visit.

If you’re more of a fan of the performing arts, New York is, of course, New York. Every year, millions of locals and tourists watch Broadway shows in New York City’s 40 Broadway theaters. From 41st Street to 52nd Street, there will be a theater house for you to satisfy your theater addiction from classic operas, modern straight plays, to flamboyant musicals, there’s a show for every soul who wants to bring a dash of theater to their lives.

  1. For the architecture

No trip to New York is ever complete without visiting the iconic Lady Liberty. You can either opt to see it from afar by New York Harbor or to see it up close and personal by visiting Liberty Island.

But the beauty of architecture doesn’t just stop in the monuments around New York. The Grand Central Terminal is one of the most iconic buildings in the city which isn’t just a piece of history but is also a living, breathing hub of the city as well. With its beautiful Grand Concourse and its symbolic depiction of Mercury as the God of Travel, the terminal is a testament to being an architectural beauty that stands timeless amidst the massive waves of commuters that have held it in great esteem from many generations before and many more generations to come.

  1. For the food

New Yorkers are known to have quite an appetite, with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and food trucks scattered throughout the city. You’ll be able to find a wide array of upper west side restaurants that cater to every palate imaginable ranging from the far reaches of eastern cuisine to the very best that the west has to offer. New York is not just home to impressive sights and compelling history; it also has a buffet of flavors to take your taste buds for a spin.


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