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Tutoring Tips – 5 Golden Rules For Being An Effective Tutor

Being a private teacher or tutor is a rewarding career, but it comes with its challenges. The role requires that you be able to organise your own scheduling, communications, and lesson plans. Then there’s the massive responsibility of having a positive influence on your students. Don’t allow yourself to feel burdened by this – you are already proving yourself to be a thoughtful professional by looking into tutoring tips. Follow these five golden rules for being an effective tutor:

1. Keep your website updated

If you are offering online services, then it is paramount that your web presence is always up-to-date and that you advertise regularly. Online tutoring in Australia is a competitive field, so if you are not reaching out to your target audience online, your competitors will.

Start with a simple website or professional social media account containing your profile as a tutor, the services you offer, and your contact details. You can advertise on social media for free or at a low cost and also promote your services on online forums, social media groups, and classifieds websites.

2. Know your clients’ academic calendar

It’s easy to lose touch with the academic calendar when you’re no longer a student yourself. While you’re working as a tutor, however, this is an inexcusable mistake that you must avoid. It is ideal to schedule your work and breaks around the school calendar relevant to your clients. Being available during final exams and high-demand study periods is important for business as you can pick up a lot of extra work. It’s also invaluable to your clients who rely on your support during these times.

3. Be an active listener

Communication is such a big part of tutoring and should be a skill that you’re always focused on improving. Being an active listener is a vital skill for tutors to develop. It will allow you to pick up on s client’s issues and needs during conversation and then directly address them rather than sticking to a scripted tutoring session that covers general topics.

Allowing your client to feel heard will also help them feel more comfortable in talking openly about their study challenges and goals. So, always give your students time and space to speak and take every opportunity to encourage them to share their plans and thoughts.

4. Adapt to each student’s learning style

You may need to try different teaching approaches to make sure you communicate in the most helpful manner for your students. If a student doesn’t understand the language you use, try rewording what you say rather than repeating yourself.

Take note of which learning style best suits your student and stick to what works. Do they learn best by talking and expressing concepts in conversation? Or do they seem to respond better through visual learning? Every student is different, so every tutoring session should be a little different too.

5. Continue studying your areas of expertise

School textbooks change often and are sometimes even revised on a yearly basis. This is particularly true for subjects that are advancing rapidly, like science, technology, and communications.

It is vital that you stay up to date in every subject you teach. This allows you to provide your students with updated and relevant information. Check-in with other tutors as well as public and private education resources to make sure you are following the latest standards.

Stick to these tips and commit to using your skills to support your clients’ in their learning, and any student will be lucky to have you as a tutor.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Property Safe During A Long-Distance Move

Moving your life, your stuff, and your family a long distance can be a very stressful experience. But while your thoughts might be consumed with planning how to pack up your house and start your new life in this new area, what you may not have thought through as well as you should have is how to keep your property safe while it’s in-transit.

Without properly planning and preparing for the safety of your property, you could wind up experiencing big issues while on the road or once you get to your final destination. So to help you avoid problems like these, here are three tips for keeping your property safe during a long-distance move.

Wrap Everything

For a lot of your belongings, you’re probably planning to pack them in boxes or other storage containers. But for the items that won’t fit in these kinds of packages, it’s wise to make sure that they’re completely wrapped in some kind of protective material.

The best material to use when wrapping things like furniture or other big items, according to Sandi Pope, a contributor to Consumer Affairs, is a thick furniture pad. With padding like this, you’ll be able to rest assured that none of your special or sensitive items will be scratched, smashed, or otherwise damaged while in your moving truck. Additionally, you can also use thick furniture pads to fill in any gaps between items that you’ve packed into the truck, too.

Strategically Pack Your Moving Truck

Once you have all of your belongings packed, wrapped, and ready to load into your moving truck, you’ll want to plan out how to best strategically pack everything so that all of your items will remain as safe as possible

Generally, you’ll want to pack the biggest and heaviest items into the moving truck first. By putting these larger items on the floor of the truck and closest to the cab, you’ll be able to keep the center of gravity lower and more central in the vehicle, which can help you avoid things like tipping over on sharp turns or curves. Packing heavy items first will also ensure that you don’t wind up sticking something heavy on top of something light and smashing it while you’re traveling.

Be Smart About Parking At Hotels

When traveling across the country for a move, you’ll likely be worrying about the safety of your moving truck even when you’re not actively driving it, since the last thing you want to have happen is for your truck to get broken into or stolen.

To keep this from happening to you, you’ll want to be smart about where you park your moving truck when at a hotel for the right. Ideally, recommends that you park in a well-lit area that’s close to the window of your hotel room so that you can keep an eye on your truck. Also, you may want to back the truck up to a fence, gate, or wall so that it will be much harder for someone to access it and all of your belongings.

If you’re going to be making a long-distance move soon and will be driving your own moving truck, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep your truck and all of your belongings safe while on the road.


Adam Seger – Simple tips For The Best BBQ Meat

I have been a big fan of BBQ for many years now and I have learned so much from the videos and books of people like Adam Seger and Aaron Franklin, experts in the BBQ game. One thing which so many people get wrong when it comes to BBQ is that they just don’t have enough respect for what is going on. So many people fire up the coals or the gas grill and then expect everything else to fall into place. There is a certain pride with delivering the perfect BBQ however and here are some very simple tips which you should try out the next time that you fire up the grill.

Keeping it Simple

The first mistake which many people make is trying to do too much on the grill. You see people with pork chops, sausages, burgers, steaks and all other cuts of meat on the grill which they are going to serve. The reality however is that you should just pick 3 items and that’s it. In truth when people eat the BBQ their eyes are bigger than their bellies and they will fill up so much on stuff like salad and pasta that they won’t eat anywhere near as much as you think. For my money you should focus on a nice burger, a good cut of beef and then a flavored piece of pork or lamb, and that’s all, sausages can be added if you like, as they are relatively simple.

Preparing The Meat

Cooking on a grill is really not that different from cooking on the stove and that is why you have to ensure that you respect the meat and prepare it well before cooking. For example if you are going to cook a great cut of steak then you need to bring it up to room temperature first, season it well and then make sure that you sear it perfectly on one side before turning over to finish. Let the steak rest before serving it. This is the same in the house and on the grill. Burgers also need to be equal size, they should be firm and you should make sure that they are cooked uniformly. Always be sure that meat is prepped and well seasoned before flaming it.

Burned Isn’t Good

There is no food that comes off the BBQ which should be charred. If you are cooking a breast of chicken then you can perhaps get a little sear on one side, but beyond that you should be looking to cook your meat, not burn it. This is why you have to pay attention to the temperature of the BBQ and not go crazy with the heat. Find the warmest area and the coolest area the grill so that you can manage things well. If you wish to flame grill burgers then any flames should be added at the end, to simply lick the burger before serving, that is it.

Care for the meat, keep your eyes on the heat and keep your ingredients simple when you decide to BBQ.

Robert Testagrossa – Tips on Taking Great Images With Your Smartphone

I follow a lot of photographers on their social media pages and something which has always blown my mind is the ability which these men and women have, to take a great shot from a phone. I understand just how powerful the cameras are on these phones, nonetheless it never ceases to amaze me the quality of those images. I follow professional photographers like Robert Testagrossa, as well as amateur photographers who are uploading incredible pieces of work.

Over the last year I have really worked on taking better images from my phone, and here is how you can do exactly the same.

Getting Help From The Pros

As simple as it may sound, the best place to start when it comes to taking images is to get some help from the pros, and actually understand what your camera phone is capable of. There is an abundance of guides on YouTube which will seriously help you to get a better idea of exactly what your phone is capable of, and what settings you have available. The phone manufacturers not only give you a high quality lens to use, but there is a wealth of settings and options which you can use to ensure that your image comes out the best.

Trying Out Different Themes

At this early stage my advice would be to pick a single theme which you want to take images of and continue to practice just that. For example I have been focusing on taking images of urban landscapes over the past year, more than any other type of image. My plan is to try and master this as well as I can, and then branch out into portraits or wildlife images. Each theme or genre which you have to choose from will require a different kind of approach, different settings and a much different method of taking the image. This is exactly why you must ensure that you focus heavily on one before going into others.

Getting Feedback

It can be tough to deal with sometimes, but getting feedback is the ultimate way for you to find out how you are getting on with your photography. I have friends and family who will always tell me how much they love the shots, but I got a sense that they were just saying it to please me. And so I began an experimental Instagram page so that I could really see what people thought about the images that I was taking. This has proved to be amazing for me because once you cut through the trolls and the nasty stuff which some comment, there is in fact some fantastic feedback there to be had. I like to throw up the images with calls to action so that people engage with them and genuinely tell me what they think, and this does bring with it some truly helpful comments.

This is how I have been trying to improve my photography skills with my smartphone.


Tips for Managing Your Taxi Company

Managing a taxi company is a demanding job. Not only will you need to manage a team of the perpetually moving remote employees that constitute your fleet, but you need to manage the financials related to endless transactions and expenses, not to mention business growth and fending off the competition. The taxi niche is more competitive now than ever and, with organisations like Uber here to say, managing a taxi company means staying competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Consider Investing in Eco-Friendly Vehicles

People are more concerned with travel’s environmental impact now more than ever. Investing in a fleet of environmentally friendly taxis is a great selling point for your business. It is quite common for taxis to be electric or at least hybrid nowadays due to tax incentives, so it is crucial that you keep up with changing times. Electric cars are more expensive to purchase, but they pay off in the long-term because they are cheaper to run.

Find the Right Insurance

There are three main outgoing payments for taxi companies: driver salaries, vehicle upkeep (including fuel), and insurance. It is vital to your profitability that you find the right Motor and Taxi Insurance. You need to get cover from an insurance agency that specifically caters to those in your line of business. This will allow you to find a policy that will not only charge you a competitive rate but will offer you reassurance that if anything happens, you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

Create a Business Application

Investing in a mobile app is a great way to keep your business competitive. It allows you to capture customer phone real estate as well as offer them unique services like:

  • The ability to track drivers
  • Offers and adjustable rates to balance demand in high and low seasons
  • Fixed-price journey options for common destinations like stations and airports
  • A clear map of the journey and the cost that they will undertake.

Find Your Niche

Companies like Uber have an almost ubiquitous presence, so it is vital that to challenge their omnipresence, you need to create a niche to help your business stand out. Ideas for taxi business niche include:

  • Having a localized focus
  • Specializing in taxi services for kids
  • Offering very good rates for longer journeys or airport pick-ups etc.
  • Offering a car rental service
  • Offering a female-only driver option
  • Offering a loyalty programme
  • Luxury service

Partner with Local Businesses

When you are running a fleet of vehicles, it is inevitable that at some point they will need repairs. It is a good idea to partner with local businesses that can repair your car or rent you new vehicles, like a local garage, mechanic, and rental company. This means that you will be offered more competitive rates and that they are more likely to prioritize your vehicle when getting to work – so you don’t lose too much money by having your assets sitting in a garage. While your insurance company will cover the costs for repairs, there will be other mechanic bills you will need to pay (like MOT), so it pays to have a good relationship with your local garage.


6 Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

Most dog owners love their furry companions unconditionally. Unfortunately, no matter how much you adore your canine, the reality is that these pets require constant and consistent care and attention in order to thrive inside your home. While you might think that you are ticking all of the necessary boxes, the reality is that there are numerous care-related mistakes that are commonly made by owners of dogs across the globe. A few of these mistakes are listed below, as well as some advice on how to rectify them.

Not making dental health a priority

Yes, dogs need to brush their teeth just like humans to avoid decay. Keep those teeth pearly white and that breath pleasant by brushing at least once a day (twice is ideal). You can also prioritize dental care by giving dog-safe chew toys, by giving dry food as opposed to wet food, and by taking your pet for routine dental cleanings at the vet.

Neglecting to find the best dog food

Not all dog food is created equal, and neither are your dog’s dietary requirements! As such, it is vital that you take the time to research which dog food suits your pet the best. For example, grain-free pet food is a good idea for dogs who are slightly overweight or those who have food allergies. A high protein dog food containing ancient grains is excellent for high-energy dogs or working dogs or for those dog owners who just want to give their pets a healthy boost. This type of dog food is available via Taste of the Wild ancient grains website.

Feeding table scraps

It can be difficult to say ‘no’ to those determined puppy dog eyes when you’re tucking into a juicy steak or a burger, and your dog is staring up at you from the floor. Unfortunately, the truth is that table scraps have been proven to cause and worsen certain conditions in dogs, especially if given on a regular basis. Rather invest in dog-specific treats if you feel obliged to dish out a yummy snack from time to time.

Dismissing socialization

Dogs that are not properly socialized from a young age may show aggression towards other dogs, animals, and even people. As such, it is important to sign your pet up for puppy socialization classes in your area or to ensure that they are exposed to other dogs, animals, adults, and children as often as possible.

Skimping on walks and exercise

Exercise is a crucial aspect of your dog’s care, so be sure to embark on walks and to play plenty of games of fetch to keep your pet healthy, happy, and free from any behavioral issues.

Not addressing behavior problems immediately

Some behavior problems, such as excessive licking as a result of anxiety (or perhaps even an allergy!) can lead to pain and discomfort for your dog, while others, such as constant barking, can make him less pleasant to be around for both you and the neighbors. Most behavior problems can be easily corrected through positive reinforcement, training, and behavior modification if you seek out the right support quickly and before the issue becomes ingrained as a habit.

You can better care for your pet now that you know precisely what mistakes to avoid. Here’s to many happy years together!


5 Tips For Staying Safe Online

It seems like nowadays, there’s a hack or a scam around every corner online. It doesn’t matter what sort of device you’re on; it seems that you’re at risk just about anywhere. In order to make sure that you steer clear of danger, you should make sure that you’re equipped with the right tips and understand online policies. Take a look at some of the most reliable ways to stay safe online.

Create Long Passwords

Gone are the days when you could use a simple password and get away with it. Hackers are so clever now that they can easily guess your password in a matter of seconds. Don’t risk exposing yourself online. Choose a password that is long and rather complicated.

Make sure that you use symbols and numbers. By making it as long and unique as possible, you’ll lower your chances of anyone hacking into your information. If you’re having trouble choosing a password of your own, there are programs out there that will help you generate a strong one for you.

Boost Your Security

It’s important that you ensure that your network connections are secure enough. Make sure that your router is password protected and encrypts all of your data. You should also consider using a VPN that masks your IP address. There are free VPNs out there; however, you’ll find that the paid versions are usually the best.

Don’t Open Suspicious Attachments

Often, unsuspecting web users will find themselves opening an email that contains a suspicious-looking attachment. Don’t take any chances. Attachments may contain malware or a virus. Do yourself a favor and always err on the side of caution. Delete the email when in doubt.

The same goes for your social media messaging accounts. Sometimes you may receive a message containing a link or an attachment that encourages you to follow it. Don’t open it and delete it instead. If you know the person who sent it to you, alert them that their account may have been compromised.

Only Use Well Known Sites

Online shopping is an incredibly convenient way to get what you need without having to step foot into a store. However, sometimes you could find yourself in the midst of a scam. It’s important that you only use well-known sites that are credible amongst their users. Giving your payment information over to the wrong hands could result in having your money stolen and never receiving the goods.

Be Careful About What You Share

When sharing information about yourself on social media, it’s important not to share sensitive information such as your license number or your home address. This information could get into the wrong hands and even put you in danger.

Avoid Making These Common Productivity Mistakes in Your Business

Running a business is a rewarding but challenging task, and as you try to grow larger, the risk of making mistakes becomes a lot more commonplace. For many business leaders, attempting to be more productive and efficient can often backfire when their actions are not well thought through. To avoid falling into these common errors, read on to find out what you should avoid.

Avoid trying to do it all yourself

This is often a common mistake for entrepreneurs who have grown their business from scratch, often from their own hard labor. While the early days of a start-up demand a lot of intensive effort and sacrifice from the individual, as a business grows, it becomes more important to embrace the art of delegation.

This does not simply mean assigning tasks to other people and attempting to micro-manage their every step. This will actually only make the process more difficult as employees will be unable to implement their own ideas to solve tasks. Instead, to delegate effectively, you will need to allow others to take on responsibility for certain tasks and projects and enjoy greater ownership of them. In doing so, you can start to help the business grow as a group.

Invest in the right places

One of the most common causes of complaints and frustration in many workplaces is slow, inefficient equipment or technology, especially if this is a primary tool for people to get their work done. When employees see valuable funds that could be used to update and improve technology diverted towards unnecessary expenses, it only causes further acrimony and unhappiness.

Review where you invest your funds in your business and talk to employees. If your IT tech needs upgrading, consider managed services from Online Computers to find an affordable and cost-effective solution. This will not only improve the technical functionality of your business but also help people to feel valued and appreciated in their roles.

Encourage a healthy work-life balance

We all want our employees to feel motivated to work hard and do their best, but pushing people to work longer hours will often backfire. Instead, this will only lead to greater stress and pressure and will impact productivity negatively.

A healthy work-life balance is essential to a successful and thriving business and is something that should be encouraged through all levels of the business. This can be done in many ways depending on individual employee preferences and the values of the business itself. You may want to encourage flexible working hours that allow people to accommodate personal commitments to family or other things around their workday, or establish fun team activities that allow people to connect on a social level, outside of their professional roles. You can also make efforts to cultivate and emphasize a healthier lifestyle in the workplace, for example, by providing fresh, healthy food and snacks, encouraging regular breaks away from the desk, and ensuring employees take their designated breaks appropriately.

5 Business Management Tips For Beginners

When you’re new to managing a whole business, the challenge can seem a bit overwhelming. The best way to conquer the monumental task ahead is to adequately equip yourself with the right knowledge to champion the job.

Start educating yourself now, while you still have time to refine your approach to the situation. Take a quick read through this brief compilation of some business management tips that are simple and easy to apply.

Financial management is crucial

Keeping up with the flow of money in your operation is crucial to your long term success. Make sure you have a professional in place that specializes in managing such tasks. If you’re managing a small business, the task may fall on your shoulders.

Be a jack of all trades, and always master the financial ones. Use one of the year’s highest rated financial software packages to assist you in your journey to keep the numbers rightside up.

Invest in digital marketing efforts

Business management includes getting the word out about your operation. Proper marketing is the key to growth in any industry. Digital marketing is today’s most effective method of reaching the widest audience of consumers.

Find tactics that help you better target your audience. Invest in social media, and make sure you have a well-crafted business website. This freight handling services operation shows a solid example of a good foundation on their site build. The pages are easy to follow, and the information is simple to sort.

Invest in the education of your employees

When you’re just beginning to manage your own business operation, you may not have the funds to employ the most high profile professionals. Instead, create them.

Invest in the education of your professionals, and let your staff grow alongside the business. You’ll have a well-oiled ship before you know it, and your team of professionals will have a growing confidence about them.

Employ modern technology in your operation

Technology is every business manager’s best friend. Use technology to automate processes when you are able, and let tech compliment the intelligent minds you have on the payroll in every other situation.

When you’re operating with the very best technology has to offer, you’ll find that keeping your business in the black is a much more manageable goal.

Set goals for your operation

Your business will find growth much more achievable when you break down your big goals into smaller, more achievable stepping stone goals.

Breaking a huge job into several small jobs is a good way to keep your professionals focused on success. Check out what Asana can do to keep your professionals focused on their goals at hand.


How To Keep Your Staff Happy At Work

Keeping staff morale high in the workplace is vital for not only the benefit of the staff but also for productivity. There are so many simple things that you can do to ensure everybody is happy and enjoys their time at work. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re providing a happy and comfortable work environment for your staff.


Something as simple as making the office chairs and tables comfortable for your staff will make them enjoy being there more. It is also important for their health; ergonomic furniture is incredibly important for staff that spend most of their time sat at the desk. Office furniture can also change the whole atmosphere of the space too. If you have outdated, tired, dull looking furniture, then that will instantly make the office feel like a dreary, miserable environment. If you need help forming a office furniture Romeoville IL, don’t worry as there are companies that can help you with this. You just need to let them know what kind of workspace you would like, as well as any specifics that you need, and they will help to design the perfect space, with the perfect furniture.

Open-Door Policy

Having some sort of open-door policy can make a workplace feel more comfortable, and enable your staff to be more open and honest with you. You don’t need to necessarily leave your door wide open all of the time, just let your staff know that they can talk to you whenever they need to, and that they can be completely honest with you. This kind of policy can also encourage feedback; employees will be able to tell you if them and their co-workers feel something needs to change in the office, which again will allow you to improve and make their work life better for them.

Recognize Their Development

Introducing a bonus scheme is a great way to motivate your staff to work as hard as they can because they will see an achievable reward at the end of the year/month etc. Even introducing an employee of the month scheme will boost morale and make your staff feel valued. It isn’t a necessity within a business to do these sorts of schemes, but it will show that you care and appreciate your staff.

Out of Work Events

Hosting a work event will enable everyone to get to know each other in a non-work environment and become friends with each other outside of work. This can help your staff to feel comfortable, thus boosting teamwork. Christmas parties are a classic work event that most people are familiar with, but why wait until December? A summer party could be a great option if your staff need to let off some steam and enjoy themselves.

Keeping your staff happy is vital in the workplace, so don’t overlook anyone who is working for you and your company. Make everyone feel valued and let them know that you appreciate all of the hard work they are doing for you.


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