NightLife Safety: 3 Handy Tools for You

Having some fun is fun! Not only that, it’s good for you, with benefits ranging from improved cognitive function to better physical health.

Unfortunately, trying to have some fun doesn’t always turn out great and this is often especially true when the enjoyment takes place during night time. From drug test cups to protective clothing, here are some tools you want to take advantage of to significantly improve your safety levels on nights out.

Drug Testing Kits

Honestly, simple things like getting drinks with friends could go left really quickly, and having some kind of drug testing material can mean the difference between fun and tragedy.

Imagine being at a party with friends, and someone you don’t know offers you a drink. You decide to use a drug test kit to check the drink discreetly, and it reveals the presence of an unknown substance; this seemingly simple act saves the night, possibly your life.

Really, it’s a good thing there are many different types of drug testing tools to choose from based on your needs and preferences. You want to consider things like:

  • Whether you need a test for urine, saliva, hair, etc
  • The detection window
  • Which drugs you’re most likely to want to test for
  • Accuracy
  • How easy the test is to administer and interpret
  • Speed
  • Discretion

Personal Alarm

You can’t always handle trouble by yourself, especially at night. Imagine a night out in a bustling city festival with friends. Everything is going well, but suddenly, an unexpected altercation breaks out very close to you, separating you from your friends and pushing you toward imminent danger.

A personal alarm is one of the best tools to have around in situations where your safety depends on others coming to your aid as it’s one of the fastest ways to immediately grab attention for help while deterring potential threats.

Fortunately, personal alarms also come in different makes and models: designed to be worn as jewelry or accessories, attached to keychains or bags, even mobile apps that turn smartphones into personal alarms.

Look out for things like:

  • The decibel ratings
  • Simple, one-touch activation
  • Portability and attachment options
  • Long battery life. Some models have replaceable batteries, while others are rechargeable
  • Discreet versus more visible alarm designs

Safety Enhanced Clothing

Yes, there are clothes designed to maximize safety, with features and materials that prioritize the wearer’s safety and security, especially in situations where personal safety may be a concern, such as nightlife or travel. For example:

  • Discreet pockets for valuables like money and credit cards
  • RFID blocking technology to protect against electronic theft
  • Integrated GPS tracking devices that mean trusted contacts can locate you

Really, it’s a good idea to incorporate such items of clothing into your night-out outfits.

Remember, a safe night is a fun night. Personal safety should always be a priority when enjoying the nightlife.



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