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Obsolete Occupations: 5 Jobs from the 1950s That No Longer Exist Today

Jobs, like everything else, change over time. For the most part, this is due to changes in technology. For example, no one’s applying to be a switchboard operator nowadays because telephone technology has moved far beyond that.

However, it’s still fun to look back through history to grasp how far we’ve come. This is most readily apparent in terms of workplace inclusion. Although there’s still plenty more progress to make, jobs (and the teams that complete them) are far more diverse nowadays than decades ago.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five obsolete jobs from the 1950s.

1. Bowling pinsetters

In the early part of the 20th century, the pins in a bowling alley had to be manually reset every time someone bowled. That required a special person’s input, namely: the pinsetter. Usually, this was a job reserved for young kids and teenagers as it didn’t pay particularly well. In the 1950s, most of these pinsetter jobs disappeared as automatic pinsetters gained popularity and made the role obsolete.

2. Radio Actors

Although the radio was invented in the 1890s, it didn’t reach broadcasting capabilities until 1919. From then until the 1950s, radio dramas were hugely successful. Perhaps the most infamous one was Orson Welles’ 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds – it reportedly had people believing a Martian invasion actually happened!

With the rise of television in the 1950s, however, people were no longer content to gather around the radio. Instead, they wanted to see a show in black and white and then color. Many radio actors’ careers declined shortly thereafter.

3. Milkmen

​​The job of milkman – or, more accurately, milk deliverer – has been around for hundreds of years. Alongside milk, they also delivered eggs, butter, cream, and other products in the early morning. This was mostly due to the lack of refrigeration available in private homes. Deliveries started out on foot, moved to horse-drawn carriages, and then switched to motorized vehicles.

Nowadays, however, milk deliverers are far less common. Although there are still a few, the job largely became obsolete decades ago because most people have refrigerators that can do the job for them.

4. Switchboard operators

The job of the switchboard operator goes all the way back to the late 1870s, shortly after Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call. The job involved connecting different phone plugs into different jacks to connect the callers.

Alongside making the first phone call, Bell also hired the first female switchboard operator. In fact, women made up a bulk of the switchboard operators from the late 1800s up to the 1960s.

Although this sounds forward-looking, it was mainly due to two not-so-progressive reasons. The first was that women were seen to be more courteous. The second was that companies only had to pay women a quarter to a half of what they paid men.

5. Soda jerk

As anyone who has seen movies about the 1950s knows, all the cool kids drank sodas at the drugstore. Those serving the sodas were called soda jerks, and usually, they were men. Alongside regular sodas, they also poured ice cream sodas – a delicious (but not too nutritious) mix of carbonated water, syrup, malt powder, and a few scoops of your favorite ice cream.

As the 1950s wore on, fast food restaurants gained popularity. What they had on offer made the soda jerk role obsolete.

Although you’re unlikely to apply for any of the jobs above, it can be fun to take a trip through memory lane to see what the past was like – and how far we’ve come since.


Event Planning: 8 Surprise Party Ideas for Adults

Surprise parties are a classic way to bring joyful merriment to your friends and family. Surprise parties are an honor-based tradition involving the planning and covert execution of a gift to those you love.

The modern surprise party is so much more than good intentions and a bag of chips. It can be an incredibly thought-out event.

Planning a surprise party is a fun and challenging process. When done properly, a surprise party can be a fantastic bonding force for a community or a social group.

Here are eight fun surprise party ideas for adults.

1. Prepare a Game Night

You’ve been planning a surprise party for your adult friend and you want to make it a night they’ll never forget. A game night is a perfect way to do just that! Prepare a selection of their favorite board games, card games, and video games.

2. Have a Spa Day

One of the best unique birthday ideas for adults is to have a spa day. This can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate with friends. You can arrange for massages, facials, and other treatments. Make sure to have plenty of refreshments on hand, and maybe even some snacks.

3. Book an Escape Room

Book an escape room that is tailored for adults and make sure to let the staff know it is for a surprise party. Then, let your guests know they need to arrive at a certain time and not bring any gifts. To learn more about how this works, read more here.

4. Have a Movie Marathon Night

Having a movie marathon night with all of your favorite films is one of the inexpensive birthday party ideas! This is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, and it will be a night to remember. Make sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand, and get ready to have a blast!

5. Go for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion! It’s a great way to enjoy good wine and learn about different types of wine. Choose a venue that has a relaxed atmosphere such as a wine bar or restaurant.


6. Host a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are the perfect way to let your guests mix and mingle while enjoying delicious drinks and great conversation. Choose a central location that’s easily accessible for all of your guests. Make sure to have a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages available.

7. Bring Everyone to a Beach Party

A beach party is a perfect way to surprise your guests and give them a day to remember. A beach party can be a great way to bond and have fun. Bring everyone to a beach party and have a blast with games and make sure to have plenty of food and drinks.

8. Have a Yacht Party

Renting a yacht for the day or evening is a great way to treat your guests to a special and memorable experience. You can decorate the yacht to match the theme of the party, and there are many catering options available to make the party even more special.

Consider These Surprise Party Ideas for Adults

If you’re looking for unique surprise party ideas for adults to make your next party a hit, consider what we have discussed above! Your guests will love the element of surprise and you can get creative with the planning. Just be sure to keep the guest list small and the venue a secret to make sure the party is truly a surprise!

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Easy steps to know your jewellery style

If you were to describe your style statement in one way, you would have your answers ready. Some of you might stick to the same old classics, some of you might bring your artsy side up and call for a bohemian look, but some would find comfort with athleisure that has recently found fame as a perfect style for both athletic and leisure pursuits.

We choose our clothing and jewelry to complement our style and stature in society. If we already know what we want and like, why would we want to try something new? Nevertheless, it isn’t always rocket science to change your jewelry’s appearance and obtain a completely new design. It should be enjoyable and surprising instead. We have some wonderful advice for you to easily find your jewelry style if you believe you can move outside your comfort bubble but are unsure where to start.

Let’s check out these tips to easily recognize your jewelry style. Read further-

1. Tweedy/Classic- You likely possess at least one pearl necklace if you adore polo shirts, grange knitwear, jackets, and button-downs. Possibly the most traditional piece of jewelry you can purchase is a pearl. What you can do to switch up your appearance is by adding additional pearls to look appear more disheveled, or take a whole other route by experimenting with black or yellow natural pearls. A lengthy necklace with a striking or strangely formed ornate pearl is another option.

2. Athleisure- Now, if you are into athleisure, you would already know what entices you when it comes to jewelry. You wouldn’t don any jewelry other than silicone rings or basic stud earrings if you happen to be a fan of athletics and leisure. With solid silver plated rings or band rings that have been pounded, chic bar earrings, or a colorful assortment of informal bangles, you may dress up your appearance while maintaining a casual vibe. The main idea is to maintain it straightforward and appear unplanned.

3. Bohemian/Artsy- Your creative mind would keep on struggling with what to choose when it comes to being a little bit artsy or bohemian. You undoubtedly may adore handcrafted or one-of-a-kind jewelry. You can do it yourself by searching for 18 or 22-carat gold coins that are created using artisanal processes like manual etching and pounding. You can create your designs and patterns as unique gemstones or gold items guarantees that no one else will be wearing anything similar to what you are donning.

4. Minimalists- Delicate, tiny accessories like stud earrings, pendants or necklaces, and narrow bracelets are popular embellishments used by artists. By layering your rings and putting your necklaces or pendant on top of one another, you can consider extending this aesthetic. Layering wouldn’t be intimidating if the jewelry is light and fragile. Now, adding these layers can be enjoyable to play with various metal colors, and even think about mixing up some that suit your statement.

5. Sassy- While patterns are constantly evolving; standout accessories rarely go out of vogue. As a terrific method to stand out, Nickle suggests wearing thick rings with an uncommon jewel in your hue or the current trending shade. Additionally, we think that a striking wrist bangle or a lengthy stone fringed pendant will draw a lot of attention.

6. Vintage or Feminine or Romantic- Maintain your floral lenses by complementing your appearance with accessories like face-framing dangly earrings and lengthy pendants or necklaces in pretty pink morganite and shining crystal shards. Women who adopt a feminine or passionate aesthetic frequently prefer pink or rosy gold. Nearly every single complexion appears gorgeous and delicate in rose gold, so you can match your style preference with your choice of trendsetting jewelry options easily.

7. Rocker/Jumpy- If you’re one of those who prefer black over other hues, then you don’t need to worry as not only black is in fashion, but it also looks exquisite. It compliments your style in a way that makes you look one-of-a-kind and for sure, it could be your signature style as well. Crude diamonds and jewelry made of corroded solid silver can preserve it. Choose a unique cuff wristband with striking uncut diamond blocks for a powerful style, or bring in some additional surprising tenderness with naturally hued diamonds that resemble fall leaves.



3 Ways To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Best People For The Job

When you have an open position that you need filled within your company, your main goal should be to find the best possible person to hire for this job. However, weeding out the mediocre people from the best people can be hard to do during the interview process. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to help you better be able to identify those who might be the right fit.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to make sure you’re hiring the best people for the job.

Have A Clear Understanding Of What You Need

Before you even begin the hiring process, you or whoever is going to be conducting the interviews should have a very clean understanding of what your company is wanting and needing from someone who will be filling this position. Otherwise, you can’t hope to effectively fill this position, as you won’t know what you’re looking for.

While it’s important to find someone that is a match for your company in their personality and company culture, if the person you hire can’t actually do the job that they’re hired to do, no amount of sparkling personality is going to make up for that. So if you’re needing someone to help with loading and unloading of freight, they better be able to physically be capable of this work.

Learn All You Can About Their Experience

To help you determine if your candidate has what it takes to excel in the role you have available, you should try to learn all you can about their past experience doing work similar and different from the role they’re applying for.

To help you tease out this information, spend some time asking the right questions and then speaking with their references about how they are as a worker. While you might not be able to get a lot of information from their references, especially if they are from an HR department of their former employer, even knowing things like if they are eligible for being rehired can help you to learn if they were able to gain the requisite experience from other positions.

See How The Feel In The Space They’d Be Working

If there is a candidate or two that you feel good about and think that they might be a good fit for your organization, it might be a good idea to take them around the space that they would be working in to see how they respond to it.

As you do this, look for people who ask questions about the space relative to the work they’d be doing. It’s also a good sign if they are open and friendly with your current staff, as this could indicate that they will fit in well.

If you’re determined to find the best possible candidate for the position you have open in your company, consider using the tips mentioned above help you get to this point.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Customers Happy

With the fiercely competitive climate in the business world, no business can survive, let alone thrive, without doing everything to keep their customers happy. While there are different approaches to accomplish this, there are some basic practices every business should adopt to make sure their customers are always happy.

Here are some top tips for ensuring your customers stay satisfied and keep coming back.

Get to Know Your Customers

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to get to know them. This way, you will be able to understand their needs and wants better and cater to them in a more personalized manner.

One effective way to get to know your customers is to create a customer profile that fits your main customer base. This should include information such as demographics, preferences, spending habits, and so on.

You can also get to know your customers better by engaging with them directly. This can be done through surveys, interviews, focus groups, or even casual conversations.

Offer Top Notch Delivery Services

Countless customers opt for delivery services. It’s simple, convenient, and sometimes even cheaper than transporting goods themselves.

So, another important way to keep your customers happy is to offer them top-notch delivery services. This means ensuring that their orders arrive undamaged on time, every time.

To do this, you need to have a reliable and efficient delivery system in place. This includes having the right personnel, vehicles, and infrastructure to support your delivery operations. For example, hiring an unloading service can help you ensure that goods are unloaded quickly and safely from the delivery truck.

You also need to have a system in place for tracking deliveries. This way, you can keep tabs on every order and also communicate with your customers throughout the delivery process. This will help build trust and increase satisfaction.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

In the race to increase profits, some businesses focus on churning out as many products or services as possible, regardless of quality. But this is a surefire way to lose customers.

Instead of quantity, focus on quality. This means ensuring that your products or services are up to par and meet the needs and wants of your customers.

One way to do this is to create products or services that effectively solve a specific problem for your target market.

You can also focus on quality by ensuring that your products or services are consistent. This means delivering the same level of quality every time, regardless of the circumstances.

Lastly, stand behind your products or services. Offer warranties or satisfaction guarantees to show your customers that you believe in what you’re selling.

These are some of the top ways you can keep your customers happy. By following these tips, you can be sure that your customers will always be satisfied and will keep coming back for more.


3 Tips For Talking About Engagement Rings With Your Future Fiancé

If you and your partner are starting to think about getting married, you’ll likely want to have a conversation about engagement rings at some point. And while this can be an exciting time, it can also be a time where you and your partner are having to deal with some real-life issues together that could set the tone for the rest of your relationship.

To help you in figuring all of this out, here are three tips for talking about engagement rings with your future fiancé.

Talk About Your Budget

For many people, purchasing engagement rings is going to be one of the biggest purchases they’ll make as a couple. So if you haven’t had many discussions about money or your joint finances before now, this is a good time to have this conversation.

The amount of money that you and your partner want to spend on engagement rings will be totally up to you. However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page with both your budget and your expectations. If you’re both expecting something glamorous but have a relatively small budget to work with, you’ll want to make sure that you know where concessions are going to be made. This way, no one will be put under undue pressure or be disappointed when the proposal happens.

Decide If You Want To Shop Together

Once you know how much money you’re wanting to spend on your budget for your engagement rings, you then have to decide who will be picking out the rings.

For some people, picking out the rings together is ideal. But for others, having the engagement ring be some sort of surprise is what they want. When deciding this, just make sure that you and your partner communicate openly about how you want the shopping process to work. Then, you can either plan a date to go look at rings together or you can pick out the perfect ring to surprise your partner.

Get On The Same Page With The Terminology

When the time comes to actually go shopping for the engagement rings that you’ll be buying, something that can be incredibly helpful is to get on the same page with what each of you wants. And to do this, you’ll want to be speaking with the same terminology.

Ideally, you should try to use the right terminology that the jewelers will be using at the store. This way, when you tell them you want something with a princess cut, you’ll know that you both have the same image in mind.

If you’re wanting to talk with your partner about getting married and getting engagement rings, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this conversation.