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The Best Beauty Tools to Invest for Your At-Home Routine

There are so many great beauty tools out there that bring a professional treatment into your own home. This way you can enjoy treatment on a regular basis without breaking the budget. When you consider the cost-per-use of each of these products over their lifetime, each product costs cents to use every day, making them an excellent investment for your routine:

A Microdermabrasion Tool

These tools use a vacuum-suctioning tip to remove dead skin cells from even the most difficult-to-reach areas on the body, and can often be used on your face and the rest of your body to promote skin turnover and blood flow. Both of these benefits work to clear the skin and keep your skin healthy and radiant.

A Microcurrent Tool

A microcurrent tool like the NuFACE facial toning device is the perfect way to enjoy a face-lift right at home. The microcurrents work to tone and tighten the skin by essentially giving your face a bit of a workout. 85% of users have experienced an improvement to the contour of their face, and 80% noticed a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, all for just five-minute sessions a day.

Cryo-Freeze Tools

These tools have made their way around social media the past year. Essentially, you pop them into the freezer and in the morning use them to reduce inflammation and boost circulation.

At-Home Micro-Needling

Though you won’t be able to get the same results with at-home micro-needling as you will at a clinic, the at-home kits have greatly improved and can help improve your skin’s circulation and turnover. The purpose of micro-needling is to cause superficial trauma to the top layers of your skin, so that your skin will produce extra collagen in response. Micro-needling also works to help your skin better absorb serums.

Gua Sha Tool

This is another tool that has seen a recent resurgence thanks to social media. The stone is specially shaped to fit around your face and stimulate the skin. Make sure that yours has a textured side which works to address fine lines and wrinkles.

Light Therapy Spot Treatment Tool

LED light therapy can work to reduce acne breakouts and can even help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as redness. There are a variety of types of tools available, from spot treatment to full-face tools.

What to Remember

These tools can help keep your skin at its best, but if your health is holding your skin back, they can only do so much. Always combine skincare purchases with a healthy lifestyle in order to do the best for your skin.

Choosing the right products also plays a big role in how these tools work for your skin. Some, like the NuFACE, have a skincare lineup that is designed to help you get the most out of the tool. Others, like micro-needling, work best when you put serum on your face first.


A Guide to Choose Functional and Versatile Outdoor Furniture

Decorating and furnishing your house doesn’t stop until you’ve managed to get to the outdoor furniture too. Before you rush off to pick stunning furniture for your outdoors, consider what you want.

Many people find decorating their backyard and patio more difficult because there are many factors to consider besides comfort and functionality for your outdoor furniture.

If you are unsure about buying your outdoor furniture right away, consider a service like Huntley and Co, where you can rent furniture. It will also let you compare different designs and aesthetics to choose the one best suited for your requirements.

Colours and Design

With the ideal outdoor furniture, you can use it during any weather and get the most use out of it every time.

Versatile furniture is usually offered in neutral shades to match any interior design and backyard plan. Vibrant colours lose their shine due to sunlight and other weather factors, which aren’t truly versatile.

You can choose accents like cushions and rugs to add bold pops of colour, which will be easier to replace over time. Picking designs that are simple to assemble and built from natural materials like wood and teak will add to the charm of your backyard.

You could consider metal, steel, and plastic too for your outdoor furniture. They fit perfectly with modern and quirky designs and come in a range of colours and styles. Refrain from choosing complicated designs that have limited functionality for your outdoor furniture.


Depending on the materials your outdoor furniture is made of, the level of maintenance required will be different. Natural materials like wicker, straw, and teak are low maintenance, while iron furniture may need extra care to keep the rust off.

Furniture with removable pillows and components will be easier to clean, as well. Look into care instructions for the furniture before you invest in them.


Depending on the type of climate your area receives, you should consider how long your outdoor furniture will last. Organic materials can be prone to damage in areas with high rainfall and humidity. It can cause mould and mildew in the furniture, which is a health risk too.

If you experience sunny and warm weather quite often in your area, be aware of cracking and colour fading from your furniture. Check beforehand whether the furniture you’re planning to use is weather-resistant for the type of climate your location experiences.


While you may be inclined to buy cheaper outdoor furniture, it can end up costing you more compared to good-quality furniture. If you do not want to invest in high-end pieces, consider renting the furniture for your house.

Expensive materials are not only well-made, but they are also suited to last you a long time. It will require less replacement and provide more functionality and use. Staying within your budget is essential, but cheaper furniture will be lightweight and cannot be used often.

Get Comfortable Outdoor Furniture to Suit Your Aesthetics

If you want to test specific outdoor furniture before investing in it or are looking for efficient furniture rental services, experts like Huntley and Co are the perfect option.

With these factors in mind when you’re selecting your outdoor furniture, you can get maximum use and functionality from your furniture with your friends and family.


A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Size of Bong

Bongs are the best ways to smoke marijuana and other herbal smoking products. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and the type you choose depends on your personal choice. For instance, if you want to get high quickly, a massive hit from an enormous apparatus is ideal for you. On the contrary, a mini 5 inch bong is perfect for carrying to a friend’s house for a party. You may also choose a size in between as per your preference.

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe for smoking, and the term is derived from the Thai word – Baung – a bamboo or wooden cylindrical smoking tube. During the Vietnam War period, American soldiers came across the ‘baung’ and took the water pipe concept back to their country. As the native dialect became challenging to pronounce ( bah-owng), a simplified version (bong) was coined with which everyone rolled.

Check out the various sizes of the device available on the market.


Want to get a nice hit and plenty of smoke? Get a big apparatus with long stems. They range in size from fourteen to twenty-one inches. A single hit from one of these devices is good enough to give you a massive high. While portability may be an issue with such devices, they are perfect for home marijuana parties.

These devices come with unique features like ice catchers and percolators to impart satisfying and smooth hits.


Want something smaller but not very big? A mid-sized apparatus is what you need. If you have some experience and can handle slightly large hits, this size will be good for you. Unlike big devices that touch the twenty-inch range and smaller ones within eight inches in height, these devices vary in size from ten to fourteen inches. This size is excellent for getting satisfying hits and not getting overboard. You can hold them while smoking, but you may not be able to carry them while traveling. They are found in varied styles and shapes. Choose from a fancy colorful option or a scientific one with additional features.


For a phenomenal smoking experience, a mini device is an excellent option every time you take a drag, especially if you are starting to smoke marijuana or herbal products. Though they are small, they can pack powerful hits. These devices act as great options for traveling.

The devices vary in size from four to ten inches. The most available size in the market is a 5-inch bong.

If you want something on the go or are a beginner, opt for the smallest version. They conveniently find space in rooms and are portable. If you are experienced in smoking marijuana and are comfortable taking big hits, do not hesitate to get a big apparatus. You can also check out medium-sized devices that are suitable for almost all types of smokers.

Assess your smoking habit and decide which size to go with. The ultimate aim is to get a splendid high and stay in its ecstasy. Whether you sit under a tree, in a moving car, or at your home, take something that you find convenient to maintain and handle.


Benefits of Virtual Healthcare Providers Today

The use of virtual services is not new and has been around for quite some time. However, it was not until recent years that most people could use them. The advent of high-speed Internet, in particular, has helped to make this type of service as accessible as possible. One of the primary reasons for this is that there are so many more options online for every kind of service you need. For example, many doctors will now allow you to set up a virtual office that can be accessed around the clock from anywhere. In other words, no matter where you are in the world, you can see a doctor whenever you want.


One of the most significant advantages is that you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office to gain access to a health care provider. This can reduce the instances where you would have otherwise had to drive for a check-up.

Or even pick up your prescription medication at the local pharmacy. This makes your life more accessible and can save you a few trips to the doctor. Patients can still receive routine care such as physical exams, prescribe medication, and order other procedures at any time of the day or night. This use of technology has proven to be excellent for the elderly. As well as those with disabilities. These patients usually strain from constant physical visits to their medical service providers.

Increased Availability

Another great advantage of these doctors is that they are available round the clock. Whether one is in New York, Boston, London, or Tokyo, doctors can be reached any time of the day on virtual calls such as zoom. This increase in video calls has had a rise in the Eric Yuan net worth. This reduces the stress on the one concerned.

This is important for anyone concerned about their long-term health. When you have access to virtual doctors that are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you ensure that you never have any gaps in your coverage. These are a couple of the many benefits of virtual doctors, and, as you can tell by now, there are many more to be had as well.


According to US News, telemedicine is here to stay. One of the most attractive features of virtual medical practitioners is that they offer flexible schedules. As opposed to a traditional doctor who might work at a time that is convenient for him, a virtual doctor can work whenever he gets a free moment.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a fixed timetable when meeting with your patients. A virtual medical practitioner can efficiently handle your case without even having to leave your home or office.

Availability of More Options

The internet also has provided us with a host of virtual options. For instance, if one wants to go for cardiac care, he can search for a cardiac nurse online. This will provide him with a list of nurses with whom one can interact online and get the necessary guidance.

One can even search for doctors who specialize in various medical treatments. Thus, with an efficient online search, one can access a host of doctors at one’s fingertips.

Medical Practitioners Can Access More Patients

These services are very reasonable, and there is no restriction on the number of patients a patient can see at the same time. The charges are very affordable and do not require any prior registration or written consent.

One can even save money by searching online. The costs are based on the service that is being provided. Thus, one can compare the available service options and select the best option available at reasonable charges.

Some doctors go the extra mile to make the experience as seamless as possible for their patients. They use the internet and virtual assistants to conduct video consultations with their patients in real-time. Thus saving on time and energy. A large number of medical websites also offer forums for patients to share their experiences with other patients. These are a few of the reasons that many people prefer to use the services of medical websites rather than a traditional physician’s office.


5 Indoor Plant Benefits That You Should Know About

Indoor plants may be the most underrated items you could add to your house.

You may be thinking, why not just get a fake plant? It doesn’t need any water or personal care. While that may be true, nothing adds vibrance to your house like a living, indoor plant.

There are also indoor plant benefits that many don’t know about. Let’s check out a few of them below.

Indoor Plants Help You Relax

It may seem silly, but it’s a truth backed up by scientific evidence.

When you pot, prune and water your plants, you release pent-up stress. Not only that, but you’ll start to feel happy, too.

One study revealed that participants who cared for indoor house plants saw a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.

Indoor Plants Boost Confidence

The more you tend to your mini indoor garden, the more confident you’ll feel. How, you ask?

You’re caring for another living being!

In your diligence toward keeping something alive, you’ll feel proud and accomplished. You may even feel sentimental toward the little friend who keeps you company all day.

Indoor Plants Help You Concentrate 

No, really. It’s true.

Simply put, having something to look at helps us focus better than if we’re sitting in a blank, colorless room. So, give yourself permission to splurge on low light indoor plants like dragon trees and aloe blizzards.

This means that your home isn’t the only great place to put indoor plants. What about your office? Click here to shop for office plants requiring little light.

Indoor Plants Purify the Air

The air in your home is full of pollutants that may cause sickness or irritate your lungs, especially in the winter. They even clear out a large percentage of formaldehyde and benzene, which are cancer-causing chemicals.

They do this by releasing water into the air. The humidity helps moisturize your body, prevents overheating, and keeps your lungs clean.

Did you know indoor plants help your pet, too? They carry all sorts of pollutants with them inside, so indoor plants will protect both of you.

Just make sure you place your plants strategically at home. Some plants, if digested, are fatal for dogs.

Indoor Plants Improve Your Immune System

As mentioned above, keeping you from sickness is one way indoor house plants improve your immune system. The other way is tied to mental health.

Your immune system is strongest when you’re sleeping well. The more stressed you are, the harder it is to sleep. Through the release of stress-reducing chemicals, your body becomes well-equipped for fighting off sickness.

Treat Yourself With an Indoor Plant Today

Now that you’ve seen all the awesome benefits of indoor house plants, go out and buy a few today. When you start feeling more relaxed and productive, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy an indoor plant sooner!

Just don’t tell the fake plants or they may get jealous.

As always, keep browsing our site for more advice on decorating your home.