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Seven Important Lessons Nimrod Santo Learned From Being A Self-made Entrepreneur

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Nimrod Santo is renowned for his influence as an online entrepreneur, business developer and a direct-response marketer. He continues to share his stories and experiences on entrepreneurship.

Here are seven important lessons Nimrod Santo learned from being a self-made Entrepreneur.

#1. If it is good enough, you will not get it so easily

From growing as a direct response marketer to owning over seven-figure online businesses, the greatest lesson for Nimrod, is that “Nothing Good Comes Easy.”

#2. Be Honest and Practice Integrity

Nimrod is very emphatic on the importance of honesty and integrity in business. He considers honesty and integrity beyond big bucks that requires compromise. To be trusted with more millions of dollars or whatever forms of value, proven honesty and integrity is required.

Again, honesty and integrity slides both ways. To your clients and to your team members. Trust, recommendations and opportunities would come if clients can always trust your ability to deliver the best.

#3. Build a System and learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Even though Nimrod Santo is popularly described as a jack-of-all-trade entrepreneur, He is very smart at delegating responsibilities, divulging knowledge and building efficient systems.

This allows him to focus on the most important things like sustaining the vision of the business and finding time to do other things that makes him happy. You would be burnt out too quick trying to do everything all by yourself!

#4. Customers mean everything!

Nimrod considers customer attraction, satisfaction and relationship, as very important, irrespective of the nature of operation. One simple rule applies; a lack of customers means a lack of business.

You must understand who exactly you are selling to, who else is selling to them (competitor) and how best to be the most preferred seller. Finally, stay simply accessible and open to feedbacks from your customers.

#5. Financial Discipline determines how long you would stay in business

Financial discipline for entrepreneurs starts with treating the business and the business owner as different entities. This helps in tracking cash flows, including profit and loss.

A very good advice is to place yourself as the business owner on a fixed salary just like your employee.

#6. Healthy Work-Life Balance

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard. Not finding that sweet balance between work and all the other things that matters in life, makes it more tortuous.

With discipline, Nimrod is able to find good time for his interest in surfing and travels despite how busy his life could be. Succeeding at your personal life and doing things that makes you happy, is part of a whole that helps you also succeed as an entrepreneur.

#7. It is not all about having the capital, you have to like and be good at what you do

Having enough money to start the business is a thing, but succeeding at the business would require more than that. You need to be very interested in the business.

This would help in developing other critical aspects of the business, like setting realistic goals based on realistic expectations, defining the business model and marketing approach.

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5 Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or just looking to make some basic improvements to be a little greener, then focusing on affordable changes you can make to your home is the best solution. While it’s true that some of the solutions we’ll offer are a bit pricey to start, the savings you’ll get will offset the upfront cost and pay for itself in no time.

In this post, we’ll cover a few tips and suggestions for improving energy efficiency throughout your home.

Tip #1: See if Solar is a Fit for You

Now, we know what you’re thinking, aren’t solar panels expensive? The truth is, yes they can cost a pretty penny, averaging around $16,000 for a full home installation, but this can easily be covered by a home improvement loan. Not only that, there is a tax credit available for installing solar. With a little research, you may even be able to find other incentives available as well.

It’s a good idea to start by getting a quote to see what options are available and if there’s one that is right for you.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Windows

This is now a much less expensive and viable option for most homeowners. Window technology has improved and the energy savings are pretty drastic. You can improve your HVAC system’s performance and shave off the cost of your electric bills

You can find a variety of types and styles from the triple pane, to argon-filled windows that cut costs.

Tip #3: Make General Repairs

This tip is one that sometimes gets overlooked but is essential to energy efficiency. Something as simple as not servicing your HVAC system, changing air filters, or sealing around doors and windows can cause lots of wasted energy

Getting the ventilation checked and cleaned is another way to improve air flow and reduce energy consumption when heating or cooling. Making sure there are no cracks in your walls, roof, or floors that could allow air to seep in and your air conditioning/heat to seep out is also important.

Tip #4: Update Your HVAC

Getting a new heating or ac unit can save you a bundle on your energy bill and improve overall energy efficiency tremendously. Not only are there energy-efficient options for standard heating and ac units, but there are also different options available such as radiant heating and cooling and geothermal.

This offers a variety of ways to improve energy usage and potentially go green with more eco-friendly options that use less power and don’t rely on harmful additives to create heat or cool.

Tip #5: Improve Your Insulation

Whether you opt for installing all-new energy efficient insulation or just for plugging gaps and adding to your existing insulation, this will have a major effect on how easy it is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

When your home is not insulated, or there are gaps, your HVAC system has to waste large amounts of energy trying to keep it at temperature. Insulation can be eaten away by rot, mold, animals, and other problems, so it’s important to take a look at it every so often and make sure things are still in good shape.

We hope these five tips help you gain the energy efficiency and saving you desire from your home.

Is Wine a Good Investment? Underground Cellar Explains

Wine is a very common investment and people have been using it as a store of value for years. It is easily appraisable, fairly liquid, and can stand the test of time. Not only that, but it can also appreciate. This on paper should make wine a great asset.

Wine Rack, Shelf, Wine, Beverages, Bottles

Of course, wine can also be delicious and make for a great conversation piece. It could even be used to entertain. A recent article we read spoke on blind tasting parties and how to host them. One piece of advice was to mix exclusive wines with cheap wines to try to trick people’s palates. How are you going to have this kind of selection unless you have a nice collection?

With that being said, let’s take a look at what the team at Underground Cellar have to say on wines as an investment.

Wine is Only a Good Investment if You Know the Product

Unless you have a knowledge of wine and you have a genuine interest in it, we wouldn’t suggest you invest money in wine. Some people will go as far as learning the entire science of winemaking before they start investing. This will be essential if you want to know which wines to buy. Those who have a good knowledge of different vineyards, grapes, and years will always have an advantage over those who get their advice from someone else. Even things like soil conditions can make a difference. Knowing the history of wines is another essential part of becoming a collector. All of this knowledge will allow you to spot winners, but also avoid getting swindled.

Wines are Relatively Stable

One of the benefits of wines as an investment is that they are much more stable than other assets. Yes, there is still volatility, but nothing like you would see with other assets like gold, for instance. The goal here is to find great vintages that are in high demand. There will always be a cap on the number of bottles of a certain vintage that will be available on the market, and as more people buy and consume it, it will become increasingly rare. This means that your investment will keep growing over time.

Good Returns

It’s estimated that wines offer returns of up to 10% on average. This is rather impressive when compared to other investments like bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, for instance. Few people invest all of their assets in wine too, and you could use wine to balance your portfolio’s volatility while maximizing returns.

Another great thing about wine investment is the tax benefits. With other financial instruments, you’ll usually have to pay various fees or capital gains tax. There’s none of this with wines. While you may have to pay to have the bottles stored by a professional, the only fees you’ll have to worry about are duties and tariffs on international trade as well as shipping costs.

If you were thinking of buying wine as an investment, know that it could be a great option. Just make sure that you’re up for the challenge and ready to learn.

Things to Remember When Packing for Holidays

There’s nothing quite like anticipating a holiday. Knowing that you’re in for a stress-free time with family, friends, or your significant other. You hope to have a peaceful time while you’re away anyway. Beforehand though, it could be a different story. Now some people have the art of packing down to a T. Others, however, can’t have a trip away without forgetting something important.

Getting there is the most important thing. Meaning your passport, wallet/purse, phone, and plane ticket are the big things to remember. You do need plenty of other valuable items on your travel through. So it’s always worth triple-checking for these necessary items.

Appropriate Clothes

Sometimes you need to question yourself about the clothes you’re packing in your bag. After all, it’s far too easy to pack two outfits a day just in case. Instead, check the weather of the area you’re staying and start from there. If it’s going to be soaring temperatures with clear blue skies, it might be best to leave the jeans and jackets in your wardrobe. Or if you’re heading somewhere chilly for your getaway, you probably won’t need those sandals you love so much.

Your activity list is something else that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, are you going to be visiting historical monuments or heading to the nightclubs? These very different trips would probably call for some different packing thought process. Likewise, are you going to need comfortable shoes for hiking or something you can lounge around the pool all day?

Take into consideration if you’re going to be washing your clothes while you’re away, or at least have the facilities to do so. If you do, you get the benefit of being able to pack nice and light. But if not, you don’t want to be running low on clothes in the final days of your trip away. Also, be sure to do a background check of the country you’re heading to. Finally, ensure your planned outfits aren’t considered disrespectful in their communities or cultures.

Necessary Electrics

Between entertaining yourself on the plane and accessing necessary information while you’re away, be sure you have all the necessary electrics with you. This includes having your headphones by your side on the plane. Flying can be stressful enough without any music or a movie to watch to pass the time. Or, if you’re a big reader, bring a device that lets you read comfortably. Finally, make sure to check if you require any adapters for your trip away. Your electronics won’t be much good if you can’t plug them in. Any electrical supply shop should be able to provide you with international adapters.

Somewhere for Your Money

Especially if you’re heading to a particularly popular spot for tourists, keeping your money safe is a top priority. In various cities all over the world, pickpockets are notoriously sneaky and slick. So it’s definitely worth considering packing an alternative for your money storage. Your wallet or purse may be the handiest, but are they the safest?

Rose Burillo – Delicious Mexican Dishes to Try

When you get to Mexico the first temptation is of course to go crazy with tacos, and it is certainly something which I would recommend. Once you have had your fill of these delicious little parcels of joy however, there are some truly sensational Mexican dishes which you should look to try. i have spent a lot of time in Mexico and tried just about every dish that I could get my hands on. These are certainly my favorite dishes and they are the choices which I’d recommend to anyone who is looking to spend some time in this amazing country.


Pozole is a delicious stew which can be found throughout the country and it is absolutely delicious. The stew is made using a chicken broth in which they cook maize kernels, along with some vegetables and some slow cooked shredded chicken. When you dress the stew you generally add in some lettuce, some radish, some spicy salsa and some lime, and then top it all off with some crumbly white cheese, absolutely delicious.

Enchiladas Suizas

I have tried enchiladas all over the country and they always taste a little bit different, and they always taste absolutely amazing. Basically these are like small tacos which have been covered in a gorgeous tomato sauce, either red or green, and then bathed in gooey cheese. This is comfort food if ever I have tried it and I would certainly recommend that you do too.

Esquites With Tuetano

On an evening throughout Mexico you will find these small little stands that sell corn, both in a single piece and prepared in a small cup. The prepared corn is the best, a cup full of it with mayonnaise, some spicy powder and plenty of lime. The best version of this which I have tried to date features what is called tuetano, which is the marrow of a beef bone. What they do is cook the sweetcorn in the juices of the bone and then when they serve it they scrape out the marrow and add it to the corn. This is delicious and something you will want to keep trying time and time again.

Chiles en Nogada

My friend Rose Burillo gave me my first try of this dish and I have to say that it just blew me away. The flavor profile of this dish is slightly odd but they really do work well together. The dish is a large poblano chili which has been stuffed with beef mince that has been cooked with some veg. On top of the chili you will find pomegranate seeds which are then dressed with some sour cream. Additionally they will put some walnuts in the beef mixture and to dress the plate. The colors are like the Mexican flag and it is a dish which you will never have had before anywhere else in your life.

Delicious dishes which I’d certainly recommend trying out during your time in Mexico.

Adam Seger – Simple tips For The Best BBQ Meat

I have been a big fan of BBQ for many years now and I have learned so much from the videos and books of people like Adam Seger and Aaron Franklin, experts in the BBQ game. One thing which so many people get wrong when it comes to BBQ is that they just don’t have enough respect for what is going on. So many people fire up the coals or the gas grill and then expect everything else to fall into place. There is a certain pride with delivering the perfect BBQ however and here are some very simple tips which you should try out the next time that you fire up the grill.

Keeping it Simple

The first mistake which many people make is trying to do too much on the grill. You see people with pork chops, sausages, burgers, steaks and all other cuts of meat on the grill which they are going to serve. The reality however is that you should just pick 3 items and that’s it. In truth when people eat the BBQ their eyes are bigger than their bellies and they will fill up so much on stuff like salad and pasta that they won’t eat anywhere near as much as you think. For my money you should focus on a nice burger, a good cut of beef and then a flavored piece of pork or lamb, and that’s all, sausages can be added if you like, as they are relatively simple.

Preparing The Meat

Cooking on a grill is really not that different from cooking on the stove and that is why you have to ensure that you respect the meat and prepare it well before cooking. For example if you are going to cook a great cut of steak then you need to bring it up to room temperature first, season it well and then make sure that you sear it perfectly on one side before turning over to finish. Let the steak rest before serving it. This is the same in the house and on the grill. Burgers also need to be equal size, they should be firm and you should make sure that they are cooked uniformly. Always be sure that meat is prepped and well seasoned before flaming it.

Burned Isn’t Good

There is no food that comes off the BBQ which should be charred. If you are cooking a breast of chicken then you can perhaps get a little sear on one side, but beyond that you should be looking to cook your meat, not burn it. This is why you have to pay attention to the temperature of the BBQ and not go crazy with the heat. Find the warmest area and the coolest area the grill so that you can manage things well. If you wish to flame grill burgers then any flames should be added at the end, to simply lick the burger before serving, that is it.

Care for the meat, keep your eyes on the heat and keep your ingredients simple when you decide to BBQ.

How I Started Making Money From My Sofa With John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets

There’s hardly anything that gives as much joy as having enough money to fulfil all of your desires. This joy makes you do things you never thought were possible. This is why many people often take all the necessary steps to ensure that they are financially independent.

In the long run, some succeed while some don’t. What makes the difference is the approach each person takes.

For an approach that works, John Crestani has written a book called “Work At Home Secrets” which is about making money from home.

The good thing is that those who have followed his ideas and secrets in his Work At Home Secrets are better off today. Luckily, one of these lucky people is here to speak on how these books have helped make money form a comfort zone.

How did you feel about the idea of making money from home?

I feel there’s nothing that compares to that. If you have worked from home and made money, you wouldn’t want to go back to the four walls of an office.

Making money from your comfort zone gives you convenience and peace of mind. To me, it is heaven on earth. This book changed my financial life.

Walk us through how this idea of making money from home has affected you.

Before I stumbled on this John Crestani’s book, I was a hard worker. I worked hard on my job and earned my salary, which I thought would be enough for me.

However, I discovered that the money soon finished after I got it despite not being a wasteful spender. The reason for this is that I was putting too much burden on my salary.

And as such, it could not sustain me to a reasonable extent. What I needed was some extra cash, and I found it in the Work At Home Secrets.

At first, I thought it was like the other books, but as time went by, I discovered it had many secrets on how to be financially independent.

I love this idea of making money from my sofa, and it has influenced my financial stability.

You mentioned making money from your sofa; how did it all start?

Yes, it was that simple. I started making money from my sofa when I started applying the secrets of making money from home. For me, I loved affiliate marketing, so that was what I delved into. The reason why John Crestani wrote this book is to help people looking to scale their status while working at home.

Since the nature of affiliate marketing is online, I need not leave my bed before I start raking in my money. Aside from affiliate marketing, there are also other secrets for people to explore.

And I am sure they would be as comfortable as I am on my sofa when they begin to make their money.

What are the things you did before you started making money from your sofa?

Let me put this out there; I didn’t start making money when I picked the book. I had to first read and understand the secrets shared by John Crestani.

After this, I started applying these secrets, and I started seeing the result. For instance, I delved into affiliate marketing, and not too long; money started coming in.

So, for me, what I did can be summed up because I followed the secrets of John Crestani and applied them religiously. If you do so too, I have no doubt you will see results.

Since money started coming into you without leaving your comfort zone, how has been your financial standing?

My life has changed since I started making money without the hassle and bustle of the labor market. Particularly, I now have more money than I expected.

I can now invest in things I have always desired to invest in. Also, all the places I have longed to visit are now being checked off in my bucket list.

I must say that since coming across this book, I have improved a lot in my life. And I owe it all to John Crestani for sharing those secrets that helped me make money from my comfort zone.

If you want this for yourself, be sure to get your copy of John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets. This book can definitely help you achieve financial freedom.

Apria Healthcare Reviews – How Mobility Aids Can Change Your Life

If you have issues with your mobility then you should always look at ways in which you can improve your life. Mobility problems can occur for a wide variety of reasons from illness to injury, and there are many aids which have been designed to help you live an easier life. There are thousands of people across the country who have been helped by these aids and you only need to look at the Apria Healthcare reviews to get a tase of that. It is difficult to accept that you need help by way of an aid, but when you do there are so many ways in which this is going to benefit your life.

Here is how these aids can really help to improve your life.

Simple Tasks

One of the biggest challenges with those people who have issues with their mobility is that they are left unable to carry out even the most basic of tasks. For example simple daily tasks like tasing yourself and going to the bathroom can pose a challenge depending on what your mobility is like. These aids are specifically designed to help you carry out these daily tasks without any problems at all, thus making your life so much easier.

Helping to Avoid Injury

Something which people don’t consider when it comes to mobility issues is that because things are more challenging, further injuries can happen with ease. If you are struggling with mobility then a trip or a fall can happen very easily indeed. The last thing which anyone who has mobility problems needs is a further injury to another area of the body. Imagine for example that you are walking up and down the stairs and you were to fall, the potential damage which you could cause is huge and that is not worth taking the risk. For this reason adding a gadget or an aid to the home which will help you get around, is going to be a smart idea which helps you to stay safe and injury free.

Being More Independent

As much as we may need support, the reality is that nobody likes having to get help to carry out very simple daily routines. There are always people who are happy to help of course, but that doesn’t mean that we are happy at having to ask. This again is where mobility aids can play a crucial role in your life. These products are going to help you to regain some of that independence which you have lost and ensure that you can do things on your own once again. This is not to say that you will never need help or support, but at least in the main you will be able to manage more things on your own because of the help which these products will give you.

There is absolutely no shame in using gadgets and aids to help you in and around the home.


Robert Testagrossa – Tips on Taking Great Images With Your Smartphone

I follow a lot of photographers on their social media pages and something which has always blown my mind is the ability which these men and women have, to take a great shot from a phone. I understand just how powerful the cameras are on these phones, nonetheless it never ceases to amaze me the quality of those images. I follow professional photographers like Robert Testagrossa, as well as amateur photographers who are uploading incredible pieces of work.

Over the last year I have really worked on taking better images from my phone, and here is how you can do exactly the same.

Getting Help From The Pros

As simple as it may sound, the best place to start when it comes to taking images is to get some help from the pros, and actually understand what your camera phone is capable of. There is an abundance of guides on YouTube which will seriously help you to get a better idea of exactly what your phone is capable of, and what settings you have available. The phone manufacturers not only give you a high quality lens to use, but there is a wealth of settings and options which you can use to ensure that your image comes out the best.

Trying Out Different Themes

At this early stage my advice would be to pick a single theme which you want to take images of and continue to practice just that. For example I have been focusing on taking images of urban landscapes over the past year, more than any other type of image. My plan is to try and master this as well as I can, and then branch out into portraits or wildlife images. Each theme or genre which you have to choose from will require a different kind of approach, different settings and a much different method of taking the image. This is exactly why you must ensure that you focus heavily on one before going into others.

Getting Feedback

It can be tough to deal with sometimes, but getting feedback is the ultimate way for you to find out how you are getting on with your photography. I have friends and family who will always tell me how much they love the shots, but I got a sense that they were just saying it to please me. And so I began an experimental Instagram page so that I could really see what people thought about the images that I was taking. This has proved to be amazing for me because once you cut through the trolls and the nasty stuff which some comment, there is in fact some fantastic feedback there to be had. I like to throw up the images with calls to action so that people engage with them and genuinely tell me what they think, and this does bring with it some truly helpful comments.

This is how I have been trying to improve my photography skills with my smartphone.


David Cates – Basic Tips To Support our Mental Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing are hot topics at the moment and over the last couple of years we have seen more and more being written and spoken about on this subject. This has all come as a very welcome change following such a long time of the topic being stigmatized. Now with regards to mental health issues this is something which, in most cases, requires medical support, when it comes to mental wellbeing however, the solution is far more simple than many realize. Leading mental health expert David Cates relates this to living a health lifestyle, we all know how to do it with sleep, exercise and healthy eating, yet not all of us actually do it. When it comes to mental wellbeing, here are basic tips we should all be following.

Having Someone To Speak With

One of the most important aspects of your mental wellbeing is that you have someone with whom you can discuss your emotions. If we do not have this then we end up suppressing them and that is when it becomes dangerous. This is why it is essential that you have a family member or friend who you can speak frankly to, whenever you need it. On the flip side, it is positive to be that person for someone else as well.

Understanding How To Relax

Far too many people believe that relaxation is something which you do when you are stuck in front of the TV, but this is in fact a way to switch off, rather than actually embracing relaxation. For some people relaxation is spending time with the kids, some like to work out and others may enjoy meditation. he method of relaxation is not important, learning how to do it and embracing it, most certainly is.

Removing Toxicity

Many of us have toxic people around us, we know that the are toxic yet we continue to have them in our lives. These are the people who you have to get rid of, no matter how hard, in order to have a healthier outlook on life. This is not a simple process but gradually weeding these people out of your life will have positive impacts on your life.

Physical Health

Physical health and mental wellbeing go hand in hand and that is why you have to have a can-do approach with regards to your lifestyle. This means a regular exercise schedule, no matter how light. This also means avoiding vices wherever possible and focusing on a healthy diet. The better you feel in yourself, the healthier you will feel in your mind and that is why it is critical that you understand the importance of physical health. You don’t have to become a vegan gym rat to feel good, but making positive changes will certainly contribute towards a healthier mind.

These are very basic steps which you can take that are most certainly going to help you in having a healthier outlook on life and improved mental wellbeing.