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Why this year could be the one – the 2021 – to take up a cloud phone system

To say that 2020 turned workplace communication on its head would be an understatement. These days, when co-workers collaborate, it’s in a socially-distanced fashion and often with each participant seated in their home offices. The old rulebook has largely been torn up as a result of the pandemic.

Furthermore, as is clear to see from what has so far passed of 2021, the COVID crisis – and thus the necessity of working from home – is going to linger for a while yet. For reasons like these, the argument for your business implementing a cloud phone system has probably never been stronger.

What exactly is a cloud phone system?

As you have probably already guessed, it’s far from a traditional, largely hardware-based phone system – as that wouldn’t be one many different remote workers in your team could easily use in the COVID age. A cloud phone system is so-called as its functions run through online software, opening up a rich vein of exciting new possibility.

For example, as explained in a TechRadar article, because cloud-based phone systems “use VoIP for calls and communications, they can offer much more versatile performance while including a rich range of features as standard, such as analytics and integrations.”

However, perhaps the single biggest reason why your business should seriously consider opting for a cloud phone system is that, as it will be hosted in the cloud, all members of your team will be able to stay connected to it – and, thus, with each other – from their homes or even while on business trips where those are still required and allowed.

Why is 2021 an especially good time to switch?

If your business is UK-based, one simple reason to transfer your corporate phone system to the cloud is BT’s announcement, as referenced by SME Web, that ISDN phone lines will become obsolete by 2025. Therefore, if your phone system is still ISDN-based, you should follow other businesses in looking for a more future-proof solution that won’t abruptly leave your employees in the lurch when 2025 comes around.

However, another timely incentive to go down the cloud route is the continuing uncertainty about the course the pandemic will take – and, by extension, how it will affect your business. With a cloud phone system at close hand, your home-bound workers can continue to have a wide range of functions, including instant messaging, audio calling and emailing, literally at their fingertips.

A cloud phone system would also be relatively quick and easy for your business to adjust to the ever-changing times. The flexible nature of the system means that it can easily be augmented with further telecom features and services.

For example, if your business sources much of its custom through inbound calls, you could add inbound call routing to your phone system’s repertoire. That way, if you usually take calls from the traditional office but a fresh lockdown forces you to return to your home office, you could have calls instantly redirected to there, enabling you to keep easily taking calls from customers.


6 Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

Most dog owners love their furry companions unconditionally. Unfortunately, no matter how much you adore your canine, the reality is that these pets require constant and consistent care and attention in order to thrive inside your home. While you might think that you are ticking all of the necessary boxes, the reality is that there are numerous care-related mistakes that are commonly made by owners of dogs across the globe. A few of these mistakes are listed below, as well as some advice on how to rectify them.

Not making dental health a priority

Yes, dogs need to brush their teeth just like humans to avoid decay. Keep those teeth pearly white and that breath pleasant by brushing at least once a day (twice is ideal). You can also prioritize dental care by giving dog-safe chew toys, by giving dry food as opposed to wet food, and by taking your pet for routine dental cleanings at the vet.

Neglecting to find the best dog food

Not all dog food is created equal, and neither are your dog’s dietary requirements! As such, it is vital that you take the time to research which dog food suits your pet the best. For example, grain-free pet food is a good idea for dogs who are slightly overweight or those who have food allergies. A high protein dog food containing ancient grains is excellent for high-energy dogs or working dogs or for those dog owners who just want to give their pets a healthy boost. This type of dog food is available via Taste of the Wild ancient grains website.

Feeding table scraps

It can be difficult to say ‘no’ to those determined puppy dog eyes when you’re tucking into a juicy steak or a burger, and your dog is staring up at you from the floor. Unfortunately, the truth is that table scraps have been proven to cause and worsen certain conditions in dogs, especially if given on a regular basis. Rather invest in dog-specific treats if you feel obliged to dish out a yummy snack from time to time.

Dismissing socialization

Dogs that are not properly socialized from a young age may show aggression towards other dogs, animals, and even people. As such, it is important to sign your pet up for puppy socialization classes in your area or to ensure that they are exposed to other dogs, animals, adults, and children as often as possible.

Skimping on walks and exercise

Exercise is a crucial aspect of your dog’s care, so be sure to embark on walks and to play plenty of games of fetch to keep your pet healthy, happy, and free from any behavioral issues.

Not addressing behavior problems immediately

Some behavior problems, such as excessive licking as a result of anxiety (or perhaps even an allergy!) can lead to pain and discomfort for your dog, while others, such as constant barking, can make him less pleasant to be around for both you and the neighbors. Most behavior problems can be easily corrected through positive reinforcement, training, and behavior modification if you seek out the right support quickly and before the issue becomes ingrained as a habit.

You can better care for your pet now that you know precisely what mistakes to avoid. Here’s to many happy years together!


Know What Makes Students Choose Florida real estate license school online Over Other Schools

For students who aspire to hold a real estate license in Florida and searching for a course that ensures guaranteed success Florida real estate license school online is your one-stop solution. 68% of students pass in the exam post completion of this course. AYPO leads to online education. They offer a pre-licensing course for students who wish to become a successful real estate agent. Whereas other schools offer this course at a rate of $ 99 to $ 425 they offer this course at a rate of $ 80 to $199 and have a 5-star rating on Google whereas other schools merely rate 3.9.

They are also popular because they offer a price match guarantee to students enrolling in the course which other schools don’t offer. i.e., if students find a course that offers the same facilities at a cheaper cost then they are willing to match their price. Here we are going to discuss what makes students choose this school over other schools that provide students with a real estate license.

Course Specifications

There are a lot of students who spend most of their time working on the site and don’t have dedicated time to do an online course that will equip them to get a real estate license but they need the license desperately. Owing to their requirements Florida real estate license school online has designed two separate courses. One is for normal students who are preparing to get a real estate license and the next is for students who are basically working professionals. These courses are more or less similar except for a few differences. Below mentioned is a list of similarities and differences between these courses.

The course that is designed for normal regular students is called Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course. On the other hand, the course that is specially designed for working professionals is known as Deluxe Florida Real Estate Pre- License Course.


  • Both Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course and Deluxe Florida Real Estate Pre- License Course are 63-hour courses.
  • Both courses allow students to review all the questions thoroughly.
  • There is no such stipulation for students that they need to pass the course on their first attempt. The best thing about this course is that if for some reason students fail to pass the course in their first attempt they can give multiple attempts. i.e., they can sit for the exam multiple times till the time they pass the exam. There is no limit to the number of attempts.
  • Students are provided with support through chats, calls, and emails by the finest team of professionals who offer excellent service to students. They are fully trained to answer the queries of students and clear their doubts.
  • Post completion of the course whether it’s the usual Florida real estate pre-license course or the deluxe course students are provided with a completion certificate. This certificate is vital for students who are serious about acquiring a real estate license in Florida. Because this license needs to be produced in front of the authorities when students appear for the main test at the state level in Florida. Government officials from Florida authenticate the certificate and only then are students allowed to sit for the exam. The course duration covers the number of hours that need to be covered especially when students apply for a license.


  • The cost of the Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre-License Course is much less compared to the cost of the deluxe Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre-License Course. The usual course cost students around $ 80 whereas the deluxe course costs them around $ 199.

You must be wondering if the services are the same then why is the deluxe course costlier than the normal course is? Here is your answer.

The deluxe course is comparatively two times more expensive than the usual course because along with the services mentioned above the deluxe course also offers additional comprehensive practice exams that increase the chances of students to qualify in the state exam of Florida. These practice exams give an idea to students on how the main exam will be conducted and how to qualify it.

Most importantly Florida real estate license school online offers the deluxe course in PDF format to students that can be downloaded immediately upon receiving so that students can go through the course at their convenience. Since the online classes have been downloaded students can do multiple revisions of the course till the time they are absolutely sure that they have truly understood the course. The better they understand the online course the easier it will get for them to qualify for the license exam.


Looking at the specifications of the course and after analyzing the differences and similarities between the two courses it is clear that students who have a lack of time or are going through a strict routine in order to earn their living should enroll in the deluxe course instead of the normal course. Because here the online lessons can be downloaded for future reference and students can also avail themselves additional comprehensive practice exams.


Best Apps For Productivity

Due to the global pandemic, many office workers have been forced to work from home, which has forced us to stay at home. Because of this, it is a whole lot easier to become distracted at home and so many have been on the lookout for applications to ensure that they stay productive whilst working from home and below we discuss some of the best on the market right now.

The 32 Best Productivity Apps To Get More Done in 2020

One of the best apps that we have seen that is great for managing workflow is Trello which many working from home have been taking advantage of. Trello allows you to help organise your projects all in the same app in one easy-to-use layout which can all be viewed from the same screen. This is a great app for project work especially if you are working within a team and if you can get everyone on board using the same app it is great for the whole productivity of the team.

Whilst many have been working from home, they have been looking for alternative method of entertainment whilst their usual activities have been limited. Online gambling sites such as bingo sites like these found here have seen a surge in numbers during this working from home period and even with the vaccine being rolled out now and with light at the end of the tunnel due to the vaccine, this trend of online bingo players on these non gamstop sites isn’t due to slow down any time soon.

Another app that is great for the productivity whilst working from home is Slack which is a great way to stay connected in your team. Gone are the day of spending time sending lengthy e-mails to colleague when you can use apps such as Slack which acts as an instant messaging service for you to stay connected with colleagues and clients with the use of different channels. Many big companies has been an advocate for the company including Gymshark who have moved all their contacting between employees onto slack.

And finally, one of the main industry leaders when it comes to remote working has been Microsoft Teams which has been the ultimate hub for everyone who is working from home. Not just that, but if you purchase Microsoft 365 then you are welcome to use their other services including Word, Excel and Outlook which is a great package for office workers. Microsoft is by far the winner of this period of uncertainty as the numbers of Microsoft Office has gone through the roof.


2 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Home

If you’re currently toying with the idea of upping sticks and moving on to pastures new, you might seriously want to consider adding a bit of value to your current property. The more money your humble abode sells for, the more cash you’ll have at hand to spend on your new home, allowing you to get something genuinely fantastic. This will help you kick off the next new era of your life in style, which in turn will aid you in your bid to enjoy a happy and fulfilling family life for years to come.

Do you want to find two ways you can add value to your home? If so, be sure to read on.

Tend to superficial defects

As soon as they step foot in your property, prospective buyers are going to want to be blown away by all of the cool things that your home has to offer. One thing’s for sure, they aren’t going to be blown away if they unearth a number of superficial defects. If you want to make a great first impression on everybody that comes to view your humble abode, you need to make a conscious effort to boost its aesthetic appeal.

Here are eight superficial home design defects that you must tend to before you open your property’s doors to prospective buyers:

1. Peeling paint

2. Dirty walls

3. Dripping taps

4. Squeaky floorboards

5. Carpet detachment on stairs

6. Mold or mildew in bathroom

7. Limescale built up around kitchen fittings

8. Broken lightbulbs

Optimize the basics

You have to delve deeper than simply boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal if you’re serious about selling it for a high price. If you want your humble abode to reach its full sale potential, you need to go above and beyond to optimize the basics. The things about your home that you can’t see are just as important as those that you can, which is why you must put effort into fixing everything.

Your first port of call in this instance should be your pipes. Mold and mildew could be entering your home via these unguarded passageways, which is why you need to optimize your plumbing at all costs. To ensure that you leave no stones unturned when performing this all-important task, be sure to align yourself with an expert such as Dial One Johnson plumber Duncanville TX. With this family-owned team of plumbing professionals by your side, you will be much more likely to keep your pipes in perfect condition over a sustained period of time. As a result, you’ll be able to clarify to prospective buyers that your property’s plumbing system is in good working order, which in turn means that you’ll have the capacity to increase the asking price of your home.

If you want your current home to fetch a lot of money on the market, it’s crucial that you put the advice laid out above into practice.

5 Tips For Staying Safe Online

It seems like nowadays, there’s a hack or a scam around every corner online. It doesn’t matter what sort of device you’re on; it seems that you’re at risk just about anywhere. In order to make sure that you steer clear of danger, you should make sure that you’re equipped with the right tips and understand online policies. Take a look at some of the most reliable ways to stay safe online.

Create Long Passwords

Gone are the days when you could use a simple password and get away with it. Hackers are so clever now that they can easily guess your password in a matter of seconds. Don’t risk exposing yourself online. Choose a password that is long and rather complicated.

Make sure that you use symbols and numbers. By making it as long and unique as possible, you’ll lower your chances of anyone hacking into your information. If you’re having trouble choosing a password of your own, there are programs out there that will help you generate a strong one for you.

Boost Your Security

It’s important that you ensure that your network connections are secure enough. Make sure that your router is password protected and encrypts all of your data. You should also consider using a VPN that masks your IP address. There are free VPNs out there; however, you’ll find that the paid versions are usually the best.

Don’t Open Suspicious Attachments

Often, unsuspecting web users will find themselves opening an email that contains a suspicious-looking attachment. Don’t take any chances. Attachments may contain malware or a virus. Do yourself a favor and always err on the side of caution. Delete the email when in doubt.

The same goes for your social media messaging accounts. Sometimes you may receive a message containing a link or an attachment that encourages you to follow it. Don’t open it and delete it instead. If you know the person who sent it to you, alert them that their account may have been compromised.

Only Use Well Known Sites

Online shopping is an incredibly convenient way to get what you need without having to step foot into a store. However, sometimes you could find yourself in the midst of a scam. It’s important that you only use well-known sites that are credible amongst their users. Giving your payment information over to the wrong hands could result in having your money stolen and never receiving the goods.

Be Careful About What You Share

When sharing information about yourself on social media, it’s important not to share sensitive information such as your license number or your home address. This information could get into the wrong hands and even put you in danger.

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers In Australia

The process of purchasing a home is not the same everywhere, and it’s helpful to understand the dos and don’ts of your neck of the woods. Buying a home is an exciting time in life, and knowing all there is to know about the process will help you get a better deal in the end.

If you have made Australia your place to be, then you’ll want to purchase your own piece of paradise one day. Take this day to read up on a few tips for first-time home buyers in Australia, and start planning for the future now.

Check that you’re eligible for a home loan

Before you get yourself too excited about buying a home, you need to find out if you’re eligible for a home loan. Houses are expensive. Unless you have hundreds of thousands sitting in the bank, you’re going to need some help working out payment.

You’ll also need a pre-approval letter before you’re ready to make an offer on a property. Take the time to see what home loans you qualify to receive, and find a deal that works well with your financial state.

Sort out some of your debt

You may find that you need to clean up your financial history a bit before you take the plunge on a new home. Your debts can make all the difference between an affordable home loan rate and complete insanity.

Take the time to evaluate your financial history, and clean up the things that you can manage. If you have a lot of credit card debt, try consolidating the debt into one payment.

Check out the First Home Owner Grant

The very first time an individual purchases a property in Australia, they are granted a one-time financial blessing from the government. However, the First Home Owner Grant only applies if you are legitimately making the very first purchase of property, ever in your life.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to apply for the grant, as it could save you several thousands of dollars on the price of your new home. Also, if you don’t use it the first time you purchase a home, you won’t get another shot.

Understand the true cost of buying a home

There’s more to the cost of purchasing a home than the “sticker” price. When you purchase a home, you’ll need money for several things. Here is a quick list of some of the most impactful costs you’ll encounter when buying a home in Australia.

  • You’ll need around 10-20 percent of the cost of the home for a deposit.
  • You’ll need Lender’s Mortgage Insurance.
  • You will have to pay your stamp duty taxes.
  • You’ll have to pay legal fees for the process.
  • It costs money to apply for a mortgage loan.
  • Building and pest inspections are also vital.

Overall, there are many variables to consider as you walk through the process of purchasing a home. It’s best that you take your time with each step, and always research anything that doesn’t make full sense.