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Where to Find the Best Luxury Villa Rentals in Mexico for the Ultimate Getaway

Need some vitamin C? Mexico is always an excellent choice for a holiday thanks to its warm climate. You can even opt to treat yourself by staying in some of the best luxury villa rentals in Mexico and enjoy a grand getaway.

Where should you go, though? Here are four great places where you’ll find some of the finest luxury villas in this beautiful country:

Punta Mita

Exclusivity is one of the grandest things you can enjoy in a getaway and it’s the very thing Punta Mita can offer. This private peninsula is a master planned community that is also deemed as a secret retreat of the rich, famous, and successful.

It’s one of the most exclusive resort communities in Mexico and is made to be one of the most private and secure locations in the world. This is why you can expect to pass through several checkpoints on your way to your rental villa.

Just how posh is Punta Mita? Some of its frequent guests and possible property owners are the Kardashian clan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Mario Lopez, Kirsten Dunst, Joe Francis, and Grant Gustin just to name a few.

What makes it a big hit is its mild tropical climate that you can enjoy all year round. Combine this with its inviting white sand beaches and you’ve got yourself an excellent destination.

What to Do Here:
  • Hike Cierro de Mono, a.k.a. Monkey Mountain
  • Surf at and explore Sayulita
  • Go on the Marietas Island Tour
  • Visit the Hidden Island
  • Enjoy various watersports
  • Golf

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is possibly one of the most popular destinations for American tourists who want to have some fun under the sun. Its unique geography, which allows the sea and desert meet, is its primary draw. Being one of the sunniest places in the world also helped make it a popular getaway over the years.

With a 20-mile Resort Corridor, you definitely won’t run out of things to do, explore, and enjoy in Los Cabos. You might even bump into vacationing celebs as stars like Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Christian Bale, and Jessica Alba have been spotted here.

Travel experts recommend scheduling your visit from May to June. The winter vacationers will already be out of your hair around this time and the summer showers won’t fall yet. You can also go during late winter to early spring, but expect the winter crowd.

What to Do Here:
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery
  • Surf and try out various watersports
  • Eat lots of seafood
  • Explore the local art scene
  • Go scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Enjoy various outdoor adventures
  • Golf

Puerto Vallarta

Featuring miles of green turquoise seawater, Puerto Vallarta is a major beach resort city in Mexico. It was once a bustling fishing town with a rich cultural history. Everything changed when Hollywood stars Ava Gardner, Richard Burton, and Elizabeth Taylor filmed “The Night of the Iguana” in the area.

They brought the paparazzi and then the investors came next. Tourism became one of its biggest source of income soon enough, making it the international beach destination that it is today.

When should you visit? December to April are the busiest months with winter vacationers looking for warmth. May to June is the perfect time for a visit because there are fewer tourists in the area.

What to Do Here:
  • Go on a yacht tour
  • Enjoy the local delicacies
  • Explore
  • Try their many fine dining options
  • Discover the local art scene

Riviera Maya

Last but not the least, the Riviera Maya offers a beautiful spot on the Caribbean coast. This resort district is not just packed with beautiful beaches and natural wonders but it’s also brimming with culture and history. So aside from spending some time under the sun, you can also get to know about Mayan history on your visit.

The best time to schedule your trip would be during their dry season (November to February). You can still visit during the months of March to May, but be warned that it will be very hot and humid during this time.

What to Do Here:
  • Explore the beautiful cenotes (water caves)
  • Learn about the local culture, history, and biodiversity
  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Go scuba diving and snorkelling

How Racing Technology Is Changing Everyday Cars

It’s great fun to watch Indy or Formula 1 races, especially if you’re lucky enough to be trackside, but the high-speed cars piloted by the world’s best racing drivers seem completely removed from the type of cars that we mere mortals drive on a daily basis. In fact, racing cars and your car may have more in common than you believe, especially if they incorporate these historical innovations from the world of racing that are now part of everyday automotive technology.

Clutchless Manual Transmissions

If you have a modern automatic car you’ll know how easy they are to drive, especially compared to a traditional manual car with an extra pedal and the necessity for the right amount of pressure to be applied to the clutch before changing up or down gears. Most modern automatics also have the option of switching to manual gears, one advantage of which is that you can manually switch to a lower gear to provide greater control on steep hills but without the need for a clutch. This is known as clutchless manual transmission and was first utilized in racing cars where drivers needed to be personally in control of the gears but couldn’t afford to be slowed down by using a clutch to do so.

Push Button Ignitions

You never see racing drivers turn the ignition key to start the engine before a big race and that, of course, is because they use a push button ignition system. It’s such a convenient way to start an engine that the system can now be found in most new models of automobile, often in conjunction with a fob or card that is inserted into a slot or that communicates wirelessly with the ignition system. It’s not without its detractors, as some people report that this makes the vehicles easier to steal, although that’s not a problem that the drivers at the Indy 500 have to worry about.

Disc Brakes

In the middle of the twentieth century, drum brakes were in common usage on cars, but now they all use disc brakes. They’re much more effective and more durable, and they first appeared in racing cars which needed to be able to stop from high speeds very quickly. Racing technology has transformed and improved much of the technology in a car, but as they become ever more advanced, the role of the auto mechanic becomes ever more important. That’s why gaining qualifications from mechanic schools in GA and beyond can lead to a lucrative and in-demand career, even if you never carry out your work in the high-pressure environment of the pit lane.

Manual transmissions without the need for a clutch, disc brakes, and push-button starting systems all owe their existence in our cars to the world of racing, and you can add superchargers, carbon fiber bodywork, and many other innovations to that list. As a nation, we’re endlessly fascinated by cars, whether we simply enjoy driving them or also work on them as a mechanic, and in the decades to come, they’ll continue to evolve and advance.

Important Facts About Nutrition That Everyone Should Know

If you want to maintain a healthy diet, there are quite a few facts that you need to know about. Those who base their dietary choices on scientific fact are typically the healthiest, so this information is incredibly valuable. These decisions can have a huge impact on your overall health and the way you feel each day, so it’s important that you educate yourself.

Too Much Sugar Will Ruin Your Diet

Anyone who adds too much sugar to their daily diet will be at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other horrible things. A lot of people don’t even know they are consuming too much sugar. The sooner you recognize that your diet is too high in sugar, the sooner you will be able to start living a healthier lifestyle. Added sugar is never a good thing, so you will need to make a conscious effort to keep it to a minimum.

Not All Fats are Bad

Despite the negative connotation of the word “fat”, there are actually a number of healthy fats that your body needs to function properly. Foods like nuts and avocados have polyunsaturated fats that can reduce your risk of heart disease and other health issues that many people die from each year. It is definitely a good idea to learn about these foods so you can get plenty of them in your diet on a daily basis.

There is No Single Diet That is Right for Everyone

The truth is that not everyone should follow the same diet. It is important that you find a diet that is appropriate for you. A professional dietician can help you determine which kind of diet you will be able to benefit from the most.

Your Idea of Eating Healthy is Probably Wrong

The more you know about good nutrition, the better off you will be. Most people have a lot of misconceptions about what it really means to eat healthy. When you visit Factsd.Com, you will be able to get the information you need to make the best possible decisions when it comes to the foods you eat. Learning these facts will empower you to become a healthier person overall.

Supplements Will Only Do So Much

You will also need to remember that dietary supplements will only do so much when it comes to giving your body what it needs. There is nothing wrong with taking a vitamin or mineral supplement if you need it, but you also have to make sure that you’re giving your body what it craves through the right foods. Do not rely solely on supplements to keep you healthy, because it just won’t work.

The foods you eat each day have a massive impact on your health and the way you feel day to day, which is all the more reason to learn everything you can about good nutrition. The more of an effort you make to educate yourself, the easier it will be to stay healthy for many years to come.

3 Steps For The Perfect First Date

There are many important moments of a relationship that you no doubt seek to experience in your life. Getting engaged, getting married and having kids are key aspects that can change your life forever. These things are usually what you picture when you imagine your future, and it’s a lovely image. Wind back a few years though, as you need to meet that special someone first, and survive the first date, which can be awkward if not handled with care. So, just what is the trick to getting through the initial throes of a relationship and out the other side with success?

A good place to start would be to not go crazy. If you’ve experienced a failed relationship, a lesson to take from this is not to rush. After all, you wouldn’t go walking down the street, asking everyone you see if they want to go out with you. Before you even go looking for love, take a moment and think what’s important to you, and what qualities you want your future partner to have. You never know, once you enter the dating circle, someone could share the same interests as you, or match the desired characteristics you’ve been searching for.

To reiterate, it’s unlikely that the first person you bump into at the supermarket or at the gym will be the one. Unless you are extremely lucky, life doesn’t tend to play out like the movies, as nice as it is to think that you could glance up and lock eyes with an attractive stranger, while in the most uninteresting of places. So, how do you in fact start to meet people? This is, of course, step one in the quest for the perfect first date, because for the first date to be a hit, you need it to be with someone who is right for you.

Step 1: Meeting your Date

To find the one, it’s important not to be shy. You need to put yourself out there and not be afraid. If you have a group of single friends, then why not help each other to meet people? The stereotypical scene of falling into conversation with the person next to you at the bar may seem romantic, but it’s not much fun to go to a bar or a nightclub on your own and can be uncomfortable. Even one friend joining you on an evening out can make all the difference, as you can support each other and help to introduce yourselves to likeminded singletons. The problem with this, is that there is no guarantee that you’ll meet your date, and it’s not practical to go out every night, especially with work the next morning. Online dating is proving popular to get around this slight issue. Once your profile is up, there’s a continual chance that someone will be your match, as people are signing on to online dating everyday on sites such as Badoo. What’s more, you can message each other before the face-to-face introduction, so it doesn’t have to feel as sudden or nerve-wracking as a night out.

Step 2: Planning the Date

Ok, so you’re starting to get on well with somebody. The next stage is to suggest a date. As it’s the first time you’ll be spending a decent amount of time with this person, keeping things as relaxed as possible is important. Starting off with a full-on dinner is daunting, so why not suggest something low-key and casual, just for a couple of hours during the day? Getting coffee and going for a stroll in the sunshine still speaks romance, but on a more chilled level, which takes the pressure off. If you have already got to know your date, perhaps if you were friends first or have been talking online, an evening meal might be the ideal way to move the flourishing relationship to the next level. Alternatively, if you’ve already discovered some things you have in common, why not just be creative and come up with a different first date? Whatever it is you decide to do for the first date, make sure that you are both happy with that choice and feel relaxed with each other’s company.

Step 3: The Date

Right, the time has come. The date itself. It’s widely accepted that you’ll want to look nice. Nevertheless, dress for the occasion. For all the women out there, heels might not fare well on a walk through the park. At the end of the day though, personality is the key, not looks, so if you aren’t sure what to wear, don’t worry about it, as if your date really is right for you, outside appearance shouldn’t be the only reason why they’re dating you.

Greetings are hard to navigate, a handshake is too formal and impersonal, but a kiss on the lips is not appropriate yet. You need to read the other person’s body language. A hug, or kiss on the cheek, is normally a good way to go, as it’s personal, but not super intimate straight away.

The first date gives you real opportunity to get to know each other. You can find out about the other’s life so far and their likes and dislikes. Don’t be put off if there are a few awkward silences, this is bound to happen at some point. All you need to do in this situation is start a new topic of conversation. It’s as simple as that.

At the end of your successful date, a hug is again most likely. Who knows though, after a perfect first date, you might both feel the strong connection and share a kiss. With regards to a second date, make sure to exchange contact details, and suggest there and then ideas for the next one. Now you’ve had the chance to get to know someone better, this will open new date opportunities.

By following these steps, there doesn’t need to be anymore worrying about how to handle the first date. As long as you’re being yourself and feel relaxed, there’s no reason to say you’ve not just begun the relationship that will last the rest of your life.

Several Ways You Can Look Dashing In A Suit

Not every man is fortunate enough to look well-polished and neat in a suit. There are sure-fire ways you can rock a suit without trying too much. If there is an occasion coming up that requires you to dress up in a suit, you can follow these tips on how you can wow everyone with your look.

Have it custom-made

Made to measure suits may be more expensive than off-the-rack ones, but they are good wardrobe investments. Having a suit made to your size will allow you to wear one that fits perfectly on your body, thereby making your overall look more sophisticated.

Know your colours

If you need to wear a coloured suit, you must remember that the colours of the other pieces such as your shirt and tie should relate, not exactly match. Colour coordination will be your best friend when it comes to wearing a coloured suit. You should learn about the colour wheel and you will surely rock a coloured ensemble by doing so.

Wear the perfect pair of shoes

Dress shoes are the best option. The suit is not the only thing in your look that other people will notice. They will also scrutinise your shoes – if they are appropriate, if the colour matches the suit, etc. Invest in a good pair of dress shoes and you can benefit from them for years to come. A classic colour such as black can go with any colour of suit.

The collar should stay crisp

The collar is the part of the shirt that is exposed, so make sure that it’s crisp and clean. You can use a collar stay underneath to ensure that it stays in place.

Wear a nice watch

A nice timepiece adds more to the elegance of your look. Black leather, silver or gold watches are the best options. Never wear a sports watch with a bracelet made of fabric, plastic or rubber. They will surely ruin your whole look. Invest in a gold or silver timepiece and you will be able to wear it for a long time with any other outfit.

The shirt cuff should not be too long

A half inch of shirt cuff is the maximum length that should appear below the jacket cuff. Anything longer than half an inch will make you look sloppy and ruin the whole look. That is why it is important to have your suit and shirt tailor-made for you.

Pulling off this look is easy, you just have to know the basics of suit-wearing and you will be ready in no time. You can mix and match different shirt colours with the suit jacket and trousers. The way you exude confidence in what you’re wearing is what’s important; not how many pieces you own.

Best Investment Markets For Beginners

Many people dream of getting rich quick and to the uninitiated the stock markets can seem like a place to make your fortune; however, unless you have some kind of financial background the various stock markets and funds can also seem quite daunting.

The simple answer when it comes to investing is that there are no easy routes to guaranteed success. The whole premise of a stock market is that the value can go down as well as up – if it were a simple way of building a fortune then everyone would be doing it! But the fact is, with some research and dedicated ambition you can make money by investing. You just need to know what you are doing.

The basics

If you are worried that the global recession has affected your ability to make money, then you are looking at the situation in the wrong way. The crashes that the financial world experienced in 2008 and 2009 had long reaching effects but if you are in a position to invest then the best time is when a market is at its lowest. The only way from there is up. With careful control over how you invest you are in the right place to make money from the markets.

Potential money makers

Some of the most successful investors have made their fortunes by concentrating on the basics. Stock markets will always fluctuate but the products that people rely on are likely to be the most successful companies. And if they are successful that means their stock will rise in value. Keep an eye out for name brands and think of them as investment opportunities. You can then relay that information into the markets where they are likely to figure. The downside to this is that if the product is historically successful you may well have to buy high to get in at all.

Discover funds

There are many investors that live by the idea of diversifying. Giving yourself some room to take in loses by spreading your investment is good for the more risk averse and therefore is seemingly ideal for beginners. The markets don’t have to be low either so there is the potential for making money.

An index fund is a great place to invest in this manner. It is a fund that replicates a particular index of stocks or some other investment type. Once you have chosen the type of index, the fund makes the money, as you are investing in the index not the stock. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to invest but if you are likely to be an active trader then the costs can mount up.

Know your investment differences

They may seem very similar to investment beginners (and that is because they kind of are) but exchange traded funds (ETFs) could be an even better move for you if you are looking to get into investing. The main difference with ETFs is that they are priced to the market throughout the trading day. The advantage of this is that they can be bought and sold rapidly. Admittedly, that may sound risky as a new investor, but it does give you more freedom.

The extremely low cost in running an ETF is a huge plus point (index funds can cost around double) and as long as you are not trading recklessly there is great potential here.

How to invest

You may want to use brokers to do all the dirty work – and that is absolutely advised if you have little or no experience of investment. If you become as successful as the well-known investor Sigurður Bollason you can use your expertise to invest in a variety of ways – always looking for a venture that can be bought and sold for profit.

For now, even just a simple introduction to the stock markets and funds is ideal – especially for the young. To have some idea of the way the world of finance works eliminates the mystery and exclusiveness that has made some people think that it is not for them.

Invest wisely

You may not make millions immediately but with a little bit of research and some hands-on experience there is potential in the markets – even for beginners – to make money. And it doesn’t have to be too risky either.

3 Natural Ways To Treat Disc Desiccation

Disc Desiccation, or degenerative disc disease as it is commonly called, occurs when spinal discs get damaged due to wear and tear. This can be either caused by years of activity or too much stress due to intense activity.

While there is a variety of treatments available to those suffering from this condition, there are many natural ways to you can alleviate its symptoms. In this article, we’re going to address the cause of disc desiccation and what you can do about it.

What causes Disc Desiccation?

Spinal discs are circular discs made of soft tissue lodged in between the vertebrae to absorb shock. Often, with time, these discs tend to deteriorate and cause pain. Other reasons may also be behind the disc desiccating. For instance, heavy smokers tend to suffer from the condition at much higher rates. People engaged in heavy work, athletes, and people suffering from obesity are at higher risk as well.

While desiccation can occur throughout the body, it usually manifests around the neck and lower back. If you’re feeling radiating pain emanating from your lower back all the way down to your hips, then it might be a sign that you’re either suffering from disc desiccation or a hernia. If that’s the case, we strongly suggest you visit a site like Echiro Practor to see if you have any of the other symptoms.

Now, let’s touch on a few ways you can alleviate spinal disc pain naturally.

Apply Heat or Cold

You can treat the symptoms of disc desiccation by using ice or hot compresses on the areas where you’re experiencing pain and discomfort. While some people may prefer the soothing action of a hot compress, ice could also help numb the pain. The choice is up to you.

Make Dietary Changes

There are plenty of foods that can add to your diet that can reduce or even eliminate some of the symptoms of disc desiccation. Turmeric, for instance, is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents you can find. Two to four capsules between one and three times a day might be enough to unlock its properties. Foods like bone broth and supplements like Vitamin D and Hyaluronic Acid can all help reduce the severity of symptoms as well.

Correct your Posture

Poor posture will only aggravate your condition, so make sure that you correct it immediately. If you’re sitting, always make sure that your back is always straight, and your shoulders relaxed. Tighten your stomach and buttocks so you can keep your abdominal muscles pulled in and maintain your lower back’s curvature. A small cushion placed on the lower back will do the trick. Try to keep your knees a little above hip level and make sure that both of your soles are flat on the floor.

If you’re going to be standing for long periods of time, make sure that your weight is distributed equally on both of your feet and try not to lock your knees. And stay away from high heeled shoes; only go for flats or low-heeled shoes.


It’s possible to relieve some of the symptoms of disc desiccation with some of the techniques in this article. However, if these issues persist or aggravate, we strongly suggest you visit a chiropractor immediately to see if they can provide a solution.

6 Reasons Why It’s Well Worth Investing In Laser Nail Treatment

If you’re wanting to look your best, whether that be by dressing in the latest trends, improving your make up techniques, or a new hairstyle it is also worth considering the health of your nails. It is common to end up with nail infections if your nails are not taken care of properly. So, if you are looking to quickly treat a fungal infection which has adversely affected the health of your nails, continue reading in order to discover 6 key reasons why it’s well worth opting to undergo laser nail treatment.

6 Reasons why it’s well worth investing in laser nail treatment (for fungal and other things) :

  1. If you leave fungal infections untreated, they can spread quickly

One of the reasons why it’s important to treat fungal infectors as quickly as possible is that if you leave nails which have been infected with a viral infection untouched, there is a strong possibility that the infection will spread to affect the rest of your nails. So if you the last thing you want is for your healthy nails to become infected with a nasty fungal infection, it’s well worth treating your infection as soon as possible.

  1. Laser nail treatment is the most effective treatment currently available

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, effective way to treat your infected nails, it’s well worth booking a laser nail treatment at your earliest convenience. As after a single treatment, you should see a marked difference in your fingernails or toenails within a few days.

So if you don’t want to waste your time trying to apply a finicky store brought anti-fungal nail treatment, on a daily basis, it’s definitely worth opting to book a laser nail treatment session. Which will target the root cause of your worrying nail infection.

  1. Laser nail treatments are pain-free

If you’re looking for a pain-free treatment option, it’s well opting for a laser nail treatment as they are 100% pain-free. Which is great news, if you’ve been avoiding treating a fungal nail infection, due to the fear of going through any discomfort during the treatment of your nail infection.

  1. Laser nail treatments are a fuss-free treatment option

After undergoing your first laser nail treatment, you’ll be able to put socks and shoes on straight away. While if you try and treat a fungal nail infection, with an over the counter product, you may have to go without socks and shoes for a few hours immediately following the application of your chosen treatment product. Which will be extremely inconvenient.

  1. Laser nail treatments are suitable for all ages

As laser nail treatments are painless and don’t have any associated potential side-effects, they are just as safe an option for children as they are for adults and seniors.

  1. They won’t have an adverse effect on the skin surrounding your nails

While over the counter treatments often contain potentially dangerous ingredients which can damage the skin surrounding your infected nails, laser nail treatments focus on your nails and won’t cause any damage to your hands or feet.

So if you’re concerned about a nasty fungal nail infection which you’ve contracted, it’s definitely worth booking a laser fungal nail treatment at your earliest convenience. As the sooner you treat a nasty nail infection, the less likely you are to have your fungal infection spread to your healthy nails!

5 Reasons Why Flowers As Gifts Are Timeless

If you’re curious as to why flowers have remained such a popular gift throughout the decades, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover 5 major reasons why flowers as gifts are timeless!

As an expression of love, there are no better gifts to give your beloved than flowers. If you really want to make a lasting impression, try gifting flowers that are rarer and more exotic in nature. You might not always get these ones from your local market. In such cases, it is always a good idea to buy flowers online Dubai.

5 Reasons why flowers as gifts are timeless:

  1. Flowers appeal to a wide demographic

Perhaps one reason why there has never been a decline in the popularity when it comes to flowers being given as gifts is that flowers appeal to a wide demographic. As an example, beautiful flowers appeal to young women just as much as they appeal to seniors.

  1. Flowers instantly brighten up their recipient’s home

Another key reason why flowers are often seen as a timeless gift is that most individuals who receive flowers use them to decorate their home or office space. Which means that not only will they enjoy looking at their beautiful floral arrangement but any of their friends, colleagues or family members who visit their home or office, will also get to enjoy looking at their special floral arrangement. This is a great idea for a birthday gift, a thank you gift, or just because.

  1. Flowers often give off a pleasant fragrant scent

As a bonus, most types of flowers boast a pleasant fragrance, which will make the room which they are placed in smell like a fresh, fragrant garden. Instead of a sterile, indoor environment. As an example, if the recipient of your gift enjoys embarking on regular tropical vacations, you may want to gift them a bouquet of fresh, fragrant tropical flowers, which make their home or office smell like a tropical oasis.

Alternatively, if the intended recipient of your gift loves the scent of fresh roses, you may want to gift them with an eye-catching bunch of roses. Which will give off a sweet, fragrant scent.

  1. Part of flowers beauty lies in the fact that they only last for a short period of time

One of the reasons why people appreciate the beauty of flowers is that they only last for a week to two weeks, which makes their beauty more profound. In much the same way flowers also remind people that just as flowers are more beautiful because of their relatively short time period, life is beautiful because it is finite. Which makes flowers a great reminder that people should always find time to stop and smell the roses and to make the most out of each day. As each day on Earth is a beautiful gift!

  1. Flowers instantly boost individuals moods

Another reason why flowers make a timeless gift is that most people automatically receive a significant mood boost when they are gifted with a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers. So if you want to gift a loved one with a gift which is sure to increase their happiness levels, it’s well worth checking out, and giving your loved one flowers that with carefully chosen, fragrant, and fresh.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift to show someone special how much you care about them, it’s definitely well worth gifting them with a timeless gift of fresh flowers. Which are sure to put a smile on their face!

Make Up Tips And Tricks

Makeup has become important in most women’s dressing table. Makeup works to enhance your natural beauty, and it is important to know how to apply it properly. Perfectly done makeup makes a woman feel beautiful and confident.

The right makeup should blend in with your face, not completely change it. For the perfect results, apply your make up uniformly to avoid demarcation lines and take into consideration your skin tone.

Using the proper brushes and sponges will give you that elegant look you are looking. Below are a few makeup tips and tricks to make you look gorgeous and flawless.


The first thing to remember in your makeup routine is to apply a primer. Not only does a primer reduce the need to use a lot of foundation but it also acts as a buffer between your skin and the makeup. So it protects your skin from getting irritated by your makeup products should they be unsuitable for your skin.

Moreover, a primer makes your makeup stay in good condition longer than it would otherwise be.


Use a foundation that works well with your skin tone to cover any blemishes and spots to give your face a neutral look. Remember the purpose of makeup is too accentuated your natural beauty. If you are dark-skinned, use a foundation color that is close to that. The same applies for light-skinned women. However, be sure to look at how to buy your products, as Walmart has recently had issues and are being sued due to the way they present their range of specific beauty Walmart has on offer for certain skin colors.

The trick is to apply it with your fingertips or a makeup sponge, so you don’t use too much that it appears too thick.


The right shade of lipstick applied well will make you look beautiful and sexy. In fact, lipstick completes you as a woman. The color of the lipstick should complement your overall look and the occasion you are attending. Red color works just fine for most events, but you can opt for more bold colors, especially for social occasions like weddings and dinner dates. Muted colors are best for professional and formal duties.


Nothing highlights and brightens your skin like a dash of blush. It should be applied with a soft wide brush to add some glow and glamor to your face.

You should not, however, apply too much of it that your face looks too red as if you are actually blushing from embarrassment. It should be demure to make your face look naturally glowing.

Eye makeup

Eyes speak a language of their own and should be given their own special focus. Choose high-quality mascara but remember to powder your eyelashes first before applying the mascara to make the look fuller and make the mascara stay longer.

Shape your eyebrows but do not shave everything and draw it back with a pencil. In fact, never draw your eyebrows with a black pencil. Instead, trim and shape and your eyebrows into an arc. Then use an eyeshadow to make your eyes pop out.