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Crowdsourcing Software and the Other 3 Cs of Innovation

Crowdsourcing software is one of the main Cs of innovation. However, there are three other Cs that leaders need to be aware of if they truly want to have a culture that thrives on change and believes in innovation. The three other Cs, which are made possible through crowdsourcing software, are Critical thought, Curiosity, and Customers.

Crowdsourcing Software and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essential to innovation and creativity. Some people don’t understand this, because thinking critically is based on theory and processes, whereas creativity is about free form. However, the two can coexist very well. In fact, they are true partners. Through crowdsourcing software, someone can put forward an idea, which is all about being creative. But others then review it through critical thinking. This, in turn, makes them more creative and encourages the original idea poster to think critically about what is being said.

Crowdsourcing Software and Curiosity

Innovation cannot exist without curiosity. People must want to know about the “what ifs” and the “whys”. Even if they believe they already know, they are curious to find out whether they were right or not. Crowdsourcing software encourages people to be more curious because it makes them look at other people’s ideas, while at the same time finding out what people think about their ideas. But mainly, with curiosity, people can learn to think outside of the box and reframe certain issues.

Crowdsourcing and the Customer

Last but not least, the customer has to be central to all operations relating to innovation. Again, crowdsourcing software can make this possible, because customers can be added to the process. Not just that, however, but everyone in the team must agree that whatever they do is for the benefit of the customer. And this is something they can discuss through crowdsourcing software as well. It brings everybody together and challenges people to talk about their ideas and how those can impact the customer.

Is Your Team Proficient?

It is very important that you, as the leader, determines whether or not your team is proficient in the 3 Cs, and that they know how to use the crowdsourcing software. The next time you have a team meeting, therefore, you should ask yourself:

  • How many new ideas were openly suggested in the meeting itself.
  • Whether the ideas that were suggested focused on customer experiences and the company’s mission and values.
  • Whether others listened properly to the idea presented, and how long it took them to determine the idea would never be a success.
  • Whether group think, overconfidence, and other cognitive biases were in place and whether the team succumb to them.
  • Whether the team discussed from the perspective of assumptions on the customers.
  • Whether any new ideas were properly evaluated, or whether they were simply dismissed.

If you find your team isn’t being as innovative as they could be, then focusing on the 3 Cs is the best place to get started to turn your business into a modern functioning one.

Have You Ever Considered Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters?

A sauna, traditionally, is an insulated cabin in which people can enjoy wet and dry heat. There are many different types of saunas, however, all of which require different sauna heaters. There is a dry sauna, a smoke sauna, a steam sauna, a wet sauna, an infrared sauna, and so on. Modern sauna heaters tend to use different types of radiation, such as infrared waves, electromagnetic fields, and light technology. The energy, meanwhile, can come from solar power, electricity, gas, or wood, to name but a few. Then one that is best for you is the one that you feel most comfortable with. But what matters most is that you pick one, or what you will have is not a sauna, but rather just a room.

Different Types of Sauna Heaters

Generally speaking, four types of sauna heaters exist:

Infrared sauna heaters.

Electric sauna heaters.

Wood burning sauna heaters.

Gas or oil burning sauna heaters.

The one you choose will determine exactly how the room will be heated up, allowing you to relax and rid yourself of the various toxins and other accumulations on your skin.

Why Choose a Wood Burning Heater?

If you live somewhere in the countryside or have a lot of open space around you, and you were hoping to have an outdoor sauna, then a wood burning heater may just be the perfect solution for you. You do also have to be able to get your hands on plenty of firewood, of course. A wood burning stove comes with a combustion chamber that allows you to control the flow of air. The faster you burn the wood, the higher the flow of air will be. By controlling air flow, however, you will be able to maintain the temperature inside the sauna to a level that you are comfortable with. You can never be as accurate as you could be with a thermostat, but this old fashioned and traditional way of doing things has a lot of charm as well.

People may be worried about smoke entering the sauna, since they are burning wood. However, the stove comes with a metal smoke pipe, which is installed from the heater’s roof, which ensures all smoke is drawn out. Some people choose to have slightly more modern wood heaters with glass doors, which means that they can watch the flames as they take a sauna, which adds even more to the charm. Installation isn’t overly complicated and can be compared to installing a fireplace or wood stove. Usually, they have been custom-designed for home use saunas, which means they can also come with shower plumps and water jackets to finish the entire system. Alternatively, you could opt for a traditional Finnish setup, which tends to burn less wood.

The only big downside to this type of heater is that you can only really use them with outdoor saunas, something that not everybody has the space and the privacy for in today’s modern world.

How Do People Become Social Media Marketing Experts?

No matter of why you want to create an online presence for your business, you will need the help of social media marketing experts to get there. That said, you might be such an expert yourself. Everybody now knows that social media is key to internet marketing and communicating with your community. Without it, you simply cannot expand your business. The problem is that because everybody uses social media nowadays, everybody also sees themselves as an expert. They are not, however. Instead, a true expert will meet a number of specific requirements.

Social media experts are able to address a number of key elements, including:

  1. Brand development. They know how to build a brand for a business, be that a huge company or a sole proprietor. These experts know how to place a brand in the public eye in such a way that it looks authoritative, setting it apart from the thousands of other similar products in the world.
  2. Being public. In order for people in a certain demographic to become aware of services and products, they have to be publicly advertised. It is not possible to build a brand without people becoming aware of it. This is done through a lot of exposure specific to the target demographic, but without it appearing like spam.
  3. Technology immersion. Social media allows people to do lots of different things at the same time, in a way that doesn’t mean they have to be in multiple places at the same time. However, this is only possible if they have a true grasp of how the different platforms work and how they can link to one another as well. For instance, a true expert is able to make a positing to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a personal blog by clicking just one button.

Once you understand how powerful social media is, you will also start to understand how vital it is to the overall success of your business, even if you aren’t solely an online organization. If you know how to work with social media, then it is relatively easy to become hugely successful. However, just because everybody uses social media does not mean everybody is an expert as well. Unless you really know what you’re doing, how to get people to like and share your posts, how to engage with a social media audience, and how to viral, you need to call in the experts and let them do it for you.

It is important that you learn how to recognize the real experts from the people who happen to have 1,000 friends on Facebook and therefore believe that they are an expert. The above list should be helpful in determining that. Mainly, however, you need to find out what the “experts” promise they will do for you, how they aim to achieve that, and whether they have any examples of their successes in the past.

How to Organise a Successful Fashion Show

Hosting your own fashion show can be more than stimulating. Glitter, glamour and exquisite clothes, are just some words that come to mind when you think of a fashion show. If you are a designer and want to publicize your new line, what you need is to organise your own fashion show. No need to sneak off to a haute couture catwalk in Paris to be a spectator of one of these events. In fact, you can make yours in your hometown.

Preparation is the key to organising a successful event.

Try to know exactly what you are trying to achieve with your show

Identify the reason for your fashion show. An aspiring designer or store owner may be interested in giving a sample of their collection to the local community. Maybe you’re not a designer, but maybe you have a gift for fashion and a wide and eclectic wardrobe that you want to exhibit. The important thing about this is to know what you are trying to achieve.

Try to define your audience

Start by identifying all the people who might want to attend your show. If you are going to set up your show to promote your business, you will have to invite your loyal customers, influential people in the community and also your potential customers. Send invitations at least two weeks in advance and contact some local media to get press coverage.

Create a show team. No matter the size of your event, you will always need the help of a team to carry it out. This should include models, photographers, make-up artists, a presenter or host and other aides.

Remember that practice makes perfect

Choose the clothes you want to feature in the show. Keep in mind that you must be very meticulous, therefore, if you have a theme, try to connect everything you use with that theme. It is very important that you know exactly what you want to show and that you are prepared to highlight the best attributes of your pieces.

Prepare your models to make your show extraordinary

Practice while you can. A successful fashion show is based on preparation and doing everything at the right time. Practice your complete show with your models and your team until everyone feels comfortable in their role. This will surely require work and time, but you will see how all that is worth it.

At this point, you are ready to see your models parade on the catwalk.

Prepare your models to go to the catwalk. As an organiser, you should surely help with everything, including preparing the models and making sure they are ready for the start time of the show. You will need to make sure that the hairstyles and makeup are finished and that the accessories are used properly. It is good to have a couple of helpers to take care of this task.

Special lighting in an event can highlight attributes

Make sure the gangway and lighting are installed and functioning properly. Lighting and music in a fashion show is essential, so worry about setting it up so that it effectively and correctly highlights the angles and dimensions of the clothes, if you want a really professional looking show, seek advice from experts in AV rental regarding the lighting and sound equipment to really wow your audience.

Make history! You are about to celebrate your first fashion show, and everything will be perfect!


It is a great idea to offer gift bags or courtesy packages to your guests. This will not only make your guests happy but also prepare them upon arrival, and add an extra touch of distinction to your event.

EDI Online to Connect the Different Elements of the Supply Chain

EDI Online to Connect the Different Elements of the Supply Chain

More and more manufacturers are using what is known as B2Bi (business to business integration) services. Doing so means that they can get all the benefits of EDI online, but at a far more affordable price. The reason is that they no longer need in-house EDI solutions, but outsourcing them to the cloud instead.

By using EDI online outsourced models, a business only needs to have access to a browser to be able to work. Third party providers, expeditors, sourcing companies, factories and more only have to go online to receive their orders, print their barcodes, and report on their fulfillment. All types of transactions, including invoices, ASNs, and purchase orders, are supported as well. Additionally, the system no longer sends the old-fashioned cryptic EDI codes, using straightforward language instead, all the while maintaining security options.

EDI Online Removes Days of Work

Thanks to B2Bi EDI solutions, it is now possible for manufacturers to have a far more efficient supply chain. For the first time, they have full transparency on visibility, no matter where certain activities are completed. This means that it is easier than ever to exchange information with warehouses, remote factories, and other external third parties. In so doing, time delays and human error are also reduced significantly.

When someone uses an online EDI solution, the various remote locations are able to obtain 100% accurate shipping and packing instructions. The supplier can set the packing rules and the sender only has to print off the barcode labels and provide the retailer with a shipping notice. By making sure that all of this can be done at the spot where it is manufactured, rater than in one of many global offices, all operations have become a lot more efficient. Indeed, businesses have reported that their supply chain is now days or even weeks shorter.

Furthermore, when people are able to connect with their various trading partners, they gain greater visibility all over the supply chain as well. For example, ASNs can be created at the production source. This means that retailers will know far sooner when different goods can be expected at the distribution center.

Today, businesses of all sizes and shapes are widening their sales and operations all over the world, targeting Asia in particular. This is true for all businesses, from huge multinationals to small one-man operations. As the world becomes more global, new challenges appear as well, including on how to work together with customers and partners, while keeping costs as low as possible and efficiency as high as possible. The automated supply chain relies on EDI to do this, but it is only as of late that the data within these systems is truly accessible.

As a result, modern-day suppliers have broken away from old-fashioned methods, looking instead towards fully automated systems. Their old supply chain methods are changing, enabling them to extend their services to their various partners across the globe. How this will continue is anybody’s guess.

The Basics of the Bitcoin Wallet for Android

If you do not know much about Bitcoin yet, you may wonder what it is. And, in likelihood, you will also wonder what it is worth. Installing a bitcoin wallet for Android is a first step, but that won’t tell you all there is to know. Hopefully, the following information will lift the veil a little bit.

The Bitcoin Wallet for Android and Other Key Things to Know

Bitcoin was launched in 2009. Since then, the value has fluctuated from being almost worthless to being worth some $4,000 for each Bitcoin. The reality is that some people have been able to become millionaires thanks to bitcoin, and that has made it interesting.

Everyone in the world can use bitcoin, but it is particularly popular on the Asian market, with Japan and China being the top countries for it. That said, the Chinese government doesn’t like it, and they have tried to suppress it. In so doing, the coin lost a lot of its value, but that has recently grown again.

The history of bitcoin is really interesting. It was created by Satoski Nakamoto, who is not a single individual, but rather a group of mathematicians. They knew that they would create something of value, because, like gold, it is finite in supply. Indeed, never will there be more than 21 million Bitcoin on the planet. To get them, people have to mine. This means that people solve increasingly complex mathematical equations in return for bitcoin.

So is it worth it? For the average person, it absolutely is not. Solving the equations requires expensive machinery, something that most people simply cannot afford. And by 2017, the equations were so complex that it was literally impossible to mine without these machines.

Then, there is the question of what you can do with bitcoin. Basically, more and more stores now accept this type of currency, including 2Pay4You, Payza, Newegg, Shopify, Expedia, Microsoft, and the DISH Network. Interestingly, Amazon and Walmart have both said they will not accept it.

Bitcoin is also not the only cryptocurrency. Ethereum is its strongest competition and that started in 2015. However, it is not worth as much, nor is it as accepted. Of course, all of that can change. People are also worried, with all types of cryptocurrency, that it is open to abuse. However, those who use it say it is almost impossible to scam people out of bitcoin, and that it is also based on trust. Again, how much of that is true remains to be seen.

It is possible to buy bitcoin, rather than mine them. In fact, this is a much easier way to get your hands on them. Those who sell bitcoin tend to charge a fee, usually around 3.75%, which is how they make their money. To do this, however, you do need the bitcoin wallet app, as you have to store your coins somewhere. The wallet is basically a type of bank account in which privacy keys are stored. These wallets, meanwhile, are protected from unauthorized access using a password. You can have wallet apps, desktop applications, and more. Some of those have to be fully synched with the blockchain, which is basically the general ledger of bitcoin, which can take many days to complete.

Preparing for the Arrival of a Live in Carer

You have finally decided to ask for a live in care provider to come over and help you in taking care of your sick elderly relative. This is a good decision since you will no longer have to send your loved one away. You are bringing care to your own home. You can now go about doing your daily tasks and not worry about who will take care of your loved one.

Since you are accommodating a different person in your family, you have to prepare for it. You are getting a professional service provider, so the working conditions must be favourable.

Provide a personal space

The care provider will be there 24 hours a day, but it does not mean he/she will work round the clock. There are times when he/she has to be alone and rest. A personal space will then be necessary. Being with a sick patient can be really exhausting. You don’t want your live in carer to feel this way and not provide quality services anymore.

Bathroom facilities should also be provided

All of us need a bathroom and your live in carer is no exception. It does not have to be a private bathroom just for him/her, but it should be a clean, functional and easy to access bathroom. There should be a separate storage area for his/her toiletries.

This is true not just for the bathroom but for the rest of the house. You want to make sure everything is clean. Your care provider can also help with cleaning the house if need be. However, it is not technically a part of the job unless there is a prior agreement made.

Safety and security

You should make the care provider feel secure at home just as you want your beloved elderly relative to feel secure under the supervision of the care provider. When you get a carer from a high-quality agency, they have been carefully screened. Their criminal record has been checked and their references vetted. You are guaranteed of having someone who is really worth partnering with. The least you can do in return is to provide the same level of security accorded to you. If the patient has tendencies to be violent, inform the carer in advance so appropriate measures can be taken.

Just be nice

Having someone at home whom you don’t know might be awkward. Your kids will also feel the same way. You should be nice to this person. After all, they are providing care to the person you love the most. Live in care jobs are not easy. You should make the working conditions favourable if you want your care provider to stay and be happy.

Are You Having Your Website Redesigned? Here’s What the Experts Have to Say

No matter what your reason is for having your website redesigned, whether your website is outdated and old, your website does not give the right impression, your website has not been able to convert any leads or sales, or your website isn’t user-friendly and not easily navigable, it’s important to think carefully before having it overhauled. But if you have plans to have your website redesigned, it’s essential to do it right. Here’s what the experts have to say.

The benefits

There are various benefits which a website redesign can give you. With a new and fresher website design, you can give a stronger impression of your business. A website redesign allows you to keep up-to-date with the times, especially when it comes to being more mobile-friendly. Your website, when redesigned, can also become more functional, with tools for marketing and promotion such as reviews and forums, contact and call to action forms and buttons, and integration with social media networks. By having a more functional website, you can also make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

What to consider

  • Consider your regulars

Experts in website design state, however, that there are important elements (read more about these at to consider when having your website redesigned. One of these is the fact that your regular visitors will see a new site – and it may take them some time to get used to your site’s new look and feel. What you can do, though, is consider your users’ or visitors’ experience when having your website redesigned – what are the actions they usually take? What information would they require? Once you have determined this, make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for in just three clicks – or even less.

  • Think about your URLs

When you have your website redesigned, your website URLs may change as well, and this may have an effect on your SEO. But you can address this by having an expert in SEO inform various search engines about the URL change, and decrease the effect of your loss of traffic and ranking by making sure that your pages with the highest performance are preserved. Search engines can also have an easier time finding your newly-designed web pages if you submit a site map to them.

  • Consider the best developer

It’s also important to make website redesigns a regular part of your business growth. Maintaining your website should be one of your priorities, and giving it a revamp (however slight) every 2 to 5 years can make a difference. And, to keep your expenses down, try to maintain a good relationship with a good website developer who can understand your vision and goals and who has the necessary skills to address them. By doing so, you will keep business consistent, up-to date, and overall you will be happy and successful in your business.


Reasons to Hire Professional Plumbing Services

For most people in need of plumbing services, they take the option to do it on their own. However, there are multiple reasons why you need to hire professionals. You can get professionals offering services at pocket-friendly prices. Here are more reasons why you need to hire professional plumbing services.

They are trained

Plumbers offering professional services are well trained. This means that they are able to handle various activities. They have knowledge of how to handle various tools, thus making their work easier. While doing it on your own, you may encounter a challenge where you may get hurt. Avoid this and get professional plumbing services.


Professional plumbers are the most experienced in handling various tasks. A skilled plumber in Enfield can quickly identify where the plumbing problem is. Professionals also take note of potential problems before they happen.


Professional plumbing services guarantee efficient services. This is because they are quick to complete your work. Rather than engaging in DIY, you can attend to your business, as the plumber completes their task. With their experience, they can handle every task quickly.

Saves time and money

When you choose DIY plumbing, you may encounter a lot of problems, such as breakages when dealing with items you are not used to. Professionals have mastered their art well, to handle everything with great care. You also save a lot of time.

Insured and licensed

You can count on professionals to have insurance. This means their work is covered, in case an accident occurs. To be sure of their qualifications, you can check their licenses. This is what gives them the authority to offer their services.

Correct quotation

Professionals will not give you false quotations. They are always accurate, since they have been doing the work for a long time. Thus, the figure you get will be exact and enough to complete the project. The quotation will include the best quality equipment when there is a need for a purchase.


A professional plumber will offer you far more services. In case you need consultation in designing plumbing installations, they are the right people to speak to. They will give you the advantages and disadvantages of each item, and design. Therefore, ensure you consult them whenever there is a need.

Plumbing laws

The professionals are well aware of all the plumbing regulations. They know what is wrong and what is right. They are aware of the various requirements by law before each plumbing works begin. They are able to guide you ultimately, to avoid unlawful activities.

It is important to be aware when to call a plumber. It all starts with a small problem, then graduates to an emergency: a blockage or burst pipe. Make sure you call a plumber as soon as you suspect a problem has developed. This could save you from major damages that could cause a need for home renovations.

3 Businesses That Would Benefit From Weather Software and How Earth Networks Can Help

Deteriorating meteorological conditions can put people at risk, which is why businesses that operate outside need to pay special attention to forecasts. If you’re wondering about the potential business benefits from weather software, turn to the team of meteorologists at Earth Networks. Here are three industries that could use this service.

Hospitality Companies

Hotels, bars, and restaurants are in the business of serving people, which means they need to cater to the needs of their customers. If an eatery has an outdoor patio, managers can use advanced knowledge of incoming storms to avoid seating people outside. A hotel could use similar information to deploy resources such as lender umbrellas and extra doormats before the first drops hit the ground. 

Sports Franchises

Stadiums bring thousands of fans together to cheer on a team, but they also pose a risk during severe weather. While playing fields provide no cover for athletes, grandstands put spectators in an open and elevated position, which are both undesirable circumstances during storms. Franchise officials can use Earth Networks lightning software to spot discharges in the area and evacuate people to safety until the threat passes.


As a new skyscraper or other building sprouts out of empty landscape, construction workers can quickly find themselves in a dangerous situation if weather conditions deteriorate. If a contractor uses software to track precipitation and lightning real time, he or she can take personnel out of harm’s way and keep the work going by reassigning employees to safer indoor projects.

Let Earth Networks Help

If you’re involved with a business in any industry that regularly puts people outside, contact Earth Networks to learn how tracking software can help. With proprietary sensors that track in-cloud lightning, you’ll be able to get warnings with enough time to evacuate everybody to safety. Forecasts can give you a good idea about what to expect, but trackers allow you to get the most out of every day by keeping operations going until real threats exist.