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Vadym Novynskyi Opens Trust for His Ownership Stake in the Smart Holding Group

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Smart Holding Group, founded by Vadym Novynskyi, has recently gone through several rounds of restructuring. The goal of these changes is to give the organization the resources to thrive both during and after the war in Ukraine. The company has announced some ambitious efforts to stabilize the economy while readying itself for post-war reconstruction. Because Novynskyi would like to focus on private interests, he’s disposing of his shares in the company and opened a trust with his ownership stake.

Novynskyi finalized the agreements in the fall of 2022, in full compliance with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Every trustee has been thoroughly vetted and approved by Cypriot legislation, an essential step to helping the organization run as smoothly as possible. Vadym Novynskyi hasn’t been a part of the management team since the early 2010s, meaning there will be no significant changes within the leadership hierarchy of Smart Holding Group. The trustees will control, manage, and own the various assets of the group to protect and increase the value of the organization’s net worth.

‘Come Out Stronger’

Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart Holding, has pledged to use the company for the good of the country. Novynskyi started his organization with mining and metal projects, but left the business model open enough for vertical integration. Today, the investment and industrial group has been optimized for maximum production yield.

As Kiryanova looks to the future, she foresees long-term success and prosperity based on the latest restructuring rounds. “Smart Holding has a mission to support the Ukrainian economy to withstand the devastation of the war and will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction. We also have ambitious investment goals as part of our growth strategy internationally.

“We believe that with the talent and experience that we have accumulated in the management team, the company will rebuild its assets and come out stronger.” Vadym Novynskyi’s organization has been a beacon for individuals, families, and communities in Ukraine, supporting employees with living wages and benefits. The diverse portfolio, with significant stakes in real estate, mining, metals, oil, gas, and infrastructure, is carefully balanced to ensure the best chance of success — both now and after the war.

Private Interests

Vadym Novynskyi immigrated to Ukraine from Russia in the 1990s and started the Smart Holding Group in 1999. He has a degree in engineering management systems and spent a number of years working for a prominent oil producer in Russia. One of his first strategic decisions after arriving in Ukraine was to unite different metallurgy companies. After receiving his citizenship in 2012, he became a member of Ukraine’s Parliament. He was one of the more vocal proponents of peace in Ukraine before the war, meeting with Russian leaders to broker an agreement.

As a member of Parliament, Novynskyi co-authored or authored more than 100 draft laws, all of which aimed to help everyday citizens lead better lives. He’s not a member of any political party, but rather looks at the bigger picture to solve economic or civil problems. He’s been especially vocal about securing rights for displaced people in Ukraine and maintaining religious freedom in occupied territories.

He’s also won many awards for his charitable work, receiving accolades and honors from both secular and religious organizations. From health care to family, his mission is about helping as many people as possible as opposed to catering to the privileged few. He looks forward to continuing his mission in 2023 and beyond.



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