7 Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

A new year is a brand new excuse to update your wardrobe and hit the stores. If you’re keen for a well-deserved shopping spree, you may be wondering what fashion has in store for you in 2020. Here is a breakdown of the top 7 fashion trends that you can look forward to and prepare for before 2019 even comes to an end.

Vintage style denim

Jeans, in any form, rarely go out of fashion. Having said that, the trendiest denim to own in 2020 is sure to be vintage style denim and pleated jeans. Vintage cuts are making a comeback with boot cut, and high-waisted flared jeans are still dominating the runways at the moment. Don’t forget to merge old-school cool with modern accessories for an incredible, eye-catching contrast that is sure to make your outfit the talk of the town.

The classic white shirt

Again, the classic white shirt never really went out of fashion in the first place, but it is red hot this season. This is a big relief because it is one of the easiest items to dress up or down, and is super comfortable too. Just ensure to keep the shirt pristine!

Heeled flip flops

You will notice that we are entering a bit of a 2000s revival, and numerous trends from that decade are slowly starting to creep in. One of the most popular throwback trends is that of the heeled flip flop. Countless celebrities have already been seen pulling this footwear fad out of the depths of their wardrobes and rocking them once again on the red carpet. Do you dare to follow suit?

Polka dots

Heavy patterns are big already, and you are certain to see this style trend popping up in all of your favorite retail stores, including Froxx, the plus size clothing go-to. One of the most stunning and sought-after trends in the world of patterns right now? Polka dots – and not just any polka dots. Elevated, ‘look at me’ polka dots!

Go the whole hog and invest in a cute summer dress boasting the design or subtly introduce it in the form of patterned accessories. Why not combine two of the biggest trends of the upcoming year and invest in a polka dot adorned elevated headband?


Fringe is another throwback trend set to dominate in 2020. However, think less cowboy style and more flowing fashion chic. You’ll start to notice it making an appearance on handbags and dresses, in particular. The longer, the better!


The girly fad of the 80s is subtly rearing its head once again. Ruffled jumpsuits and summer one-pieces of the runway were emphasized with ruffles and bold colors, with neon green and fire engine red taking center stage.


2020 is arguably the year of both leather and faux leather. Once again, the key here is daring color. Basic black just isn’t going to cut it in the 2020s!

Have you updated your look book and your shopping list? Then there is nothing stopping you from hitting the stores. Have a blast exploring the latest must-haves and finding what works for you!


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