A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Size of Bong

Bongs are the best ways to smoke marijuana and other herbal smoking products. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and the type you choose depends on your personal choice. For instance, if you want to get high quickly, a massive hit from an enormous apparatus is ideal for you. On the contrary, a mini 5 inch bong is perfect for carrying to a friend’s house for a party. You may also choose a size in between as per your preference.

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe for smoking, and the term is derived from the Thai word – Baung – a bamboo or wooden cylindrical smoking tube. During the Vietnam War period, American soldiers came across the ‘baung’ and took the water pipe concept back to their country. As the native dialect became challenging to pronounce ( bah-owng), a simplified version (bong) was coined with which everyone rolled.

Check out the various sizes of the device available on the market.


Want to get a nice hit and plenty of smoke? Get a big apparatus with long stems. They range in size from fourteen to twenty-one inches. A single hit from one of these devices is good enough to give you a massive high. While portability may be an issue with such devices, they are perfect for home marijuana parties.

These devices come with unique features like ice catchers and percolators to impart satisfying and smooth hits.


Want something smaller but not very big? A mid-sized apparatus is what you need. If you have some experience and can handle slightly large hits, this size will be good for you. Unlike big devices that touch the twenty-inch range and smaller ones within eight inches in height, these devices vary in size from ten to fourteen inches. This size is excellent for getting satisfying hits and not getting overboard. You can hold them while smoking, but you may not be able to carry them while traveling. They are found in varied styles and shapes. Choose from a fancy colorful option or a scientific one with additional features.


For a phenomenal smoking experience, a mini device is an excellent option every time you take a drag, especially if you are starting to smoke marijuana or herbal products. Though they are small, they can pack powerful hits. These devices act as great options for traveling.

The devices vary in size from four to ten inches. The most available size in the market is a 5-inch bong.

If you want something on the go or are a beginner, opt for the smallest version. They conveniently find space in rooms and are portable. If you are experienced in smoking marijuana and are comfortable taking big hits, do not hesitate to get a big apparatus. You can also check out medium-sized devices that are suitable for almost all types of smokers.

Assess your smoking habit and decide which size to go with. The ultimate aim is to get a splendid high and stay in its ecstasy. Whether you sit under a tree, in a moving car, or at your home, take something that you find convenient to maintain and handle.



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