Biggest Mistakes One Must Avoid For Student Accommodations

When a child steps outside their house to pursue their higher education, they are no longer a child. They would not be required to behave like an adult, looking after their own selves. While help may still be just a call away, and their landlord or their parents could try to ease it out for them, for the major parts, the student is on their own.

This all begins with a house hunt. The minute you get an admission into a college, and you start looking for a PG or a hostel, that’s where you are first transitioning into becoming a full-fledged grown adult. However, because this is your first encounter with decision-making, you would need to know what are the biggest mistakes you could make during this whole process:

  • Rushing into it: The most common mistake of them all which almost every fresher makes! Everybody wants to secure a spot in the on-campus dormitories, however, those get filled up too quickly. So, what can we do? When the semester has already begun, you probably don’t want to spend too much time doing house hunts. So, in that case, a student would naturally take the first thing they spot, which is exactly what you shouldn’t do.

You should be patient and investigate every little detail from your end. Does the property come with the basic facilities? Are they covered in the rent? Is the rent inclusive of everything, or do you need to beware of some terms and conditions? These are a few questions that need to poop in your head before you say “Done”.

  • Delaying it: While it is good to exercise caution, you do not want to prolong the searching task. It is good to weigh in all your options but if you keep up with the house hunt for too long, you may have to miss on the education, which is the primary reason you are there.


  • Speaking to brokers: Gone are the times when you would have to rely on real estate brokers to get yourself a nice place, you can now easily do that with a quick online search. Portals such as Iglu Student Accommodation would help you find the right place for you in some of Australia’s biggest college hubs like Melbourne and Canberra. Just click!
  • Not speaking with the landlord first: Although in some properties, it isn’t the landlord who runs the functions, it is important you speak to them to understand their mindset and involvement. After all, in most cases, your landlord will almost be your legal guardian in a foreign land, where you know no one else. It is also important that you run a background check on them and their place to understand the history of the place.
  • Not asking for trial periods: Most homeowners would like to sign you up for the long haul, after all, they are running a business. However, they are also looking for customers, and the customer will always be the king. Use your power to convince them into a smaller tenure. You do not want to be stuck at an uncomfortable accommodation just because you have signed a contract or worse paid the full sum. To avoid that, ask for a one month trial.

That time should be useful to check the basics of the place and the lifestyle of your co-tenants. If you don’t like what you get, you can always move away in two weeks, that way, you only lose half the rent. If you have to change places in a long and tight agreement, you may end up losing a huge sum.

Above all, the biggest mistake would be to not care about your gut feeling. If you do not feel good about a place or a person, it is best to stay away. The new life you have patiently studied for isn’t worth taking a risk, enjoy it with the people you are sure about!



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