Have You Ever Considered Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters?

A sauna, traditionally, is an insulated cabin in which people can enjoy wet and dry heat. There are many different types of saunas, however, all of which require different sauna heaters. There is a dry sauna, a smoke sauna, a steam sauna, a wet sauna, an infrared sauna, and so on. Modern sauna heaters tend to use different types of radiation, such as infrared waves, electromagnetic fields, and light technology. The energy, meanwhile, can come from solar power, electricity, gas, or wood, to name but a few. Then one that is best for you is the one that you feel most comfortable with. But what matters most is that you pick one, or what you will have is not a sauna, but rather just a room.

Different Types of Sauna Heaters

Generally speaking, four types of sauna heaters exist:

Infrared sauna heaters.

Electric sauna heaters.

Wood burning sauna heaters.

Gas or oil burning sauna heaters.

The one you choose will determine exactly how the room will be heated up, allowing you to relax and rid yourself of the various toxins and other accumulations on your skin.

Why Choose a Wood Burning Heater?

If you live somewhere in the countryside or have a lot of open space around you, and you were hoping to have an outdoor sauna, then a wood burning heater may just be the perfect solution for you. You do also have to be able to get your hands on plenty of firewood, of course. A wood burning stove comes with a combustion chamber that allows you to control the flow of air. The faster you burn the wood, the higher the flow of air will be. By controlling air flow, however, you will be able to maintain the temperature inside the sauna to a level that you are comfortable with. You can never be as accurate as you could be with a thermostat, but this old fashioned and traditional way of doing things has a lot of charm as well.

People may be worried about smoke entering the sauna, since they are burning wood. However, the stove comes with a metal smoke pipe, which is installed from the heater’s roof, which ensures all smoke is drawn out. Some people choose to have slightly more modern wood heaters with glass doors, which means that they can watch the flames as they take a sauna, which adds even more to the charm. Installation isn’t overly complicated and can be compared to installing a fireplace or wood stove. Usually, they have been custom-designed for home use saunas, which means they can also come with shower plumps and water jackets to finish the entire system. Alternatively, you could opt for a traditional Finnish setup, which tends to burn less wood.

The only big downside to this type of heater is that you can only really use them with outdoor saunas, something that not everybody has the space and the privacy for in today’s modern world.


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