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Know What Makes Students Choose Florida real estate license school online Over Other Schools

For students who aspire to hold a real estate license in Florida and searching for a course that ensures guaranteed success Florida real estate license school online is your one-stop solution. 68% of students pass in the exam post completion of this course. AYPO leads to online education. They offer a pre-licensing course for students who wish to become a successful real estate agent. Whereas other schools offer this course at a rate of $ 99 to $ 425 they offer this course at a rate of $ 80 to $199 and have a 5-star rating on Google whereas other schools merely rate 3.9.

They are also popular because they offer a price match guarantee to students enrolling in the course which other schools don’t offer. i.e., if students find a course that offers the same facilities at a cheaper cost then they are willing to match their price. Here we are going to discuss what makes students choose this school over other schools that provide students with a real estate license.

Course Specifications

There are a lot of students who spend most of their time working on the site and don’t have dedicated time to do an online course that will equip them to get a real estate license but they need the license desperately. Owing to their requirements Florida real estate license school online has designed two separate courses. One is for normal students who are preparing to get a real estate license and the next is for students who are basically working professionals. These courses are more or less similar except for a few differences. Below mentioned is a list of similarities and differences between these courses.

The course that is designed for normal regular students is called Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course. On the other hand, the course that is specially designed for working professionals is known as Deluxe Florida Real Estate Pre- License Course.


  • Both Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course and Deluxe Florida Real Estate Pre- License Course are 63-hour courses.
  • Both courses allow students to review all the questions thoroughly.
  • There is no such stipulation for students that they need to pass the course on their first attempt. The best thing about this course is that if for some reason students fail to pass the course in their first attempt they can give multiple attempts. i.e., they can sit for the exam multiple times till the time they pass the exam. There is no limit to the number of attempts.
  • Students are provided with support through chats, calls, and emails by the finest team of professionals who offer excellent service to students. They are fully trained to answer the queries of students and clear their doubts.
  • Post completion of the course whether it’s the usual Florida real estate pre-license course or the deluxe course students are provided with a completion certificate. This certificate is vital for students who are serious about acquiring a real estate license in Florida. Because this license needs to be produced in front of the authorities when students appear for the main test at the state level in Florida. Government officials from Florida authenticate the certificate and only then are students allowed to sit for the exam. The course duration covers the number of hours that need to be covered especially when students apply for a license.


  • The cost of the Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre-License Course is much less compared to the cost of the deluxe Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre-License Course. The usual course cost students around $ 80 whereas the deluxe course costs them around $ 199.

You must be wondering if the services are the same then why is the deluxe course costlier than the normal course is? Here is your answer.

The deluxe course is comparatively two times more expensive than the usual course because along with the services mentioned above the deluxe course also offers additional comprehensive practice exams that increase the chances of students to qualify in the state exam of Florida. These practice exams give an idea to students on how the main exam will be conducted and how to qualify it.

Most importantly Florida real estate license school online offers the deluxe course in PDF format to students that can be downloaded immediately upon receiving so that students can go through the course at their convenience. Since the online classes have been downloaded students can do multiple revisions of the course till the time they are absolutely sure that they have truly understood the course. The better they understand the online course the easier it will get for them to qualify for the license exam.


Looking at the specifications of the course and after analyzing the differences and similarities between the two courses it is clear that students who have a lack of time or are going through a strict routine in order to earn their living should enroll in the deluxe course instead of the normal course. Because here the online lessons can be downloaded for future reference and students can also avail themselves additional comprehensive practice exams.



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