Make Up Tips And Tricks

Makeup has become important in most women’s dressing table. Makeup works to enhance your natural beauty, and it is important to know how to apply it properly. Perfectly done makeup makes a woman feel beautiful and confident.

The right makeup should blend in with your face, not completely change it. For the perfect results, apply your make up uniformly to avoid demarcation lines and take into consideration your skin tone.

Using the proper brushes and sponges will give you that elegant look you are looking. Below are a few makeup tips and tricks to make you look gorgeous and flawless.


The first thing to remember in your makeup routine is to apply a primer. Not only does a primer reduce the need to use a lot of foundation but it also acts as a buffer between your skin and the makeup. So it protects your skin from getting irritated by your makeup products should they be unsuitable for your skin.

Moreover, a primer makes your makeup stay in good condition longer than it would otherwise be.


Use a foundation that works well with your skin tone to cover any blemishes and spots to give your face a neutral look. Remember the purpose of makeup is too accentuated your natural beauty. If you are dark-skinned, use a foundation color that is close to that. The same applies for light-skinned women. However, be sure to look at how to buy your products, as Walmart has recently had issues and are being sued due to the way they present their range of specific beauty Walmart has on offer for certain skin colors.

The trick is to apply it with your fingertips or a makeup sponge, so you don’t use too much that it appears too thick.


The right shade of lipstick applied well will make you look beautiful and sexy. In fact, lipstick completes you as a woman. The color of the lipstick should complement your overall look and the occasion you are attending. Red color works just fine for most events, but you can opt for more bold colors, especially for social occasions like weddings and dinner dates. Muted colors are best for professional and formal duties.


Nothing highlights and brightens your skin like a dash of blush. It should be applied with a soft wide brush to add some glow and glamor to your face.

You should not, however, apply too much of it that your face looks too red as if you are actually blushing from embarrassment. It should be demure to make your face look naturally glowing.

Eye makeup

Eyes speak a language of their own and should be given their own special focus. Choose high-quality mascara but remember to powder your eyelashes first before applying the mascara to make the look fuller and make the mascara stay longer.

Shape your eyebrows but do not shave everything and draw it back with a pencil. In fact, never draw your eyebrows with a black pencil. Instead, trim and shape and your eyebrows into an arc. Then use an eyeshadow to make your eyes pop out.


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