Perfect Ways to Spend a Relaxing Family Weekend

Taking a break from a busy schedule is essential for your wellbeing, and spending time at the weekend relaxing with your family is the perfect way to destress – if you choose the right activity! If the kids want to go to a busy theme park that might involve a lot of preparation, traveling, and considerable stress when you get there amongst the crowds and the queues. That’s not to say you won’t have a brilliant time, but it might not be the most relaxing way to spend a weekend.

A day at the park

Even if you live in the middle of a big city, there should be a park close by where there’s plenty of open space for the kids to run around. You can take a frisbee or a ball and play games together, then relax with your partner while the kids entertain themselves on the play equipment or explore the other facilities.

Many parks have family-friendly entertainments such as guided trails or activities like zorbing and trampolining to add to the interest of your day, but just enjoying some fresh air and sunshine is a wonderful way to restore your energy.

Family friendly places to eat

A quick stop at a fast food joint is handy when you have a busy itinerary, but eating out can be a real treat for everyone. There are an increasing number of places where you can have a special meal together and then watch the kids play while you enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

Many places that provide children’s entertainment also have excellent catering facilities, so you could go to a soft play area, a wildlife sanctuary, or a play farm for example, where there’s plenty for the kids to do but everything’s laid-back and you can have a proper meal.

Alternatively, plenty of restaurants and other eateries are providing more and better facilities for families. You could go for a meal to a pub like for example as a treat, and the kids can take advantage of the play areas, gardens, and other sorts of amusements while you enjoy a beer in the garden.

Taking up a new sport or hobby together

Learning something new, or teaching someone about the pastimes you enjoy is excellent for breaking the cycle of stress that many people find they experience through the week. If you know how to fish or ride a horse, then you can introduce your children to these and other hobbies and pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Or you could all take up something new together that none of you have tried before, like mountain boarding or archery. Have a look for well-run training establishments if you’re thinking of trying something new, and make sure it’s an activity all the family can enjoy. Or you could all go for a one-off adventure like a ride in a hot air balloon, or a flight in a helicopter.

There are all sorts of ways to spend an enjoyable time with your family without adding to your stress load, so have a look at what’s on near you, and go have some fun.


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