Preparing for the Arrival of a Live in Carer

You have finally decided to ask for a live in care provider to come over and help you in taking care of your sick elderly relative. This is a good decision since you will no longer have to send your loved one away. You are bringing care to your own home. You can now go about doing your daily tasks and not worry about who will take care of your loved one.

Since you are accommodating a different person in your family, you have to prepare for it. You are getting a professional service provider, so the working conditions must be favourable.

Provide a personal space

The care provider will be there 24 hours a day, but it does not mean he/she will work round the clock. There are times when he/she has to be alone and rest. A personal space will then be necessary. Being with a sick patient can be really exhausting. You don’t want your live in carer to feel this way and not provide quality services anymore.

Bathroom facilities should also be provided

All of us need a bathroom and your live in carer is no exception. It does not have to be a private bathroom just for him/her, but it should be a clean, functional and easy to access bathroom. There should be a separate storage area for his/her toiletries.

This is true not just for the bathroom but for the rest of the house. You want to make sure everything is clean. Your care provider can also help with cleaning the house if need be. However, it is not technically a part of the job unless there is a prior agreement made.

Safety and security

You should make the care provider feel secure at home just as you want your beloved elderly relative to feel secure under the supervision of the care provider. When you get a carer from a high-quality agency, they have been carefully screened. Their criminal record has been checked and their references vetted. You are guaranteed of having someone who is really worth partnering with. The least you can do in return is to provide the same level of security accorded to you. If the patient has tendencies to be violent, inform the carer in advance so appropriate measures can be taken.

Just be nice

Having someone at home whom you don’t know might be awkward. Your kids will also feel the same way. You should be nice to this person. After all, they are providing care to the person you love the most. Live in care jobs are not easy. You should make the working conditions favourable if you want your care provider to stay and be happy.


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