Seven Important Lessons Nimrod Santo Learned From Being A Self-made Entrepreneur

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Nimrod Santo is renowned for his influence as an online entrepreneur, business developer and a direct-response marketer. He continues to share his stories and experiences on entrepreneurship.

Here are seven important lessons Nimrod Santo learned from being a self-made Entrepreneur.

#1. If it is good enough, you will not get it so easily

From growing as a direct response marketer to owning over seven-figure online businesses, the greatest lesson for Nimrod, is that “Nothing Good Comes Easy.”

#2. Be Honest and Practice Integrity

Nimrod is very emphatic on the importance of honesty and integrity in business. He considers honesty and integrity beyond big bucks that requires compromise. To be trusted with more millions of dollars or whatever forms of value, proven honesty and integrity is required.

Again, honesty and integrity slides both ways. To your clients and to your team members. Trust, recommendations and opportunities would come if clients can always trust your ability to deliver the best.

#3. Build a System and learn to Delegate Responsibilities

Even though Nimrod Santo is popularly described as a jack-of-all-trade entrepreneur, He is very smart at delegating responsibilities, divulging knowledge and building efficient systems.

This allows him to focus on the most important things like sustaining the vision of the business and finding time to do other things that makes him happy. You would be burnt out too quick trying to do everything all by yourself!

#4. Customers mean everything!

Nimrod considers customer attraction, satisfaction and relationship, as very important, irrespective of the nature of operation. One simple rule applies; a lack of customers means a lack of business.

You must understand who exactly you are selling to, who else is selling to them (competitor) and how best to be the most preferred seller. Finally, stay simply accessible and open to feedbacks from your customers.

#5. Financial Discipline determines how long you would stay in business

Financial discipline for entrepreneurs starts with treating the business and the business owner as different entities. This helps in tracking cash flows, including profit and loss.

A very good advice is to place yourself as the business owner on a fixed salary just like your employee.

#6. Healthy Work-Life Balance

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard. Not finding that sweet balance between work and all the other things that matters in life, makes it more tortuous.

With discipline, Nimrod is able to find good time for his interest in surfing and travels despite how busy his life could be. Succeeding at your personal life and doing things that makes you happy, is part of a whole that helps you also succeed as an entrepreneur.

#7. It is not all about having the capital, you have to like and be good at what you do

Having enough money to start the business is a thing, but succeeding at the business would require more than that. You need to be very interested in the business.

This would help in developing other critical aspects of the business, like setting realistic goals based on realistic expectations, defining the business model and marketing approach.

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