The Role Of Dads In Our Lives

He never looks for praises, He’s never the one to boast.

He just goes on quietly working, For those, he loves the most.

No matter how big a library gets, how many renowned authors flourish, there can’t be a single blog, to sum up, what our dads have done for us and what he will continue to do so! While we remember our mothers with her invaluable part she played to shape us, our fathers have been our role model. He has been yielding at the workplace, managing our family expenditures, and while we believe and blame him for spending less time with us, time spent near him has always been worthwhile. While he has been our dad, papa, pop, daddy, our fathers have been Mrs. Gupta in our house game tea party as well and just to see us smile he has played many other roles to which he is worth an applause!

Following are few of the roles! Don’t forget to go through the fourth one!

Dad as a parent

Besides paying our fees, loving our mom unconditionally, or dads have shaped our families well. He has been a disciplinarian, a protector, and has understood us through spoken or unspoken words. While our daddies have done his indispensable part so well, don’t forget to make his special day with glorious best father’s day gifts that can be easily ordered online or bought via a local store.

Dad as a Nurturer

Like a Mother Earth, he has been nurturing us, and it is his warmth along with hints of strictness that has nurtured us throughout our lives. While he has been our guardian, our superhero, don’t forget to acknowledge his countless efforts with father’s day gifts online from FlowerAurathe leading online portal which avails a diverse array of fresh flowers, father’s day personalized gifts and many more.

Dad as a BFF

A true friend we can turn to when times are good or bad.

One of our greatest blessings, the man that we call dad.

Dads have been our besties! Lending us money, picking us up whenever we fell, tucking us in bed, making sure to avail us everything he could even he couldn’t do so much for himself, he has been an angel in suits and bow ties.

Dad as a Mother

Our dads have been a mommy in disguise! For people who don’t have mothers or whenever our mothers have been absent, he was the one dazzling us by tossing us morning salads, cooking us some biryani, washing clothes, and finally taking care of our essentials.

Dad as a Partner in Crime

He has been the cherry on the cake who has been all juicy and flavorsome. And likewise, he has been our naughty buddy who has been there with us planning for mommy pranks, digging out the cookie treasure hidden by mommy, and saving us from mommy rage! While we all have been naughty and playful, it is this trickster that takes us through the bawdy flow! Go through the diverse father’s day gift ideas and plan an adorable Father’s day which is just around the corner.

Besides walking in capes, our father is our one and only superhero who is always there to rescue us as a friend, mother, guardian, and savior.


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