Top Five Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

Competition is fierce in nearly every industry. Companies compete for attention and for sales alike, and they not only compete against their direct competitor they compete against all-in-one giants like Amazon. Service companies similarly have difficulty, in that their businesses are often based entirely online or, alternatively, locally. In one instance you are competing against companies around the world, and in the other, you are forced to contend with your community. If people don’t often need shoe repair services, for example, then you might have a hard time running a successful company.

Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks companies can use to give themselves an edge over their competition:

Offer Professional Services to Your Global Audience

If you cater to an international market, then you need to care about said international market. You cannot have an English-only site or offer contracts or documents only in English if you want to bring in the best clients. Instead, you need to hire professional document translation services. These services offer expert translation for companies, law firms, and organisations around the world.

To follow up, you should also aim to hire either a team or create a head office in each market you are located in. Never assume that you know what is best in a different country. Hire local talent from the markets you cater to so that you can provide your customers and clients with substance, rather than trying the same approach everywhere.

Make Your Company Painless

Consider your industry and what aspects of it cause customers unease. Whatever this pain is, try to rectify it head-on. Perhaps customers don’t like subscriptions because they feel it takes their ability to cancel away. By making it very easy to see where you can cancel your subscription you can help them trust you better.

Align Your Company With a News-Worthy Cause

It is cool to care, so align your company with a cause and help the world become a better place. That way, when customers choose you, they choose to help support that cause as well. Perhaps you plant a tree for every sale, or perhaps a percentage of the sale goes towards supporting community groups to help kids struggling with mental health issues. Whatever your cause, make sure it actually helps the world.

Go the Extra Mile for Customer Service

Though this is obvious, it will always be true. If a customer loves your customer service, they will stay. Try to take your customer service beyond normal expectations to really wow them. For example, if a customer who has made regular payments for years suddenly stops send them a personal email (not a generated one) asking why. If they need help with payments, or if something happened in their family, see what you can do for them. Send a condolences card if they have lost a family member. Offer them a discount or a new payment plan method if they just got laid off their job.

Provide Social Elements

Give your customers and clients reasons to return to you. This can be done through a video series, a blog, or even by hosting parties for your clients to attend. The more instances your customers meet you, see you and get to know you, the better.

There is no one-size fits all approach, and that’s okay. Adapt your strategy until you get the results you are looking for.


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