What s Life Really Like As a CEO?

Being a CEO is the ultimate position for anyone who likes business, yet the sad truth for many of us is that we are unlikely to ever hold such a coveted position. For the few that will however, a great future awaits, the chance to step in the footsteps of highly inspirational mean and women. Around the world there are a great many CEOs who have made incredible success stories of themselves. People for example, like Marc Leder, CEO of Sun Capital Partners group, the successful investment group, a self-made man who works at the top of his profession, inspiring and leading. Whist many of us may not be on our way to the had of the board, there is still an allure to this job, which leaves many of us wondering what it is like.


Ultimately, the role of the CEO is highly stressful, the pressures which the job comes with are enormous and they are felt each and every day. More often than not there are key decisions to be made within the firm, meetings tone had, problems to resolve and an entire company to manage. The key to being a good CEO starts with stress management.


We should remember that those who get to the position of CEO are those who have strived for that exact position, and it is a role which anyone in business would love to have. For these reasons, the role of CEO is an exciting one, it is the best gig in town and there is a buzz which will come with holding the role.


Most CEOs are very busy men and women who are involved in far more than their own business, many take up positions on other types of boards and committees and as such, their schedules are usually packed with engagements. When you add the mix the amount of meetings and discussions which you need to have on a daily basis, you can start to see just how much talking is involved. Small talk, deep conservations and emotional discussion are all something that you can expect on a daily basis.


Few CEOs come out of their career unscathed and whilst there may be a great deal of ups and happiness during your time in charge, you should also expect there to be some downs. Many CEOs say that it is this uncertainty in business with is what keeps them alive and why they have chosen the careers which they have. Ultimately, the choice as to whether you have more ups than downs, depends on you.

Well Paid

It is no secret that the best paid men and women in the world are CEOs and for sure you will be able to count on a healthy salary in the role. Added to your salary you will usually find financial benefits such as a pension fund, health care, share options and lots of expenses.


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