Why a smile makeover isn’t just something for reality TV

It wasn’t so long ago when cosmetic dentistry was only something available to the rich and famous who wanted to achieve the perfect “Hollywood” smile. Today, however, it’s becoming far more common for people to go to their dentist for a smile makeover.

Today cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, with a wide range of treatments available, from teeth whitening to replacing teeth. In fact, cosmetic dentistry is driving growth of the UK dentistry market, which reached £7.1 billion between 2017/18. But what are the reasons for this growth?

There’s an increased demand

Nowadays, both men and women take more time to focus on their appearance. Maintaining “youthful” looks is important for many, and cosmetic dentistry helps them to achieve that. This, in part, is due to changing social norms, with cosmetic dentistry not seen as an exclusive treatment.

However, more and more patients are also starting to recognise the benefits of having a healthy and beautiful smile. This is one of the reasons cosmetic dentistry has seen increased demand in recent years.

Improved technology

For many people, their teeth can be a source of insecurity. From crooked teeth to “gappy” smiles, there are a range of different problems that can lead to people feeling self-conscious in their smile. But cosmetic dentistry can change all of that.

The past decade has allowed cosmetic dentistry to greatly improve due to advances in technology. Treatments have become shorter, more efficient and technology advancements have helped to reduce the pain factor massively! For many people, going to the dentist is often associated with uncomfortable or painful experiences. However, improved technologies have significantly reduced the pain factor, which is a major pull for people looking to undergo cosmetic dentistry treatments.

The affordability factor

With today’s technology and techniques, cosmetic dentistry has not only become more efficient and minimally invasive, but it’s also become more affordable too. The affordability factor is one that has helped to contribute to the rise in cosmetic dentistry treatments.

There are many dentists who, nowadays, offer patients various different payment plans. This allows people to spread payments over time rather than all in one go. On top of this, improvements to cosmetic treatments have meant that they are natural and longer lasting, avoiding the need for frequent return visits to the dentist and the added expense that can come with it.

There’s more variety

Today, there is a much wider range of dental treatments available to combat many different problems. For example, if you’re feeling insecure about a gappy smile, Teeth Bonding From Ten Dental can improve this. Composite resin can be used to sculpt and improve teeth, filling in any gaps and improving the overall appearance.

Composite bonding is an alternative to the traditional (and often feared) braces. Whilst orthodontic treatments like braces come with plenty of benefits, composite bonding is a quicker and more cost-effective alternative solution. With more cosmetic treatments available, people are finding suitable treatments for their dental needs that doesn’t require as much time or expense.



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