Best Investment Markets For Beginners

Many people dream of getting rich quick and to the uninitiated the stock markets can seem like a place to make your fortune; however, unless you have some kind of financial background the various stock markets and funds can also seem quite daunting.

The simple answer when it comes to investing is that there are no easy routes to guaranteed success. The whole premise of a stock market is that the value can go down as well as up – if it were a simple way of building a fortune then everyone would be doing it! But the fact is, with some research and dedicated ambition you can make money by investing. You just need to know what you are doing.

The basics

If you are worried that the global recession has affected your ability to make money, then you are looking at the situation in the wrong way. The crashes that the financial world experienced in 2008 and 2009 had long reaching effects but if you are in a position to invest then the best time is when a market is at its lowest. The only way from there is up. With careful control over how you invest you are in the right place to make money from the markets.

Potential money makers

Some of the most successful investors have made their fortunes by concentrating on the basics. Stock markets will always fluctuate but the products that people rely on are likely to be the most successful companies. And if they are successful that means their stock will rise in value. Keep an eye out for name brands and think of them as investment opportunities. You can then relay that information into the markets where they are likely to figure. The downside to this is that if the product is historically successful you may well have to buy high to get in at all.

Discover funds

There are many investors that live by the idea of diversifying. Giving yourself some room to take in loses by spreading your investment is good for the more risk averse and therefore is seemingly ideal for beginners. The markets don’t have to be low either so there is the potential for making money.

An index fund is a great place to invest in this manner. It is a fund that replicates a particular index of stocks or some other investment type. Once you have chosen the type of index, the fund makes the money, as you are investing in the index not the stock. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to invest but if you are likely to be an active trader then the costs can mount up.

Know your investment differences

They may seem very similar to investment beginners (and that is because they kind of are) but exchange traded funds (ETFs) could be an even better move for you if you are looking to get into investing. The main difference with ETFs is that they are priced to the market throughout the trading day. The advantage of this is that they can be bought and sold rapidly. Admittedly, that may sound risky as a new investor, but it does give you more freedom.

The extremely low cost in running an ETF is a huge plus point (index funds can cost around double) and as long as you are not trading recklessly there is great potential here.

How to invest

You may want to use brokers to do all the dirty work – and that is absolutely advised if you have little or no experience of investment. If you become as successful as the well-known investor Sigurður Bollason you can use your expertise to invest in a variety of ways – always looking for a venture that can be bought and sold for profit.

For now, even just a simple introduction to the stock markets and funds is ideal – especially for the young. To have some idea of the way the world of finance works eliminates the mystery and exclusiveness that has made some people think that it is not for them.

Invest wisely

You may not make millions immediately but with a little bit of research and some hands-on experience there is potential in the markets – even for beginners – to make money. And it doesn’t have to be too risky either.


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