Tips For Saving Money When Buying Diamond Jewelry

There is no question that diamonds are great looking jewelry. They sparkle. They look elegant. They can go well with any formal occasion like weddings and other events. The only downside is the price. Considering that they are really durable and they look amazing, diamonds are pegged at a really high price.

This could be a tough decision if you want to give one to your special someone but you are on a tight budget. Here are some ways to reduce the cost when you check out diamond jewelry as a gift.

Carat and size are not the same

Just because you are giving a 1.00-carat diamond, it does not mean that it is bigger than a 0.90-carat diamond. Carat is related to weight and not the size. Your partner might not be particular about the carat, but the size. A bigger piece of diamond jewelry could be better if the receiver wants to at least brag about having received one.

Compare options

If you think one store offers quality diamonds but at a really high price, you might want to look at other choices and compare. The same jewelry might be there or at least one of similar design, but the price is lower. You also need to understand the price per carat and decide whether it is really worth going for a higher carat when the price difference is too high.

Check out clarity

You need to check the grade of clarity first because, sometimes, a piece of jewelry looks better if you consider clarity, but it has a lower price tag. It depends on how it looks in the end. Therefore, you should not automatically conclude that more expensive pieces of jewelry are better.

It doesn’t have to be round

When it comes to diamonds, a round, brilliant cut is highly preferred. It is the most expensive so people think that it is the best cut. However, it is not necessarily the most visually appealing. It depends on the person wearing it. Therefore, you don’t have to stick with round cut if you think there are better designs out there. A cheaper princess cut that looks better aesthetically could be your choice. You must also consider what you personally like or the preference of the person receiving it.

Don’t force yourself

After looking for ways to save money, you might still think that diamonds are expensive. If so, don’t force yourself to buy one. There could be other milestones in life where diamond jewelry could be given. You might also be more financially stable at that time. However, if you think that you can afford one now, look at the choices at Patrick Saada and have a blast choosing.



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