3 Tips For Helping Someone Come To Terms With Their Deteriorating Health

As people age, it’s very common for their health to start to get worse and worse. Regardless of whether this is a slow process or something that comes on very suddenly, it can be very hard for people to accept the changes that are happening to their body and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, people might deny what’s happening to the detriment of various aspects of their health.

If you fear that this is what is taking place for someone that you care about, here are three tips for helping someone come to terms with their deteriorating health.

Consider Sharing Helpful Information About Their Health Changes

When someone is afraid of what’s happening with their health, they might try to separate themselves from what’s going on by keeping themselves in the dark. If this is something you see your loved one doing, you might want to consider learning more about their new health changes so that you can share helpful information with them.

While this can be challenging if your loved one is in denial about what is going on, sometimes having someone else to talk to about these things can help them accept what’s happening and learn to cope with it. Because dealing with health issues can feel very isolating, showing your loved one that you care about what’s going on and want to go through this journey with them in this way can be incredibly helpful to them.

Encourage Them To Take More Time To Rest

If your loved one is used to living an active lifestyle that their body just can’t sustain anymore, you might find that they are still trying to push the boundaries of what they are capable of.

Because slowing down can be very hard for some people, encouraging them to rest more now may be just what they need. Especially if there are things that they shouldn’t be doing anymore, helping them to plan their day so that they rest before and after these kinds of things can help them to see just what toll certain tasks are taking on them now and help them see why they need to rest more.

Offer Specific Help

When you know that someone is struggling with something, offering to give generic forms of help isn’t always that helpful. Rather, you should try to offer specific help that you know will be beneficial to them.

For example, if your loved one isn’t good at making it to their appointments for their new health condition, offer to give them a ride to the appointment. This way, you can know that they are getting the help they need and can see if other types of help are necessary, like potentially moving into to an assisted living facility.

If you know someone who has a deteriorating help condition but isn’t caring for themselves they way they should be, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you assist them in coping with these new changes.



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