6 Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

Most dog owners love their furry companions unconditionally. Unfortunately, no matter how much you adore your canine, the reality is that these pets require constant and consistent care and attention in order to thrive inside your home. While you might think that you are ticking all of the necessary boxes, the reality is that there are numerous care-related mistakes that are commonly made by owners of dogs across the globe. A few of these mistakes are listed below, as well as some advice on how to rectify them.

Not making dental health a priority

Yes, dogs need to brush their teeth just like humans to avoid decay. Keep those teeth pearly white and that breath pleasant by brushing at least once a day (twice is ideal). You can also prioritize dental care by giving dog-safe chew toys, by giving dry food as opposed to wet food, and by taking your pet for routine dental cleanings at the vet.

Neglecting to find the best dog food

Not all dog food is created equal, and neither are your dog’s dietary requirements! As such, it is vital that you take the time to research which dog food suits your pet the best. For example, grain-free pet food is a good idea for dogs who are slightly overweight or those who have food allergies. A high protein dog food containing ancient grains is excellent for high-energy dogs or working dogs or for those dog owners who just want to give their pets a healthy boost. This type of dog food is available via Taste of the Wild ancient grains website.

Feeding table scraps

It can be difficult to say ‘no’ to those determined puppy dog eyes when you’re tucking into a juicy steak or a burger, and your dog is staring up at you from the floor. Unfortunately, the truth is that table scraps have been proven to cause and worsen certain conditions in dogs, especially if given on a regular basis. Rather invest in dog-specific treats if you feel obliged to dish out a yummy snack from time to time.

Dismissing socialization

Dogs that are not properly socialized from a young age may show aggression towards other dogs, animals, and even people. As such, it is important to sign your pet up for puppy socialization classes in your area or to ensure that they are exposed to other dogs, animals, adults, and children as often as possible.

Skimping on walks and exercise

Exercise is a crucial aspect of your dog’s care, so be sure to embark on walks and to play plenty of games of fetch to keep your pet healthy, happy, and free from any behavioral issues.

Not addressing behavior problems immediately

Some behavior problems, such as excessive licking as a result of anxiety (or perhaps even an allergy!) can lead to pain and discomfort for your dog, while others, such as constant barking, can make him less pleasant to be around for both you and the neighbors. Most behavior problems can be easily corrected through positive reinforcement, training, and behavior modification if you seek out the right support quickly and before the issue becomes ingrained as a habit.

You can better care for your pet now that you know precisely what mistakes to avoid. Here’s to many happy years together!



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