Dressing Style for College Going Boys in Summers

Summer is the best season to show your summer fashion wears from VloneClothing that is why college in the summer season is somehow tolerable. But those students who do not have an idea how to pair up the clothes in summers and are clueless about vogue.

Unfortunately, the hotness of the sun glare will not get cool or the college will not get closed, so it’s better to gather some clothing skills in your collection. If you are not dressed appropriately, your companions can compliment you as a silly guy or give you a hard time. So here we are to give you guidance in this matter. Your clothing will never be fleeced and you will never make any dressing humiliations.

So, here are some basic summer dressing tips:

  • In hot weather, try to dress in clothes that have a light fabric, avoid layering many clothes. Always keep a roll-on with you all day.
  • Choose light colors. Reason- darker shades trap more heat than lighter shades.
  • Avoid wearing shorts of shorter length.
  • Wearing a pair of socks is not necessary, you can skip if you want to.
  • The black color also traps more sun rays. So, it is your choice, but avoid wearing a full black dress.

Growing from a kid to a teenager and then adolescence is a breakthrough journey. It is an exhilarating part of life yet a challenging experience for some of us. From this stage of life, you become responsible, for everything regarding your hygiene, clothes, and decisions making.

What to wear?

Students always wait to say Goodbye! And say Hello! To the weekend.

Some colleges are mostly five-day classes in a week that is from Monday to Friday. No student wants to be complimented as a dress repeater. So, in that case, it is necessary to organize your outfit for the day.

So, don’t worry any more boys; we are here to guide you with the best summer college dress ideas.

1.Checkered Pants:

Checkered pants are made using light materialled fabric. These pants provide good ventilation and also helps you to get less sweated during long and tiresome discussions. They also help you to easily move. You can combine it with a light-colored shirt.

2.Regular wear outfit:

You can use plain and solid-colored t-shirts paired up with another button-down shirt with open buttons. These can be worn with shorts or denim. This look is appropriate for daily college days.

3.Presentation day:

On a presentation day, you have to dress formally and both a casual look. You can wear plaid pants in gray color with the same color blazer. An undershirt in dark shade goes well in this dress. You can wear sneakers rather than dress shoes for a smart casual look.

4.Exam days:

Top your exam with your intellect and style. You rock with your outfit if you wear a plain white shirt, nicely rolled sleeves, blue denim, or jeans. You can tuck in the shirt if you want. A pair of sneakers in white color with no socks.


Choose to wear a traditional suit on the first class of the week or at a special event in the college. Because Mondays are energetic this look suits you perfectly if you compliment it with boot shoes, sneakers can also be worn.


For students who care much about their impression of the teacher and classmates, dressed in a simple shirt in black color with black trouser or pants.


On “X” & “Y” discussion Wednesdays, dress with a full denim getup for an inspirational look.


Let’s dress retro. You can wear a simple vlone jacket with a button-down shirt and show your ankles. You can tuck in the shirt under jeans. Wear it with topsider pair of shoes in toffee color.


Because Saturdays are wash days, so try to wear a casual dress like a t-shirt with jeans. So, save from a lot of work and effort.



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