How To Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly

In the current climate, global warming and the environment are on the forefront of everyone’s mind. More and more people are aware of the serious issues that arise from unsustainable practices. Don’t let your company get a bad rep by making bad business choices that are bad for the environment. As a business owner, it is your job to do your bit and implement eco-friendly processes within your organization. Here’re a few top tips to help you run a greener company.

The Advantages of a Green Company

An eco-conscious business can boost consumer satisfaction and raise the morale within your business. Not only can you list it under your business values, but being environmentally conscious can attract a broader talent pool when it comes to recruitment. Furthermore, good ethics will catch the attention of eco-conscious consumers.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

A great way to become more sustainable is by sourcing recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials. Nowadays, manufacturers understand the importance of sustainability and you can find many suppliers who can provide your business with green materials. Large organizations, such as HP Printing, have adopted green changes and you can, too. In addition, you can go green with the materials you use for branding and promotional items. Soyang‌ Europe‌ manufactures and distributes a wide array of printable media. Their eco-friendly choices include solar premium PVC-free banners and textiles made from recycled yarn and recycled plastic bottles.

Implement Solar Energy

Sunlight is in abundance, which makes solar energy one of the leading sources of renewable energy on the planet. This type of energy occurs when sunlight hits certain photo-reactive materials and transforms into an electrical current. Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy creates lower CO2 emissions and it is sustainable. Your company can harness this renewable energy by implementing solar panel technology. Solar panels can be installed on the roof of your building and they last around 25 to 35 years. They can lower electricity costs and are an excellent return on investment.

Reduce Paper Waste

Many offices are trying to become more environmentally-friendly, join the trend and reduce your paper waste. By going digital you can get rid of your paper trail and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Go paperless by removing the printers and copiers from your business and train your staff to send files digitally instead. This is a fantastic way to boost productivity as it reduces the amount of walking back and forth in the office, and it makes files and documents more accessible. Not to mention, printers and copiers are expensive to run. By cutting them out you no longer need to purchase paper and ink, and you won’t have to pay to maintain printers anymore.

Create a Green Team

Creating a green team allows you to delegate certain responsibilities to your employees. A green team is in charge of managing sustainable activities and initiatives within an organization. They can help keep your company environmentally-friendly, and they can introduce new policies that will make your company more green.


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