Norco Ranch Eggs Talk About the Power of Eggs for Building Muscle

In the era of protein shakes and all sorts of other types of supplements, it hardly comes as a surprise to read that so many people are searching for the next big food that is going to transform their body. Well, it’s coming in the form of one of the simplest foods around; eggs.

That’s right; there’s been a surge of interest in this food recently, according to Norco Ranch eggs. In fact, some stores are even designing their packaging in a bid to directly appeal to athletes – which should suggest just how the infatuation is developing.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why so many athletes are turning to eggs in a bid to supercharge their diet.

They simply ooze protein

As you have stumbled across this article based on fitness, we’re going to assume that you know everything about protein. Put simply, it’s the perfect ingredient for anyone who is looking to build muscle or lose weight. It’s the building block of muscle, while it can suppress your appetite as well. Something else that you should know is that eggs contain huge amounts of it.

Sure, you’re not going to get the same amount of protein per egg as you do in a supplement. The fact that they contain around 5g per egg is huge, and means that you can comfortably receive a huge supply of protein by just turning to them for breakfast.

It contains cholesterol which is completely healthy

This is where the egg has perhaps made a turnaround, and also perhaps one of the reasons why more athletes are turning to them.

Once upon a time there was a lot of bad press about eggs due to the yolk. The yolk traditionally contains the bulk of the fat of the egg, and this led to obvious concerns about cholesterol levels.

Well, there is now evidence to show that dietary cholesterol doesn’t impact blood cholesterol. In relation to the egg, this means that even if you are consuming several eggs a week, it’s not going to have any negative impact on your blood cholesterol levels.

In other words, don’t worry about incurring a stroke or heart disease because you have eggs in your diet.

The super fat-factor

We’ve just touched on fats, but in the case of eggs they contain plenty of Omerga-3 fatty acids. This is really significant from a general health perspective, as these fatty acids have been found to reduce inflammation levels immensely.

Not only that, but studies have shown that they can benefit your heart and brain as well. This is something that is often understated when it comes to eggs and while you should obviously take in the bodybuilding benefits and reap them, you also shouldn’t forget that eggs can help your overall health and perhaps touch those “invisible” areas that are often neglected in the era of looking fit and healthy.


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