Patrick Lanning – Proven Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

The better company’s work environment, the more successful that company who usually become. This can be also said for any other type of organization including government offices, schools, and nonprofits as well.

The reason for this is that each of these institutions involve people, and people are the same no matter where they work. So if you’re the company CEO or manager and can improve the work environment, there’s a great benefit go organization.

What ways of operate in your business are there, that are both effective and Universal? Are the things that any organization can do? And doesn’t matter the size or location of the organization?

The following tips and ideas can be effective no matter the style of your organization, how many people work for your organization, or whether your organization is located in Oregon or Miami.

Offer rewards

Everyone likes to receive an indication that they have done a great job, in the best way to do this is to provide some type of reward. There’s no specific way to implement this that is more successful than any other, what is important is that employees get recognized by you, when they do something valuable for the company. When you offer rewards they should be even handed and equal to the services is performed. You should also consider changing up the types of rewards that you offer so the employees are both excited to get the award, and excited by what the reward is.

The reward itself doesn’t always have to be financial. In some cases recognition of a job well done is worth as much as money. And if you choose to offer something Financial, consider purchasing a gift card instead of actual cash. If you pick a gift card from a business that the employee frequents, it will be an even more personal acknowledgement of the employee’s good job.

Never scold employees in public when possible

Some employees or very challenging. Some have personalities that are not warm and inviting. Some have mannerisms and ways of doing things that go against the grain. While others seem to cause problems on a regular basis. Because of this, you will need to discipline some employees.  When these needs arise, you should always do it out of sight of other employees. Make it a habit to go back to your office, close the door, and have a frank discussion with the employee about his or her infraction.

This avoids embarrassment for the employee and gives you the opportunity to make sure that the focus of the discussion is only on the infraction and not the employee’s embarrassment.

Make sure employees understand exactly what you want them to do

Many managers find that they can never seem to get their employees to perform in the way that they would like. They might go through several employees doing the same job, but with the same poor results. When this happens, you should consider that perhaps the problem isn’t the employees, instead it is your instructions.

Consider having someone else you trust that the company listen to the way that you give directions and provide oversight. Let them be honest with you about what they think of your style and the quality of the information that you were delivering. If they say to you that they are unclear about exactly what you want, you need to make adjustments. You should always assume that employees want to deliver to you what you need, but it is your job to make sure that they understand exactly what that is.

Great managers like Patrick Lanning always look to find ways to create the optimal working environment for employees because it means better result for his school


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