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You’re in a photo shoot, and you want to take a group shot, but the light is flat and boring, and your clients are getting restless. It would help if you had that perfect moment, that perfect expression, the magic of a touch of light. You can rent at Philadelphia Lens Rentals for world-class photography equipment. Where do you look? Professional photographers like Bruce Weber have tips that can help you find inspiration in any situation.

1 – Get closer

Shooting at your usual distance is fine if you’re setting up an intimate portrait. But for big groups, editors like images with tight cropping because they can draw viewers into the intimacy of the subjects. So use a wide-angle lens (14mm or less) or step closer to your subjects.

2 – Shoot at angles

Composition is key in getting the subject to look their best. Shooting from below, above, or directly side-on can help you achieve flattering angles. Also, always look for strange perspectives when shooting large groups of friends, family, or kids. You never know what you might find!

3- Frame your shot

Carefully created frames are always flattering. Try crouching down low or shooting from a window or to find an unusual perspective that puts your traveler in context. If you have the opportunity, move in close on something that tells a story, like a hand holding fruit at the market, hair being braided, or someone’s shadow falling on a wall.

4 – Take multiple shots

Experiment and take a lot of pictures! You will probably get lucky with one or two good shots among all the bad ones. Don’t be shy; ask your subjects to do different things, walk around, change outfits, look over their shoulders, and smile at you (or not!) The more images you have to work with, the better your chances of getting something you can use.

5- Take advantage of natural light

The best light is always right outside your front door. Shoot outdoor portraits early or late in the day, when the sun shines through buildings and casts dramatic shadows. Always try to shoot with the sun behind you, so it lights up your subject’s face. If you are shooting indoors, wait for great light outside to illuminate the inside of your shoot.

6 – Look for interesting backgrounds

If you want an unusual background that makes your vacation portrait stand out, look around and see what backdrop might work best for you (a mural on a wall, an animal-topped tower, a church). Then, ask your subject to stand close to it and shoot from a low angle.

7 – Slow down

If you’re shooting a city portrait and people walk through your frame, try to wait for them to turn their heads towards you, so they don’t “leave” the photo. If you want couples or groups looking at the camera, shoot as soon as someone looks into the lens. Once you get that perfect moment, hold the shutter button down and don’t let go until you get all of your shots.

8 – Play with light

Shooting through a window or door creates shadow patterns on your subjects that make for interesting photos. You can use these shadows as part of your composition to frame pictures or draw attention to an important element.

9 – Shoot from low angles

You can make people look thinner and more statuesque by shooting from a low angle as if you were photographing a model on the catwalk. This will also make your travelers look like they’re walking towards something (the viewer), which impacts the photo.


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