The 5 Best Foods For Your Teeth

If you want to look after your teeth, you need to brush twice daily and floss. You may be doing this already but have you thought about what else you are putting in your mouth that could damage or promote healthy teeth? Here are a few of the best foods to eat if you want to have strong, healthy teeth.


Yoghurt is full of both calcium and protein, both of which are essential for strong, healthy teeth and bones. Yoghurts are also full of good bacteria, which are not only good for your guts, but for your gums too! The good bacteria help to fill the space in which bad bacteria would live. Of course, yoghurt can be full of sugar, which would negate these great benefits, therefore, choose a sugar-free or no added sugar yoghurt.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the dentist too! The action of chewing and swallowing an apple producing a lot more saliva than usual in your mouth, almost like brushing your teeth. This helps rinse away any food bits or bacteria that are currently in your mouth. The texture of apples also stimulates your gums. It is great to eat at the end of a meal if you want to have a nice, clean mouth afterwards when you cannot brush your teeth, perhaps for lunch at work.


All you cheese lovers out there, never cut cheese out of your diet! Cheese also contains calcium and protein and is one of the best foods for your teeth and bones, another reason to enjoy that cheese board even more! Cheese can raise the pH level inside your mouth, which in turn will help kill bad bacteria. It also leads to less chance of suffering from tooth decay. Get chewing on that cheese to increase the strength of your tooth enamel!


If you are wanting a healthy snack, look no further than these nuts. Not only are they low in sugar and great for snacking on if you are trying to lose weight, they also contain calcium and protein! This is a food people would not usually associate with great teeth, but it is a fabulous source for both protein and calcium, so get snacking! For more information on looking after those teeth, check out Health Row.


Although those little stringy bits on celery may get in-between your teeth, celery is a great way to get rid of food particles and bacteria, much like an apple. It is also a great source of vitamin C and A, two vitamins vital for healthy gums. Celery is also another great one for weight loss, just another reason to get chomping.

There are other foods that are great for your teeth, therefore, getting them in your diet will ensure you have healthy, strong teeth and a big happy smile. We should have everything in moderation, so if you want to treat yourself to that chocolate bar, go ahead, just make sure you brush your teeth shortly afterwards!


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