Up Your Social Media Impact by Creating Your Own Memes

If you spend much time on the internet, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of memes. Memes are those pictures that people share with funny comments that can relate to just about anything from the latest episode of Game of Thrones through to politics or even just funny things about normal life! Sharing memes is very common on social media but when people’s news feeds are full of these, it is harder to make the same impact with jokes they may have already seen than it is with new content that will catch their attention.

Whether you are running a social media account for yourself and simply want to amuse the people that you have as contacts, or you actually want to use your Facebook page or Twitter feed to promote a business, you can have a lot more impact by generating your own memes than by sharing ones you find around the web. Here is why.

Something Funny Warms People to You

One of the best reasons why making your own memes will help you to have more of an impact on social media, is that people tend to both remember and enjoy things that are funny. There is some hint of this effect when you share a meme that you found, but when people know that the joke can be attributed to you yourself, the effect is much stronger.

Memes Are Shared Easily

Another great thing about memes is that they can help you get a lot more social media shares. This seems important if you run a business but is actually important for ordinary people too. This is because Facebook’s algorithms make sure that people see the content from their own friends that is receiving the most interest online. Things that get a lot of likes or shares will appear in your friend’s news feeds. If you want people to remember you and to see your updates more often, memes can be your friend.

Flaunt Your Creativity

A third advantage of memes is that they allow you to show your creativity. They’re actually very easy to make if you have a good idea for a joke, and even the more complicated looking memes like rage comics can be made using template sites like ragemaker.net which give you all of the graphics you want, so all you need to do is create the layout for your comic and add text. You can show off your sense of humour and your way with words without having to learn complicated photo editing software.

Making memes can certainly boost how people see your social media pages and can make people really look forward to your next updates. It can also be quite addictive to make things that other people find funny, and you’ll soon find yourself looking out for new ideas for jokes as you browse the web. You can also look out for meme trends to get on board with, as these tend to pop very regularly on the internet!


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