What You Should Do To Make Your Dog Happier

When you have a dog in the house, it becomes more than a family member. Thus, it becomes your duty to look after the pet member of the family by keeping it healthy and happy at the same time. First and foremost, you need to love your dog as much as you love yourself. A dog understands quite well how you love it. You might be thinking that only loving and feeding the dog is enough for its happiness. The fact is that these two are the most important factors for your pet but not everything. You definitely need to do something extra to keep your dog happier. So, what are these extras?

Bringing in new toys

There are a number of dog owners who keep only one or two toys for the dog but to make the dog happy it is recommended that you should bring in some more toys for your dog which will make it much happier. Moreover, you should always try to rotate the toys at regular intervals of time which will make the dog feel fresh with the toys every time making it happy.

Taking your dog on walks

It is very important to take your dog on a regular walk. Walking is not only an exercise for the dog but also keeps the mind of the dog fresh which is essential to keep your dog happy. Therefore, regular walks for your dog play a vital role in keeping your dog both physically and mentally fit. Even the vet technicians who have undergone training from the best vet tech schools in Ky will stress upon the importance of walking your dog.

Training him to be obedient  

All of the dog owners want their dog to be obedient but as a dog owner you need to be active on your part as well to get your dog well trained. Therefore, teaching your dog to be obedient is better for both the owner and the dog. The dog will enjoy learning the new rules and limits which will make it a good pet. You should always remember that the dogs that are trained are much happier as compared to the untrained ones.

Making your dog learn new tricks

It is to be always kept in mind that teaching new activities or tricks to your dog will always be crucial in terms of keeping the dog happy. This allows you to spend some time together which develops a feeling in the dog that you love it. This feeling indeed leads to a lot of happiness. Additionally, the dog also learns new tricks that you teach.

Maintaining a healthy weight

It is extremely important for the dog to maintain a good and healthy weight. You should feed the dog with healthy food and also ensure sufficient exercising, which will certainly help the dog to maintain a healthy body weight. This, in turn, is good for the overall well being of the dog making it happy.

Ultimately, it would be a very good idea to play with your dog more often to let it know that you love it and care for it. A happy dog is a great contributor to a happy family!


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