5 reasons you may be involved in a car accident

Did you know that thousands of car accidents happen each year? Thankfully, many people walk away with minor injuries, but there are many instances where the victims involved are either seriously hurt or lose their lives.

It doesn’t bear thinking about, however, did you know that most car accidents are caused by human error and as such, could be avoided completely? Click the link if you’ve been involved in an accident with a totaled car. The last thing you want is to risk your own life or destroy someone else’s, so with this in mind, I’ve highlighted 5 reasons you may be involved in a car accident.


Speeding or going too fast, is a leading cause of road accidents and deaths. Ignoring speed limits either deliberately or unintentionally makes it more difficult to stop in time and react to hazards and changing road conditions. You should always be mindful of the speed limit, and always reduce your speed when driving by a school or in a built-up area. Try not to rely on your GPS too much, as they don’t always display the latest information regarding speed limits. Stick to the signs where possible.

Distracted driving

Is there anything more tempting than a smartphone that has just pinged? Even when you’re behind the wheel, a quick check of your phone seems innocent enough, however, it’s also a leading cause of car accidents and road deaths. Not only are phones common in distracted driving cases, but also eating behind the wheel, chatting to passengers and even applying makeup can be catastrophic. Always keep your eyes on the road!

Driving recklessly

Driving recklessly covers a wide range of poor driving techniques and approaches. From speeding to weaving in and out of traffic without care or signaling, tailgating, failing to yield when you should give way, overtaking in blind spots, driving through red lights and speeding up to get through the lights before they change are just some examples.

Driving whilst tired

We all lead such busy lives, it’s hardly surprising that many of us drive feeling tired. However, driving whilst feeling exceptionally tired or drowsy can cost lives and makes you more likely to involved in a car crash. Your reactions are slower, and you may even drive with your eyes closed!

Driving under the influence

Driving whilst drunk or on drugs is a recipe for disaster. Your ability to drive proficiently is dramatically reduced and you’re more likely to crash.



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