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Five Tax-Saving Tips For Small Businesses

Small business owners know best that every penny counts in its day-to-day operations. In adopting that philosophy, your ability to minimize taxes could be one of the primary factors in managing a profitable business versus one that is just barely getting by.

Sure, taxes take time. We understand that. However, it’s important to invest just a little bit of time in your taxes in order to ensure that you’re putting as much money as possible back into your pockets. Ultimately, it’s not how much you make, but rather how much you save.

CBS Business Consultants have generated the following five tax-saving tips for small business owners.

Utilize Tax Software

There is no doubt that using tax software to your advantage should be a no-brainer for small business owners. Not only will software programs such as Turbo Tax make completing your taxes easier, it will actually save your business a great deal of money as well.

In this day and age, don’t be afraid to veer away from paper and pencil tax preparation. According to the IRS, errors occur in less than one percent of online tax returns. That number is much higher with paper returns.

Track Your Spending

While tracking your spending may seem like a daunting task, it is of utmost importance. There are many credit card companies that will provide you with a “year in review” while laying out all of your transactions. Convenient, right?

Yes, online banking is easy and relatively seamless. However, there is still room for error. Consider using helpful software such as Quickbooks or Quicken. This will allow you to exploit all deductible expenses.

Fund Your Retirement Accounts First 

Think about all of the retirement planning options that self-employers have. As a small business owner, you’ll have access to a Traditional IRA, SEP IRA and a 401(k). With this, you’ll be able to sock away as much as 55k per year. Taking this a step further – with a 401(k) Cash Balance Pension, you could potentially save up to 150k annually.

Contributions to these plans are tax shelters and these deductions will significantly lower your tax bill.

Use Your Home Office to Your Advantage

Do not be afraid to deduct your home office from your taxes. If you work from home, it’s at least worth looking into as it can really save you a large sum of money.

Include Your Auto Expenses

Whether or not you are aware of this, you’re allowed to deduct auto expenses when you car is used for business purposes. Consider what percentage of your car’s mileage is used for business purposes; you can apply these auto expenses to your taxes.

Arden Anderson – Things All Americans Should Feel an Obligation to Do

America is the greatest country in the world end is a shining Beacon for others all around the world. The country is made great by Americans who have any unique look at life end who support the meaning of America. The aspiration of just about every person on the planet is to be an American 1 day and participate in the American dream. This is an overwhelming motivation for many and for the fuel get the chance to become an American, they appreciate why the country is so great and why it is so important to maintain America’s standing in the world.

But what obligations do all Americans like Arden Andersen have to America? What do we owe the country? This question can stir much debate but it is an important one to ask because in understanding it, we focus our energies on things that make the Country Strong. Here are a few of the many things that Americans should feel obligated to do in order to support the strength of the country.


Volunteering has been a part of American culture for more than 100 years. During particular times of strife, for example Wars or natural disasters Americans are known for banding together and giving of the time and other resources to help their fellow Americans. Lately, the percentage of Americans volunteering has dropped from 29%, 20 years ago, to 25% today.

The drop in the amount of people volunteering has to do with the baby boomer generation aging and being less able to volunteer, the current generation of working-class Americans being too busy to volunteer, and the youth not valuing volunteering as much as you from the past. As a result many communities, nonprofits, and schools are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Part of the challenges that volunteering these days is too often looked at as something where you give and get nothing back. This is not an accurate description of what happens when you volunteer. When you volunteer, you get a wealth of benefits in return.

In addition to helping those who are in dire need, you also get a chance to make new friends, you get to contribute in your community or two local schools, And you get to see your direct efforts make a difference. For these reasons volunteering provides as much or more than it asks. We should all make volunteering a part of our lives.

Pay Taxes

There’s a constant discussion about paying taxes in America. Everyone hates having to pay taxes, but everyone agrees that without paying them or quality of life with change significantly. In other words, taxes are necessary evil. I would actually say the taxes are necessary good. Taxes fund many of the amenities that we enjoy on a daily basis in the United States. Taxes pay for the roads, the police and fire departments, or schools, or government services, and the roads and bridges that we use to get to work or school.

Although it is true, that the federal government and many state governments mismanage tax money and they certainly need to have oversight to make sure that the money is being spent properly, but there is no doubt that tax money keeps the country going. For this reason we should grudgingly pay our taxes and not utilize some of the many ways that some individuals have found to exploit loopholes in our tax code.

Daniel DeKoter – What Personal Injury Plaintiffs Can Do To Help Win Their Case

 There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to Illegal case other than they require a lot of work and skilled attorneys to get good results. However there are some things that can occur during a legal case that can raise the percentages of success. This article will focus on the things that a plaintiff can do to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome in the illegal case.

To be clear this is not a definitive list of things, only a few that are critical. Legal cases are difficult and sometimes the ones that look the easiest to win, take twists and turns and end up being the most difficult. For this reason anything a plaintiff can do to increase the potential for success, most likely will turn out to be necessary.

As an overview, these notes are directed at all personal injury plaintiffs. Whether you are a slip and fall victim from Osceola County, Iowa or are suffering injuries from a faulty product in Seattle Washington, there are specific things that you can do, and several of those we have listed here.

Hire a Great Attorney

The most important thing a plaintiff can do when pursuing a personal injury case is to hire a great attorney. Great attorneys like Daniel DeKoter understand the case to be presented, and how to consistently put the defendant’s side on their back heels. A great attorney will have years of experience and be able to call upon that experience to reach a desirable conclusion as quickly as possible. You do not want someone who is learning on your case, nor do you want someone who is guessing about what is likely to happen. Instead you want someone telling you exactly how the process will go and the things that need to be done in order to win your case.

Follow the Advice of Your Attorney

If you are an entrepreneur, the CEO of a company, and entertainer, or anyone else who is used to making the decisions, you may have a difficulty following advice. This might be because you are so used to being the one giving advice. But in the case of your personal injury case, you need to defer to the attorney because he is the expert. Because of this you need to follow every bit of advice offered to you by your attorney and trust that this advice will get you to the outcome you seek. This might happen in spite of your gut feelings, or your natural inclination.

The bottom line is you need someone who is relying on experience to give advice, and in this situation that will be your attorney. You should and every instance offer your opinion, particularly if it’s different than what your turn is thinking, but your turn you should have the final word in terms of what next steps will be regarding your case. There will be times when your attorney will ask you for your opinion and offer options that are available. Of course in this case you should provide your opinion and expect that your opinion will be respected and honored.

Stay Focused

Legal cases generally take a long time period through this process you will become exhausted. You might even want it to end even if you are winning. Your life will continue and focusing on the case will sometimes feel like it’s too much of a big job. But you must fight these feelings and stay focused, because this is how you get the desired result. Your attorney will make sure that you are always aware of what’s going on, and that you provide the things that you need in order to win your case. In the event of your having to testify in court, your attorney will also prepare you and make sure that you are focused.


The Importance of Sustainable Neighborhoods

If you’re curious about the importance of planning sustainable neighborhoods, Terra Group has some tips to discover 4 reasons why it’s important for cities to build sustainable neighborhoods.

The Importance of Sustainable Neighbourhoods:

1. Neighborhood planners need to ensure that growing neighborhoods will have access to a wide variety of essential facilities and services

As a neighborhood grows and spreads out, it’s important for its local council as well as assigned neighborhood planners and real estate developers to ensure that the residents of the neighborhood in question will have adequate access to a wide range of public facilities and services.

As an example, as a neighborhood grows larger, its public schools may not be able to accommodate growing demand for placements. As another example, if a neighborhood grows by several thousand residents, the neighborhood may require more bus routes and public transportation services, in order to effectively serve its growing population.

Other examples of public services which a growing neighborhood may require access to include doctors offices, public libraries, swimming pools and parks.

2. Neighborhoods need to ensure that green areas are factored into future neighborhood plans

In order for neighborhoods to remain safe, healthy places for individuals to call home, neighborhoods need to offer plenty of green areas such as public parks and trails. As humans are not meant to live in areas which lack life. Neighborhoods should plan to offer enough wide open spaces for future generations to enjoy.

So instead of planners setting aside public land to create parks for their current population, planners need to look ahead to the future, to make sure that there is enough public land set aside for future generations to enjoy in 50 years time.

One idea which neighborhood planners may be interested in considering is setting aside land for communal gardens, which will provide the community with fresh, healthy produce. Which may be a godsend for families who may struggle to afford fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis.

3. Neighborhoods need to prioritize pedestrian walkways, cycleways and public transport

In order to encourage residents to lead healthy active lifestyles, neighborhood planners need to ensure that pedestrian walkways and cycleways are factored into future neighborhood plans. As if there is lack of public access to walkways and cycleways residents will be forced to drive everywhere, which is not a healthy option. However, if well lit, well-paved pedestrian walkways and cycleways are built, they will attract plenty of traffic.

4. Neighborhoods which aren’t planned out well may decline in future decades

If a neighborhood lacks adequate pedestrian walkways, green spaces and public facilities and amenities, there is a high chance that individuals will choose to leave the neighborhood and that the neighborhood may fall into decline as a result. As an example, local shops may shut shop and an area, which may cause public areas to fall prey to vandalism.

In conclusion, it’s crucial for city planners to carefully plan out future neighborhoods in order to ensure that they are sustainable and will offer residents plenty of public services and facilities.

Sono Bello Looks at How Plastic Surgery Can Benefit People

Plastic surgery is something that many people are interested in, and that is nothing new. Because of this increase in interest, however, there have been tremendous scientific and technological advances in the field of medicine, which have made it possible for clinics like Sono Bello in Bellevue, WA to thrive and to offer patients everything that they need. Plastic surgery is not about vanity, but rather a truly helpful procedure. Almost every day, on the amp, people talk about how Sono Bello has helped them feel better in themselves. Let’s take a look at how this works.

How Sono Bello Helps Others

There will always be people who will say that they dont believe in plastic surgery, that they feel it is about vanity, and that it is unnatural. However, the millions of reviews and their positive comments on clinics like Sono Bello also show that plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and that people enjoy it for their own benefits. At the end of the day, it is up to each individual to choose whether or not they want to have a procedure completed and it is undeniable that it has helped those who have made the informed decision to do so.

When someone requests a procedure with a clinic like Sono Bello, they entrust them with their figure and face. They hope that they will receive fantastic aesthetic benefits. However, the benefits are also psychological in nature. When people review their new body and love it, they increase their self-esteem and become more confident in themselves and their abilities. Like it or not, the world is one where looks matter, which means cosmetic surgery offers many people a ray of hope.

There are numerous benefits to cosmetic surgery, both external and internal. Physical benefits are obvious, as that is the ultimate goal of such a procedure. But the emotional and psychological benefits are equally great. The vast majority of people who have procedures completed mention that they have a more proportional, beautiful body once they have recovered. They love the impact the surgery has had on their face, their shoulders, their legs, their butt, or their breasts. The results tend to be visible for the world to see as well, making people look younger and healthier overall.

Once the surgery has been completed and patients have recovered, they feel comfortable in and confident about their new body. It is common to hear that people become more outgoing and sociable towards others, feeling proud of the way they look. This really shows how these procedures go above and beyond physical aspects.

At the same time, it is important to always be aware of the fact that plastic surgery is still surgery and a significant medical procedure. This means that there are always risks and dangerous associated with it, and things can go wrong. However, with advances in medical technology, procedures are becoming increasingly safe and far less invasive as well.

Bob Mims Memphis Looks At The Best Ways To Stay Fit For Golf

It might not be widely regarded as a sport that is associated with athletes in the peak of fitness, but in truth golf has transformed with this over the last few years. Once upon a time it may have been home to overweight individuals on the golf course, but now you only have to take a look at the professional scene to see that the players there are some of the fittest in the whole of sport overall.

Fortunately, the focus on staying fit for the sport hasn’t just been limited to the pros. You only have to take a look through the Louisville community, specifically around the University, to see that golfers are now following seemingly every healthy living guideline in the book in a bid to report to the course in peak condition.

This is something that has been recognized by Bob Mims Memphis. With a long career in sport behind him, he knows the importance of staying in shape. He has cited this as one of the primary reasons he has enjoyed such a good career and we have tapped into some of his best tips for improving fitness for golf specifically.

Cardio training

Considering some of the length of the courses in Memphis, it probably won’t come as a surprise to see that cardio training is high on the agenda. This of course isn’t just related to the sheer length of a golf course, but also the conditions that you are going to play it in. In other words, particularly in August, the conditions can be challenging to say the least and this just adds the strain to your body.

As such, you need to ensure that you can complete a round of golf without any problems. The last thing you want is for your shoulders to start slumping halfway round – it’s only going to impact your score. Put together a solid cardio routine, which mimics your physical excursion, to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Strength training

It would be fair to say that most professional golfers clearly have a strong frame nowadays. Bearing this in mind, this is the advice that is also offered to everyone else.

In a bid to achieve this, you should engage in as much strength training as possible. This means using weights to train all of the major muscle groups.

By doing this, you will immediately notice a difference in relation to the distance you hit the ball. Additional strength means that you can generate more power and ultimately, hit longer shots.

Flexibility training

Something else which can aid your plight substantially is becoming more flexible. This is something that is regularly overlooked, but the difference it can make to your swing can be significant. It means that you will be able to complete a full turn on your backswing, and ultimately get into the correct positions. This full turn will also mean that you create a bigger coil, with the upshot being that more power is generated through the golf shot.

Jack Elway: How Nutritional Tips Can Boost Your College Football Chances

As we all know, Jack Elway is something of a household name when it comes to NFL.

As we also all know, one of the primary reasons why players like Elway make it all the way to the top is because of their conduct off-the-field. In other words, their attitude to nutrition and fitness; both of which are hugely important in the game.

As the title of this article might have indicated, today’s topic is going to be the former. We have spoken to Elway and found out some of the best nutritional tips he has for those young players who wish to carve out a successful career in the game. Let’s now take a look at some of the advice in-detail.

Get your carbs and protein equation right

Nowadays, a lot of the primary nutritional advice seems so surround protein. We’re all told how important it is to build muscles, and such advice certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

However, in terms of providing energy, it actually doesn’t do much. It’s at this point which you need to rely on a steady supply of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates should be focused around your competition, or intense training days, to provide you with the right fuel ahead of the action. Ideally, you should be looking to load your body with carbs several days before the event itself.

Stay hydrated – but also remember about electrolytes

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Average Joe or an elite athlete; the importance of staying hydrated is documented for all to see.

Of course, when you are exercising, you need slightly more fluids to replace the ones that you have lost.

Something which isn’t documented quite as much revolves around the electrolytes you lose though. When you sweat, these are lost, and this can wreak havoc with your nervous system. Electrolytes are able to transmit nerve signals, so it stands to reason that they are quite essential. Fortunately, there’s quite a simple solution out there. This revolves around isotonic drinks, which as well as tasting much better than water, are also able to replace these electrolytes and allow everything to return to normality.

The salt warnings aren’t AS important for athletes

This is probably one of the more interesting pieces of advice, as it tends to go against a lot of what has been said in the public over recent years.

There has been an avalanche of information suggesting that the nation as a whole is consuming too much salt, and this is impacting the general health significantly. Let’s confirm one thing; this is completely true.

The difference is that athletes tend to lose a lot of salt. Whenever you sweat, you will lose salt. This all relates to the last point that we made, about what you lose from your body when you place a lot of excursion on your body.

As such, you don’t need to stick to the “typical” guidelines when it comes to salt. Sure, don’t go overboard, but don’t be overly strict with yourself either.

Importance Of Cakes In Ceremonies

Have you ever wondered why at the heart of every important celebration is a meticulously prepared delectable cake? The sharing of this tasty treat is the icing on the cake, and it is not in vain. Cakes play an important role in every occasion they’re served. From symbolizing sharing and generosity, to indicating the climax of an occasion, cakes have found a special place in the heart of every celebration including weddings, birthdays, big events and so on. Listed here are some of the importance of cakes and why you should have one at your next occasion.

  1. Symbol of love

In ceremonies such as weddings, cakes play an important role in symbolizing the love of partners towards each other. The cutting of the cake shows the willingness of the partners to share and take care of each other in their marriage while feeding each other symbolizes their willingness to provide and be there for each other in times of need. In birthdays, cakes symbolize the love of the birthday person towards their family or friends. The bigger the cake, the bigger the love!

  1. Sharing and Generosity

Cutting the cake and distributing to the attendees is a show of generosity in certain ceremonies, and occasions that involve acts of charity usually have this important centerpiece to symbolize their generosity.

  1. A Present or Gift

Cakes are a cuisine usually associated with affluence and prestige. Giving out a cake as a present is a sign of appreciation and shows the commitment you have towards the recipient of the gift. Cakes are sweet, meticulously prepared, and thoughtful. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank, and you can easily research all cake prices online. To that end, they act as a valuable gift to a loved one especially in occasions such as valentine’s day, graduation, or even career promotion celebrations.

  1. Life milestone

Cakes are used to mark milestones made in someone’s life. For instance, birthday cakes are used to indicate the beginning of a new year in someone’s life. Wedding cakes indicate the beginning of a marriage, graduation cakes denote a new milestone in the education space, while baby shower cakes show the beginning of a new life as a parent.

  1. Symbolizes climax of the ceremony

Most celebratory ceremonies wouldn’t feel complete without the cutting of a cake, or the sharing of one. The sharing of the cake symbolizes that the ceremony has reached the climax. In most cases, it is the sweetest of the foods in the ceremony, the best looking of them all, and the scarcest. To that end, all events in the ceremony lead up to the cutting of the cake. The birthday is not complete until the cake is cut and shared, same with a wedding, a baby shower and a plethora of other ceremonies.

Cakes are significant in any occasion they’re served. They show the generosity of the providers, their love, the cyclical nature of life, act as present or gift, and are the main show of climax of any event. It would almost be a taboo not to have this precious gateau in your celebrations!

How To Change Over To A Diabetic Friendly Lifestyle

Being diagnosed with diabetes is utterly life-changing. You may not be able to add extra sugar to your coffee anymore, but you will also have a new opportunity to change your eating habits around for the better. The fact of the matter is that the average American consumes entirely too much sugar and does not get nearly enough exercise. Find other ways to stay energized rather than drinking sugar-laden caffeinated beverages and you will look better, feel stronger, and possibly live longer. The easy diabetic recipes listed below are proof that eating foods that maintain safe blood sugar levels is completely doable. Change when, what, and how you eat to keep diabetes from running your life.

Identifying All Sources of Sugar

Forget about dumping out your sugar bowl – there’s sugar to be found in almost every part of your kitchen. Rich pasta with heavy tomato sauces can be as unhealthy to eat as a big slice of German chocolate cake. There’s sugar in bread and even potatoes after your body breaks down the carbohydrates. As such, you’re going to need to look at all of the foods you eat normally to figure out how you can get your sugar intake down to a reasonable level. While you are definitely going to need to reduce the number of baked goods you consume, there’s also juice and even some fruits to be wary of.

Finding Sugar Substitutes That Taste Good

By now, you should have mastered the art of preparing low-carb pasta with pesto or even olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes instead of standard spaghetti sauce. There are also ways to enjoy baked goods, particularly when they are homemade and created with diabetic-friendly sugar substitutes. If you are concerned with your new diet not tasting as good as you want it to, trial and error are going to be necessary. You might find that you love Splenda but Sweet ‘n’ Low could taste horrible to you. There’s also the running debate between diabetics about which diet sugar tastes the best.

Tweaking the Foods and Meals You Can’t Live Without

If it takes a steaming hot mug of espresso to get you out of bed, don’t think that being diagnosed with diabetes means you have to say goodbye to coffee altogether. Gourmet coffee blends taste better than commercial coffee products, both with sugar and without. Then there’s flavor, low sugar creamers that can make your favorite drink taste better than ever. Pretty much all of the foods that you love to eat the most can be altered just a bit by substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners that are low sugar or completely sugar-free. So don’t worry, you can still enjoy a great movie night with some tasty snacks.

Drinking more water than anything else is a great first step for people recently diagnosed with diabetes. With fewer foods high in sugar to choose from, you should be able to easily find room for more vegetables and whole grains. Every week, find a low sugar food that you enjoy and find something that is high in sugar to substitute it for.

When To Let Go Of An Internet Catchphrase!

Internet catchphrases have become a big part of popular culture in the past ten years or so, especially since the rise of social media. However, just like any other kind of slang or in-joke, using them after they have had their day in the sun can very easily make you look like an out of touch parent or teacher trying to be ‘down with the kids’!

While that can be a bit embarrassing in normal life, it can be far worse when you have used a passé phrase in the marketing for your business or on your blog, so you really need to be able to tell when something is ‘over’ if you want to be able to incorporate trending jokes into how your brand engages with people.

Higher Turnover of Memes and Catchphrases Than Ever Before

The rate at which online jokes, catchphrases, and references get old has increased dramatically over the past few years. While perhaps in 2014 you might have a good few months to a year of mileage out of a phrase before it started to sound outdated and lame, now, some things lose their cool status after just weeks or even days. This means that if you want to use trending jokes and references in your marketing, it is best to do so only in things that expire themselves, and definitely not in things that will take weeks or months to produce. Use current catchphrases or memes in tweets or topical blog posts, for sure, but do not plan to use them in longer running strategies.

Catchphrases That Ascend The Usual Trend Lifecycle

Sometimes, however, online jokes you would expect to get old actually don’t, and instead become an accepted part of online culture. If you take a look at this analysis of internet catchphrases from 2014-2015 on Lol Hit, for example, you will see that some of the phrases that were popular back then now sound dated, whereas others such as ‘trolling’ and ‘meh’ are things that are now pretty much just accepted ways of expressing certain sentiments. The same goes for memes. Some of them have a brief period of being relevant, whereas others are still being used in new ways years after they first appeared. If you find yourself consider using something that has already stood the test of time for at least a year, it may well be safe to use it in longer-term content than just new tweets and posts.

Who Is Using It?

You may find that something you want to use is still very much in use, but is still actually ‘over’. To establish this, you need to look at who is using it. The more mainstream and non ‘pop culture’ someone is, the more power they have to actively make a meme or phrase less fashionable – a good case in point is when a politician uses internet slang to try and appeal to millennials. This is always cringe-worthy and will kill any trending meme stone dead. Older celebrities can also have this effect.

As you can see, you have to be careful when trying to use fads and trends from internet culture, and if you don’t actually have your finger on the pulse of what is cool, it can often be best to just not!

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