5 Major Corporations Using the Powers of SEO in 2019

There is no question about the powers of search engine optimization and its ability to promote a brand. Some experts are saying that investing in SEO is the best thing a company can do to grow and see increased profits. Whether you believe that or not, you can’t deny the success that SEO can bring.

Still not so sure about it? Some of the world’s most reputable companies have gone from small startups to major corporations with the help of search engine optimization as one of their main marketing strategies.


You probably think that Starbucks has always been the Goliath of the coffee world against the smaller David coffee shops out there. In a way, it is not wrong to assume this since there are tens of thousands of Starbucks locations and pretty much everyone in the world is familiar with their signature mermaid logo.

However, getting to the top did not come easy for Starbucks. Just like anyone else, this coffee chain started as a one-stop shop in the heart of Seattle, and it took some effort to expand across the world. Starbucks doesn’t need SEO so much not since everyone knows the name without needing to visit the site, but at the start this corporation’s web presence was the key to growth, making SEO an essential marketing strategy for the coffee conglomerate.


There is literally no need to even leave the house anymore thanks to the services provided by Amazon. Amazon.com services as an online shopping portal that operates worldwide, and in certain places you can even order your groceries and have them delivered through Amazon. Just like Starbucks, Amazon had to work to get where it is today. SEO was definitely not the sole strategy used, but it played a major role.


Target: the ultimate retail store for everything from home decor to fashionware to groceries. Some people compare Target to the likes of Walmart, but you simply can’t beat the quality and style offered by retailers that are found throughout the aisles of Target. In order to beat out fellow retailers with a similar business model, the marketing team at Target goes above and beyond when it comes to optimizing its website – especially with the online shopping epidemic.


WholeFoods has recently broken into the grocery delivery service, which means customers can shop for groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep within a few hours. This is completed through the Amazon shopping portal, but even so Whole Foods has really had to step up its online game. And how do you suppose they’ve done that? Through SEO of course.


It might come as a shock to you that the Google corp also has to invest time and money into search engine optimization strategic planning. Most companies perform SEO for the sake of trying to “please” Google and rank higher than competition. But just because Google is the king of all things SEO does not mean this major corporation can ignore it for their own business practices.



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