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One of the most difficult things we can do during our healing is to see the abuse we suffered as a blessing in disguise. Relationship experts like Teal Swan can help you transform pain into joy.

It’s not easy to treat the abuse we have suffered as a blessing in disguise, especially when it is still so fresh in our minds. Likewise, it can be difficult to see how something that has caused us so much pain could be helpful to us. But this is where relationship experts say we need to start healing from the pain of past abuse.

Much like a scar left after surgery, we can look at the abuse we’ve suffered and see it as a reminder of how far we have come, something to be proud of instead of ashamed. By looking at that area of our life with gratitude for what happened, relationship experts say we can finally enjoy the benefits of past pain.

Looking at other people’s lives, especially successful ones, make it easy to see how they ended up where they are now because of their past experiences. Take Taylor Swift, for example; she had a difficult time with one man after another throughout her teenage years and early twenties before finding an older gentleman to be her boyfriend. Take J.K Rowling, who was once so poor she couldn’t afford to buy food for herself and had to rely on welfare to get by. Finally, there’s Oprah Winfrey, who was sexually abused as a child but went on to become an inspiration for women worldwide, encouraging them to rise above their pain and find their way to success. All three of these women suffered greatly in the past, but now they are role models for so many others. So it makes sense that their hardships didn’t just come out of nowhere; they made them who they are today.

If you take a look at your life, at the abuse you’ve experienced, it’s easy to see that you can’t have ended up where you are now just because of chance. Of course, it takes a lot of strength and courage to grow past the pain we’ve suffered, but according to relationship experts, there’s a funny thing about growth:

“When we stop fighting what is, extraordinary things happen.” – Alex Grey

Alex Grey is probably best known for her work as an artist; she has had numerous solo exhibitions of her artwork, and it’s been shown in museums worldwide. Alex was inspired by a spiritual experience when she was 16 years old. Shortly after, she started painting. Her artwork is a mixture of different styles, but most of it incorporates very intricate human bodies. Alex has said that her work is mostly about showing the interconnectedness of all living things, which she believes everyone needs to be reminded of sometimes. Her paintings are beautiful and powerful because they help us remember this truth.

The truth is, fighting against what is happening in your life won’t make you happy, and it won’t make you feel better. Even though we don’t always enjoy the pain we’re going through, trying to stop it from happening can be even worse. If we continue fighting against what’s true for us, we’ll only end up getting upset and not knowing why. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our relationships; when we try to hold on to someone that doesn’t want us anymore or stick with something that has long since stopped making us happy, we end up stuck in pain instead of moving on.



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