Looking After Your Health This Summer: A Guide

Summertime in many parts of the world means a lot more fun as well as sun. For this reason alone, your health should be in tip-top shape. You want to have energy and stamina to participate in all of the summer festivities and to enjoy and participate in the company of people you love the most. In order to do this, you have to invest more in looking after your health and protecting and taking care of the body that carries you around.

The good thing about your health is it’s something that can be managed by merely adopting healthy habits. If you continue reading, you’ll find out how you can look after your health this summer.

Look After Your Skin

As the sun is (hopefully!) going to be shining, make sure you look after your skin. It is advised that everyone wears sunscreen no matter what your skin type or shade is. If you have ever wondered precisely why you should wear sunscreen, it protects you from the harmful radiation that comes from the sun. Also, it’s been said that sunscreen reduces your risk for skin cancer, sunburns, and aging prematurely. It’s safe to say that these are all great reasons to protect your skin!

When choosing a sunscreen, select one with “broad spectrum” protection so that you’re protected against both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure it has SPF 30 or higher as that determines the level of protection you’re going to get.

Get an Eye Checkup

You’re only born with one pair of eyes, so looking after them is a must. However, they’re a part of your body that are easy to take for granted, especially if you don’t wear glasses. Schedule an appointment to get your eyes tested as soon as possible. You can go to Jackson Davenport Vision Center to take an eye exam as well as get quality eyewear.

Some general eye care tips include wearing sun shades when in the sun, resting your eyes by getting enough sleep and eating lots of carrots amongst other vegetables.

Stay Hydrated

There is no better time to challenge yourself to drink more water than during the summer. This is when you’re most likely to suffer from dehydration, so keep bottles of water nearby. To remember to drink water, add flavor to it, especially if you have a sweet tooth. It could also help if you use an app like Daily Water Free or Daily Water to help track your intake. Lastly, have bottles of water at your desk, near your bedside, and anywhere else you tend to spend a significant amount of time.

Get a Checkup

It’s always nice to have a routine checkup with your doctor just to check base. You want to be sure that everything in your body is functioning as it should. If you haven’t had one recently, get a physical examination where your doctor will update your health history, check your vitals, and potentially take lab tests. If you’re experiencing anything unusual, don’t be afraid to mention it during your visit.



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