5 Awesome iPhone Film Making Tips

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It’s estimated there are now more than one billion active iPhones worldwide. This makes it clear that it’s a popular product and something that people want to own.

One of the top-selling factors of modern iPhones is the cameras and the ability to engage in iPhone film-making.

While the cameras are amazing, you may need some tips to use them to their full potential. Keep reading for some tips to help you improve your iPhone film making capabilities

1. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

You know lighting is key if you have ever shot any video or film. Lighting can make or break any scene, no matter what type of camera you use.

For natural settings, shoot at the golden hour, just before the sun rises or sets. When making movies, the softer tones present this time of day are ideal for cinematic shots.

2. Keep the Camera Steady

This is another important tip. You need to keep your iPhone as steady as possible.

Your iPhone can take quality HD footage if it is still, but the image quality will start to degrade when the sensor moves.

A great way to ensure the camera remains steady is with a tripod. If you don’t have one, find a way to keep the camera steady by holding your breath during a shot or propping it on a solid surface.

3. Hold the Phone Horizontally

Unlike traditional cameras, iPhones are light, making them easy to hold. Due to this, you may be tempted to hold your phone the traditional way – up and down.

However, this can make things shaky and disrupt the natural flow of human vision.

Flip your phone horizontally and hold on to it with two hands to achieve the desired results. Horizontal shots usually display better on social media and YouTube too.

4. Sound Considerations

A good way to get quality sound with your iPhone is by having a microphone close to your mouth. You can find several quality microphones specifically for iPhones.

5. Use the Right Editing Tools

While your iPhone can capture great images and videos, it will still need some editing to be ready to use.

Make sure you have the right apps and tools in place, such as cut video iPhone. You can find more than a few editing tools, which means it should be easy to create quality videos.

Improving Your iPhone Film Making Abilities

When it comes to improving your iPhone film making abilities, a few tips can help you achieve the desired results. Be sure to use the information above to create films and videos that people will love to watch and that you will be proud of.

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